Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's always something

I feel like there is always that something that holds you back....i tell you the devil is intense, or maybe its just human nature....I don't know....I just know that i just want things to be smooth sailing for me.....for once in my lifetime at least.....

So I almost insulted my dad today, and my dad is someone that I will not mention a lot on this blog....don't get me wrong, I love him, with all my heart.....but I am not happy with him, and haven't been for a while now.....but the way I look at things with Parents in general is this....sometimes we expect too much from them, they r just human beings, not any wiser, not any better than you....they make decisions and choices that affect us and govern how we look at them....but really they don't have to do much more for us than provide us with the basic...everything they do extra is 1. the Grace of God and 2. and the difference between a father/mother and an egg/sperm donor.....

I only mention my dad, cos i think i took out my disappointments and frustration on him....Almost a week away from a very important day in my life and nothing is shaping up....i thought i had a dress, i no longer have one(it was to be sewn and it wont get here on time, so whats the point), I don't even have the graduation ensemble itself(cap,gown, hood), tons of people coming from out of town and still cant figure out how I'll sort them all out and feed them...and o there is to be a reception and I don't know how exactly that's going to work at this rate....I am just frustrated with the lack of money....I don't mean to complain and I am reminded of the fact that the fact that I am going to graduate in of itself is such a great thing in my life....there is that side of me that seriously feels the lack and I hate that there is that side....I just want to be really joyous and hassle free and its not shaping up like so.....But have i told u about my God?....have u met him?....he is too fantastic, too wiping my tears....and on to singing and sadness only lasts for a my cousin is mad, cos I don't want her to help me out...Sorry love....I will be k....and u don't have to do nothing....

I know that u r very mad at me(esp miss Ti-To, jo ma binu)......its been almost 2 weeks...that's so insane....guys,I Have been so has been just pure tiring and I always want to write sumn, but I will be so beat and then Ill have more skool work to do....jeez I tell u....I have been burnt out....its showing on my face and in my lack of caring about my grades anymore.....but OMYGOSH, OMYGOSH, OMYGOSH.....its Fri, which means after today I have only Mon at work and its means that on wed I am done with skool and it means that I graduate on sat the 8th....o heavens....I'm not sure I'm excited yet....maybe after my exam on wed....

O guys I'm getting baptized on Sunday....I am so excited about that....I'm actually scared, i keep thinking u this I will def catch up with you tomorrow on work related gist, school related gist and things i have noticed in the for all the support and love....hope u have all been good?(nobody ever answers that question btw)...

see u soon.....xxxxx


  1. G'luck with the baptism..
    Never done that before..

  2. Sixta B............. IT IS WELL!!! I guess the main reason we get disappointed easily is because we expect so much. It's hard to prevent ourselves from putting so much faith in man. It's human nature. May God help us. I have been praying for you and I know so many others are praying as well. God will not fail you. You will never be put to shame. As long as you believe that God is in control, He is. Remember you have to believe, what kills miracles the most is DOUBT.

    I didn't know you wanted to wear trad for your graduation; What happened to the Under $30 dress plan? Do you really have to wear the graduation outfit? Isn't it optional?

    Na wa o! Only Ti-To, because I didn't announce, JSYK, I have this blog BOOKMARKED!!!

    How many hours left? You keep forgetting to update us.

    BAPTISM!! I got baptized in March or April (Housh, I can't remember when exactly),it helps with your spiritual growth. I'm hegcirred for you.

  3. @RocNaija...thanks i finally got to that place in my life where i though it was time, even though i was saved a long time ago....I pray you get there soon.....

    @Sisi Blu....Thanks baby, adura wa a gba...well my best friend was going to get it for me and it was only $50 nways....i cant find any nice clothes online and wont have time to go to the store until the 5th....pele ma binu, thanks for having me bookmarked...and thanks i'm excited abt the baptism too

  4. Hey boo! So happy you're finally graduating. Cheer up. It will work out wonderfuly well in the end. I was thinking of SURPISING you and showing up for your grad celebration (SURPRISE!!) but you seem overly swamped at the moment. I will surprise you another time.
    Have a wonderful baptism o! I also take offense, why Ti-To :( me too I read this blog. Maybe I should drop more comments so I can can get some love.
    How many hours do you have left now??

  5. @Anonymous....o you should def still surprise me if you can, believe me i am never too swamped for friends....sorry now Ti-To is always the one insulting me ni, i still love you even though I dont know who you are, lol....I have 7hrs left o, can u believe it....Thanks so much for everything

  6. Devil has nothin on u....nd dis chick stop stressing....things happen like dey r supposed to nd it eventually works it self out all u av to do is pray, pay attention so u dont miss out on d part ure supposed to play nd den at d end give ultimate tanx to dat GUY UP DER for lettin it all happen for his Glory.....i remember baptism in n actual freaked me out like hell i wasnt actually gonna put my life in d hands of some guy who prolly doesnt kno how to swim himself nd has other people he has to baptise afta me....but den it hit me dat na my own papa so i calmed down a lil....i add like massive amounts of revelating dreams for like a week...nd y u puttin Mr. He on a trial phase...i mean d guy wan die for u nd u still got him on trial face...nd i thought i understood women ure jus confusin...God b wit Him....ill pray for him...poor guy is in for some work nd he hasnt even received a contract to sign yet....Congrats on finally gettin done...ill call u soon enough....

  7. lmao....Mr Jegede o....ok so your dad is a pastor...jeez why don't I know who you are, with that information?....but i like the part about the dreams....I need some revelation in my o pray for him , very well...and I'm not confusing I just really know what I want and so imma need him to get with the program....Thank you so much for all the love and support, I really appreciate it...and no more stressing, God, cos my middle name should be stress, but we thank God for his faithfulness....speak soon


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