Monday, July 13, 2009


"Allow me to RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF, my name IS.......(Fill in the blank),....Lol"....I wrote this statement as my fb status and the two responses I got, was that I was confused and or jobless.....and it got me thinking......I haven't properly introduced myself to you, so allow me to do so........... As you most likely could tell by now, I have multiple personalities (I'm not sure which is writing this really, lol)...but I will try to describe how the multiple's make me whole.....I am the girl with a lot of dreams, who hopes to be able to eat her cake and have it.....You see I want to be this successful career Independent woman, who hopes to make changes in Nja's health system the likes of which Naija and the world isn't ready for yet....and yet my greatest desire is to hold my children in arms, and have a husband that I will love till I die, and he the same......Now tell me isn't that asking for too much.....never minding the fact that i also want to own a mag and run a state of the art school, and an orphanage and the Nigerian entertainment industry if i have my way, u see each personality has what it wants to do....and o, I forget to say I have 5 personalities......

I am the girl who believes in being able to express yourself anytime, but holding back is a virtue and not you trying to be fake....let me explain that.....I believe in digging your nose, I really least for me its the only way to get anything out of my nose....tissue is just a pure waste of time and resource.....still, I will never ever ever be caught dead picking my nose, I will go the bathroom if I were in public, and even in my house I do it in the bathroom....that doesn't make me just means I have sense, i think, or I'm weird....again blame it on the personalities.....but people just farting anywhere, belching, being obnoxiously loud in public...really guys? lol.....

I am sure I have mentioned my love for sports, but I don't think I have mentioned my love for this is where my above statement, will seem a contradiction.....cos I will dance anywhere....well except in a meeting and that's only cause I probably wont be listening to music....but a great song can't be on and I won't move my body (abomination)...but like i said above, you should have the good sense to move ur body, without acting like you are on the dance floor when you really are at the supermarket....I owe you a whole blog on music soon

I am also the girl, who thinks girls shouldn't leave their house without looking good, at least act like you put an effort into that's totally different from putting on makeup....cos truth be told I still don't know how that works.....and its ok to use it still....but really all day, every day, even to walmart or in yaba market....wearing heels to the most inappropriate places....I mean really, I couldn't be bothered with a mirror.....but maybe its just cos in my mind I think I'm fine(lol)....but isn't that how we should all be? know that we are beautiful, especially when it radiates from the inside out....I swear everyday I find something sexy about my body, today it was my ankles......still every other day I find something I hate about my body, today as like most days it was my tummy.....

Speaking of which, I cant find a graduation gown....and one would say of course cos duh!!! ur ass hasn't gone to look....but I'm sure I told you I hate shopping and I find myself just getting attracted to black dresses( I Swear down, they are sexy as hell)...but I need color, something ladies reading this pls suggest where I can find dresses online has to be under $ all laughing I bet....but there is no way in hell I am spending so much money on a gown that I will wear once, the fact that its my masters graduation swear, I wonder what I will do for wedding gown with this cheap mentality...but I do want to do something fantastic on my hair......OMG....that was totally Nife's personality taking HE would say, this is me selling my market( just means, trying to show whats good about me).....but I am not being boastful or anything....Its all to the Glory of God....I just thought you should know a lil sumn sumn about me, U getting me? (I said that out loud as i wrote, in a weird British accent, lol....)

On behalf of all my personalities though, I am so sorry for not writing in so long, and I do deserve spanking....No explanations, no excuses...but I Have been busy and trying to remain focused.........its the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of another one you know...trying to lock my heart into my destiny and my destiny with God....making plans and decisions for a successful future.....113hrs left guys.....Can you freaking believe it? its almost don't think i will be fully joyful though until like the last week.....exam time, so no eating, no sleeping, really just work and school and facebook of wasn't a bad rest of the week and weekend and with my 5hr class for the week done, the rest of the week looks have you all been? I missed you....hope you had a fantastic week and weekend.....have an even better one this week......See u soon xxxxx


  1. Dear Neefemi,

    Consider to join us for A Wonderous Woman Retreat
    on August 13,14,and 15

    The Wonderous Woman retreat program leads and encourages every woman to connect to all facets of her purpose and value. Our approach is to create experiential retreats in beautiful venues where you can connect to your mind, body and spirit.

    It's easy to take care of everyone else in our lives, but we tend to forget about ourselves.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! The hours have flown by, so happy for you!

    Me thinks all your 'personalties' are actually one personality with different facets because they all complement each other.

    Where can you get a nice dress for under $30:

    You're not over reaching o! By the grace of God, you will achieve all your goals and more sef.

  3. All dis personalities do come togetha to form d very unique least u kno urself....not evrione can break theirself down like u jus did.....nd as much as i listen to music....u definately beat me hands down..very uncool....i can smell d money around d corner...God keep u safe nd healthy to enjoy d fruits of ur Long labors

  4. @ Sisi Blu....thanks so much love, I'm excited....loads of studying the next couple weeks but its all good.....o and extreme thanks for the website.....Amen Amen Amen, from your mouth to Gods ear

    @Mr Jegede....Still can't believe I don't know who you u thank u, i appreciate that music tip, u can blame on my parents I tell you.....Amen Amen Amen...I smell it too, from your mouth to Gods ear.....Amen dear...thank you and God bless you

  5. Second time on here and i'm becoming very intrigued with you and your personas.

    Congratulations on graduating.

    it's the first step on an ardous path to becoming the well rounded woman you have the potential of being.

    of the Cerberus

  6. Mr/Miss/Mrs, I am not sure exactly......thank you so much, both for coming back to read my blog and for the congratulations...I pray the future path is much smoother than the past has been....thanks


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