Monday, July 6, 2009


I can't even lie, I am totally interested in said position.......I used to look at girls in disgust when they said their ambition in life was to be housewives....Now as u know, I am a scholar by blood(although right now as I sit in this 5hr class and dread it, I am not so sure that's true) I always used to say that unless the man I marry (looking very slim also) can afford to give me in dollars/pounds the money I have spent on skool fees and lesson and lesson teachers and computer lessons and gas and provisions and so forth, then I will gladly be a housewife, cos shu I will be extremely paid......o and pls add interest off course......
U do realize that said man is impossible to find, that and the fact that I am just never attracted to very rich guys.....But, I can totally see myself being a house wife.....wake up in the morning, have breakfast ready for husband, get the kids ready, drop them off at school, then go to the gym, workout for an hour.....come home, clean the house, cook lunch and take it to my husband, and we eat together, and then I go back home, bake, do laundry, go pick up the kids, feed them, do their skool work with them, play some games, watch some tv, get them ready for dinner and bed, and welcome husband when he comes home......then we start all over the next day,.....note that I didn't mention shopping, cos I swear I HATE shopping ( I know weird for a girl innit?)HATE shopping I don't mind.....

Nways this came about, because this weekend......starting from Friday( yes, they gave us Friday off, 4th of July weekend) I stayed at home all weekend long, except for church and when my friends dragged me out for sumone's graduation and then we went to see the fireworks.....but yea I attempted to do scotch eggs.... beef patties, sausage roll, flour and 6 eggs later, I still didn't get I know wat I did wrong, so I will attempt to try again tomorrow....But I baked my cake successfully......I'm good for those, I cant wait for my own house with electric mixers and stuff, so I can make professional looking cakes.....

The other thing I did this weekend(let me remind you I have multiple school work due)....was watch romantic movies......I am a lover.....I fall in Love easily and loyally and faithfully.....but I have never been big on romantic movies, romantic novels Yes, but not romantic movies......I swear I must have watched about 10 this weekend.....Keith featuring Jesse McCartney was my favorite I think.....He had cancer, loved this girl and treated her poorly, misusing the little time he had left, but she won't give up and she was there for him, till he died and after......omg, writing abt it and I want to cry again.....I am a sucker and then funny ones like Jessica Simpson in Blond was really cute and she us not a bad actress....So, I think I've had enough of movies for a lifetime......novels are still better than books.....the Nora Roberts books turned movies were so crappy.....

In other news, Andy Roddick lost his match and I am so burnt....I officially hate Federer.....graduation is a month joy really knows no bound, if I can just focus now, and do my past due skool work(like the 4 I should be doing now, instead of writing a blog)...u see how much I love you was ok today, busy busy.....I like busy........wish me luck guys, this is the final stretch and I need to rein in and do well .......o I am so excited.....hope you all had a wonderful weekend, guys..............

see u soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and remain blessed


  1. How many hours left now? Abi you've forgotten that we want to know?
    I'll be back to leave a proper comment [After I wake up]. My RSS feeder just showed you had a new post up that's why I rushed here.


  2. Lol......I have 149.5hrs left.....yay girl

  3. Woooooooooooooow!!! Now Housewifery sounds like work. Are you kidding me? Where does sleep come in? You still have to wake up early because of kids.... it just lost its appeal.

    Yummyyyyyyyyyy!! By Beef Patties, you mean Meatpie? Abi you're now Jamaican?



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