Thursday, June 25, 2009


If I was getting paid for the work I do, today would have been the day that I would exclaim that "I earned my paycheck"....o my gosh all day I was worked, barely got a chance to eat or use my phone like I am constantly doing(I know bad, but im always needed by sumone on that phone I swear)....which brings me to another topic.....rbr I said I looked hella hot yday and today I looked I have this theory that you cant look this good and need to go to the toilet, most especially public I'm female so that makes absolutely no sense I know.....but I think I already mentioned the fact that I hate the idea of using a toilet.....

Back to my topic for today: I Lack Discipline......I really do.....cos if I didn't I would be exercising like I told y'all I would .....Yes, since the day I mentioned it, I haven't walked a mile or done situps....then the bbq came providing loads of chips and pop.....and Smirnoff Ice of course...triple black is so my favorite.....that's how I celebrated 200hrs btw.....a half bottle of huh......and my supervisor always has candy in the office and guess who gorges on it like its meat(meat can kill me, I can do almost anything for it).......guyyyyyyys im getting fat(in the whiniest voice u can imagine), working out double time begins now....HE is so going to be done with me.....that and the fact that I never do my skool work or even write this blog when I am supposed to......note that I always do what I need to do....but I need to learn to do this in a timely manner

I was going to write this in class......but then we heard that Micheal Jackson died.....its amazing that earlier today Farah Fawcett died and there was barely a mention of it and MJ dies and there is an uproar(he will be sorely missed).....rbr yday when I said don't just exist.....that proves my point.....make a name for yourself people.....don't leave this world without impacting more than ur immediate family....I wont....

So am done with one class for the semester at least the attendance part of it and so graduation seems even more eminent, I am so stoked.....I miss HE o(cue in "this long distance is killing me" by brandy) as HE will say I'm such a hope HE can make it down soon....I have a theory that I am only attracted to guys who drive me insane and make me try new other words I am a Big FAT, but its all good.....

so 189hrs left....cos I brought home some work and I'm logging in 1.5hrs in addition to the 7.5hrs at the count down to 100hrs is on.....womp womp....can't was your day guys? have a great night or day for those in different states and countries

se ya soon


  1. crazy how u said somethin yesterday nd it manifested d next day.....leaving somethin solid nd memorable behind reeli matters.....

  2. awwww thanks.....I don't know who this is, but thank you very much....

  3. @ Mr. Jegede. I know right...about that Michael Jackson/Farrah Fawcet thing. Hmm...I will start paying close attention to your 'Prophecies' on this blog.

    About He: How are you weird? As far as I can gather, you like relationships where the guy keeps you on your toes....No Dulling!

    As for that discipline thing, it is too common jare, just like procrastinating. Just look for something to motivate you to work out. This weather is not even helping.


  4. lol....i forgot to reply this....i possess no such qualities was just telling it as it is....thanks guys


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