Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diary Day 2

Just quickly sent in my homework....due past mon btw......but I have no bloody time. With this new job, and 4 classes, looking for a job, working on a magazine and facebooking and caking on the phone with is no bloody time.....hence me writing this in class......this class sucks ass nways.....i swear i cant hear a word he says

ok, work wasn't so bad today, went to a board meeting(always a good place to network)......they also usually have good food there....lmao....and then my supervisor was supposed to take me to go see the hospitals we work with.....well like i said, i'm hella broke. So here I am hoping that she will just carry me around cos I knew my baby blue(my honda crv) will take me back to the office and back home with the lil gas left....but then she changes her mind and thinks we should go I smile, "no problem".....inside i'm saying "bitch i'm broke"(it would have been stupid to acually take her car around and then come back to get, we go get gas and I officially overdrew on my account......$10 gas is however almost a half tank in 'baby blue' I figure, work tomorrow, nowhere on saturday and church on sunday, monday and tuesday ill still have I get some dough by then( can i get an Amen)

Did I tell you that there is only one male at work, who happens to be the big we are supposed to be catering to minorities and underserved and we as a company do not in anyway represent the population we serve (but hey, who cares.....just as long as they get their needs met innit?) so far away.....and becuase of the time difference I find it very difficult to just call at any time and since its more cheaper to call the landline(mobile is not even an point, I almost pulled out my hair yesterday because I hadnt spoken to him all day.....o my gosh, I have actually become one of those with that said, even though I havent heard from him all day today(nobody's fault really).....I am calm(well maybe not, lol).......but a whole lot calmer than yesterday...playing it cool......I know HE can't sleep without talking to me......I so so freaking miss him..... that was my day.....261.5 hrs left(hell freak yea) o my gosh its just 5.49pm....another 3hrs in this class.....I really doubt soon as HE holla's i'm I hope u had a nice day.......

see u tomorrow......xxxxxx


  1. OMG so i love this...i'm not into reading since i already do too much for this man but i have to come back to find out about this HE (in blue) come we didnt' meet him yet...awww

  2. lol.....HE is part of the facebook sunday series.....u need to go catch up jare...where have u been gan?...i want to see u there this sunday.....thanks babe

  3. Okwuchi u didnt even call to ask why i didnt come to class thats how much u care ... girl if u were gonna overwithdraw u shoulda done it big .. wth 10 bucks ? lol .... yeah this HE..hmmmm ..i'll be praying for u

  4. Awwwwwwww......Ms Buki Baby!!!!!Broke is the new chic jor.....its Tres chic......if you aint broke you aint living(I swear it sounded way better in my head and actually made sense.....Now i dont even know where i was going with that).....lemme try again.....Broke is the new COOL.....Coz we are both broke and we are cool peoples.....But then again i heard in church last Sunday that cool is not even cool anymore.....So where does that leave us you ask......ok so i have no idea where am going with that either......i guess am just rambling today son!!!!
    You kept me waiting for this blog jor.....I dont like to be kept waiting......HE must be really special.....For you to have almost pulled your hair out......Am glad you didnt coz that woulda hurt like none ever son!!!!You already know imma say this.......Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to you and HIM(It would be grammatically incorrect to write HE.....but fuck grammar)!!!!!I'll be back again tomorrow and this time you better not keep me waiting!!!

    P.S :You have inspired me to write a blog about the adventures of Chin Chun Lee the professional ManicuRIST......I am just too lazy to type right now jor!!!!

  5. Buxiiiiiiiiiii bbay!!!! I'm sure HE is enjoyin all d attn...Babes ppl r broke mehn and its not a joke anymore o but don't worry we'll be good. Abt ur remainin internin hrs be prepped 2 be madd bored....
    I'm only a BB ping away.

  6. @Mo....i need all the prayers i can get....from your mouth to Gods ear...

    @Abi....jeez no words for u u very much, thanks for being there always...and u should write really

    @Kenny....awwwwwww....thanks ok....God has been providing for me, he will continue to do so...and o believe me he is...silly boy that he is

  7. who is HE? so u cheating on me huh?


  8. will talk about that later....thanks for coming thru....


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