Monday, July 20, 2009

Laughing Through the Storm

The Title of this post was the topic at church this Sunday, and I thought it was very fitting for the end of this storm, called education in my life. It has been grueling, at times just plain torture. but in less than 3 weeks(19 days y'all) I graduate, I am done. I don't think I'm excited yet. maybe closer to the day, or past the day, but I do know it can't come soon enough.

If anyone told me I will work a day, while I was in this country,while still in school, other than for the luxury of I needed money to get a dress or sumn....i would have laughed in their face....I have worked since I have been in this country( paid and unpaid) have also partied and traveled....I have been blessed without measure and I cant thank God enough for my friends...and I am most especially happy for my mother, cos she has worked the hardest to see me hold my diploma in my hand.....My point is just this, let me be a testimony of God's goodness...its not about the fire u will go through, cos there will be fire....its about coming unscathed, looking hotter, sexier, happier than before.....e.g. ME, lol......

So on a lighter note....I am very mad at you guys!!!....yes you reading come no one has asked how i have been dealing with the money situation? It was my anonymous reader Jags(shout out to all the anonymous readers, miss Jojo, Mary and everyone else) that asked guys don't like me feelings are hurt....all 5 personalities think all 5 personalities are just craving attention....but yea, mumsy has come thru again and again, to pay for the basics, food, rent and my car, and of course my phone bill....I am no one without my phone(unfortunately)

Speaking of which i have had to change my phones 2 times already....t-mobile is seriously taking the piss i tell you.....and o I deactivated my facebook.....Yes, I said it.....I deactivated my hell....and all day I have been thinking of statuses in my head....but I really do need to focus, 3 more exams and a project in less than 3 weeks is kind of a big HE, thinks I cant do it...

Speaking of which again!!! lol... no one asked of HE...see u guys o? where is the interest? miss Jojo, wants me to reveal his name....I don't know why I am hiding it really....sometimes i think its a way to protect myself incase it doesn't work.....or maybe its just a way to keep him closer to me, u know.....I don't know......nwaays, HE thinks I cant stay off facebook all 19 days.....what say you? Can I or Cant I????

85 freaking hrs left.....can I hear a hell yea!!!!! I am so stoked about that I wont even lie....o and guys pray for me , there is a possibility of a job....starting another cold city....but its a start.....that totally works for I really hope it works will be good to know that I got a job fresh out of college you know....

so back to doing exams, projects and overdue work....totally rocked my presentation on Saturday and the exam this honors dream is looking like its going to happen.....Glory be to was the past week and weekend for u guys....I miss u even when I don't write.....have a fantastic week ahead of u.....see u soon....xxxxxxx


  1. So im guessin ure not permanently goin back home....gud to hear....nd as per d financial situation its u nd we all kno God ad it all figured out so y worri....i actually did tell u not to worri dat u will finish d whole process wen we talked. for d FB sturvs, dats somethin little compared back wen u wanted to hmmmmmm....sorri sayin it will give me away...but u did it anywayz although i saw it as pointless but ure all about makin urself happy above everythin else...i av faith u can do away wit FB for d next couple....AV Fun "Nifemi Moyosola Buki Ayomide" sorri bout d whole GOVT nd dont stress wit d school sturvs....wen u reeli think about it, uve been doin it all ur life....

  2. i'm excited for you. it's almost over. Master's degree at 22? ko easy o. congrats in advance.
    btw, revealing his identity will break the mystery of who he is.
    now go and study.

  3. Mr Jegede.....ko da o.....and that means we r very close, if you know abt the whole Govt thing...and thanks for the confidence in me....see u with my whole full name, thanks so for all the support and encouragement love...thank you so much.....couldn't do it without you dear...e.g. my graduation u....just finished working....i think sleep is in order....tomorrow is another day

  4. Biko....change this thing to Monday Tonic. You now post on Mondays only. I'm so happy for you though!! Congratulation in advance. It's already here.

    On behalf of all the other commenters: SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!! HOW is HE? Is HE okay? WHat's HE's P? Don't reveal HE's name. I enjoy calling him HE.

    You and your 'interesting' fb statuses. They shall be missed. Hope you can survive? Sha face your book not facebook (FUNNY), it's almost over.

    God will replenish Momsy's pocket. Amen. Plus when you start working, you can bless her and bless her and bless her.


  5. Miss Ti - T0 - Lmao @ face your book, not facebook....and whats with the interesting in are suspect!! Amen to the prayer o, I cant wait. HE is fine, just chilling looking for jobs...and ok to not revealing his name....Thank you so much for everything....

    @Mr by GOVT, u meant my full name and not any govt thing i told u right? jeez....who r u? lol....

  6. Naw i jus ment about d name but i don kno bout d whole govt thing so close nd yet so so enjoyin dis

  7. First time here..
    I don't think I know enough yet, to comment..
    So I'll be back..

  8. @RocNaija...thanks for stopping by....just went on yours too and i'm envious....hope u like what tou see


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