Monday, June 15, 2009

Diary Day 4

Hi Y'all......

So i missed you this weekend, but, i really think its best that i don't blog weekends.....but, cos i have to tell you everything i will do a recap of events....


  • was so mad at HE.....boys don't get that you are not supposed to let your phone
  • had an all nighter trying to turn in my which my dumb professor gave me 24.5/25.....i really want to see what the .5 was for....
  • my "baby" sister graduated from high school...i have been asked to not treat her like a baby will try......she referred to me and i quote "you are the kind of mother who kisses her boyfriend in front of her kids friend" other words i embarrass her, can u imagine....
  • made up with course
  • logged in one hr of work, putting stamps on letters...can u imagine? a whole master student....that's what i spent most of last week doing btw.....
  • went begging for food at L.C's and Mo's, Saturday and Sunday
It was however a chilled weekend, not as much school work as i hoped to do, but I'm always good for those..... Today was a full day at work though, felt very professional (plus i had on my glasses and my lil black skirt)....which reminds me, i have always dreamed of working so i can wear lil bitty black skirts and tiny tops like you see in all them movies, all the professionals looking sexy as hell........well, it makes no sense here because they are all female (and older... but I'm practicing for that office with my mates, most of whom will be male and i will be killing'm so evil......

so now i have a daily routine, work for 7.5hrs (shower and pray, naturally before out, shower, do some skool work, talk to HE, go to bed with a smile on my face(lol)...i can't believe this is what its going to be for very many more years in my life.....sounds pretty boring....

which reminds me, i love working out.......well at least the idea, because i don't do it often enough....but i want to, its always on my mind(i'm going to have a personal trainer, when I'm rich....and yes even in naija) i have decided to go for it, and to walk in the park after work when i don't have classes.....i'll let you know how that's going......

How was your day and weekend? hope it was good.....245 hrs left......jeez i cant

till tomorrow


  1. did u mean 4.5/5? HE is very interesting. you guys seem to be in your own world...hmm

  2. i meant 24.5 out of 25, silly
    HE really is.....had the weirdest conversation in Yoruba today....but yea these are the fun times, were no one else matters...we can only pray now..

  3. nice one ... so let me know how that walking in the park goes .. remember always have a pocket knife, pepper spray and cell phone ..ok? lol

  4.'s going, dont know abt the cell phone....too much load....and i need to invest in pepper spray and pocket knife....thanks ma


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