Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Single-handedly the one thing you have absolutely no control over......Emotions
The reason why I am writing this instead of doing what I need to do......
The reason I keep praying that the facebook message or the bb msg is from you......
The reason why someone asks me how you are, and I tell them I don't know, I don't care....when really all i can think of is that you haven't buzzed me all day......
The reason why we fight often, cos somehow you evoke all the wrong ones, yet......when I see you, I am always smiling......your face evokes all the right ones......
The reason why I want to beg you to stay down and lets work at this........
The reason why I constantly say, "Its your loss, I'm worth it, beautiful, educated and loving, whats there not to love".....
The reason why I am going to stop writing this, cos Emotions did never get you anywhere...


  1. this is probably the best you've ever written

  2. I kno u to b strong even wen d situation is all twisted inside out....Be HAPPY...Life is to b smiled at....

  3. Two posts in one day. Deep son! It's nice sha. Hopefully it's not personal. If it is, it's kind of sad. Nice flow.

  4. The lyrics of a certain Destiny's Child song spring to mind..

    "It's just emotions taking you overrrr..."

  5. @Mr Jegede....awwwww thanks.....I am happy though

    @sisi blu...u know i realized it was the same day after i posted....just thot to write it here instead of facebook....lets just say its inspired by true events.....thanks babe

    @RocNaija.....lol, doesn't it...except not as sweet....thanks

  6. Bellion,
    I think this is nice and is ur best work,
    what will make ur work more interesting is if u are more graphic. No need for names just be more descriptive I hope this said guy reads ur blog at all.
    Goodluck and Congrats on ur Grad

  7. @Anonymous aka KD...Thanks a lot boo.....will take that into consideration next time....I believe said guy does read my blog....and thank you very much, I really appreciate it and that means a lot coming from you

  8. @ Anon: What do you mean by graphic? Please, I don't want my eyes to blind next time I come here o!

    I love this! Is about 'He'? 'He' must really mean something. I wish it had more body though. The ending was kinda abrupt.


  9. lol....Miss Ti-To, where u been?....don't worry i'm sure he didn't mean graphic like that.....lets just say its inspired by true events...lol....and yea, the ending was abrupt, i will do better next time...thanks

  10. http://barbedwirefences.blogspot.com/

    Check it out. Read from older posts please.

  11. darling..... u are good.... kisses ...
    keep it up love ..

  12. thanks babe.....i appreciate it


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