Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can paint a picture with a Pen

I have a respect for words so let me start by saying that I am sorry again for not writing yday....and with that said, I take back the promise that I will write everyday, instead I promise that this blog continues for me for a while with at least a post each week......

I was going to tell you about my busy day at work and about how fab I looked in my LBD(little black dress)....I know vain vain, but I did look fab and as such I've decided I need to be rich so that I can have a whole wardrobe of LBD's....can I hear an Amen....instead, I'm just going to write as I see fit....I hope u like it......

Sum1 told me today that I fall too hard.....granted he is right, I only afterall met HE(the subject of my affection) 7months ago....but here is my thing......I know guys who have I known forever and who claim to love me but don't feel the need to communicate everyday, talkeless show me said love....granted our paths have varied and come back...but my understanding of Love and by this I mean with sumone that you want a relationship with, is that you work for it, across time differences, across oceans...u entail to keep it going for that point at which u meet.....most of said guys I've become good friends with "backups" as I like to call them cos... hey!!!we are young...and no one knows the future.....exactly my point though.....why not work with what you have and put ur everything into it and let the chips fall as they may?.....cos maybe this one is "the one" and if not....u cry and you move on......

Of one thing I am certain...That Love is Uncertain.....and holds no guarantees.....U love for today and if I am alive tomorrow to Love again then I make sure to take advantage of it.....My Mum has four kids for my dad and they have been divorced more years than they were ever married.....So believe me its more than takes a lot to be with the Bible said Love is Kind, Patience, Longsuffering and so many other things I wont quote.....but all I'm saying is that as long as I'm not sleeping around and all I'm doing is giving my heart, then I think that I'm more blessed than most will ever be.....

Another thing I am certain friendship with you matters a lot to me, and I dont want to ever ruin it because I fell in Love....a man is not an island, and friends especially childhood friends, know how to hold you down and put you in your place.....with that said if u like me/ liked me, and u dont like my relationship with sum1 or want me for yourself.....speak or forever hold your peace......its not that complicated, at which point I will tell you why its not an option and hopefully remain friends.....and the same thing with female friends......speak your mind, its up to me if I don't listen......thats how I define friendship nways......

Let me end by saying this....Do more than exist, Live and Love.....

I hope that helps clarify sum things for you as u read comfortable with your decisions and for some others here step off your high horse and stop judging others....and for some stop tripping on what's infront of you because you looking behind...ok I'm done giving advise.....I'm only 22 afterall and I'm not as wise as I think....

so long.....o and we have less than 200hrs now I say "we"...cos u all have been helping me each step of the way......Yay to 198hrs left


  1. @LBD Prayer, AMEN!!

    Omo, this your love advice is spot on.

    Please o! Age does not matter. A 12 year old can give better advice about love than some grown ups.

    Less than 200 hours....I'm so happy for you. How far with that 'Paid Job'??? And I hope the Account has been smiling of recent?


  2. Lirru Black Dress...AMIN o! So you people can wear dresses to work? I thought it was all about the suits.

    Plus, what's wrong with knowing somebory for 7 months? I never knew there was a time line to follow. You can meet someone today and click forever while your 100 year friendship can die tomorrow...

    Plus Plus, I like how your friends are allowed to call you out and then leave you to do what you will with their advice. When I tried that, a lorrof my friends used to get defensive and say I was judgmental. If I don't tell them the truth, who will biko?

    Less than 200 YAAAAAAAAAY!!! Now we're aiming for less than a 100...We will celebrate that one with Cake and Apple Juice.

  3. Plus what happened to the orderly titles?

    Diary Day 1,2,3,4, got bored with that abi?

  4. @ Ti-To.....Im not sure who this is o? I must likely have a different nickname for u....thanks for commenting love.....I haven't heard back from them on the "paid job" and account will be alright jare....Adura lo gba.....i feel the atmosphere of change coming on....

    @jem jem....we can wear dresses ...but mine was even a more formal dress friends will cherish that as you grow older so don't stop doing sure will celebrate that 100....and yes o the titles were love

  5. I agree with Ti-To, your love advice is def on point!!!" Do more than exist, Live and Love"
    that's my new mantra

    great blog babe!!!

  6. Thank you...I wish i knew who you were but thanks a bunch, I appreciate it.....

  7. And the philosophical side to you comes to the fore..

    Interesting perspective on 'love' you got there..

  8. thanks Roc...appreciate it....i call it the simple, less heartbreaking perspective


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