Tuesday, August 4, 2009


And just like that 275hrs of Unpaid Internship is over(lol, maybe I should change the name of the blog now).......omygosh, omygosh, omygosh......I don't know about you guys but this has been a great experience in retrospect....I know i bitched and whined through it all, and today(lol, yesterday I should say) could not have come any quicker......but I was leaving today and I had tears in my eyes....I am seriously going to miss that place, so much so I left my lunch bag there and had to go get it later..... now my supervisor still has to do an evaluation on me and I just hope its great......I did do all my work and more, but me and my phone were inseparable(not like I see that changing ever) so i'm thinking I might get docked points for that.

O and to add to my joy classes ended today as well(Mon, I mean).....and not only did it end we finished class by 6pm instead of 10pm, now I didn't get to class until about 5.45pm.....so in other words I wasted 30mins gas really for nothing.....well I guess the 10pts he gives us for each class wasn't wasted.....another reason I was late, was cos I stopped by the bookstore to get my graduation regalia, and they had closed at 5....which means my sorry ass won't be getting it until the day of graduation cos I refuse to drive 30mins to and fro, because of graduation....I already have to do multiple trips to the airport on Thursday and Friday.....

Speaking of which something has to be said for the fact that must of my friends are guys....especially the ones coming out of town(Thanks so much guys).....I swear this is why I never do parties, cos its always a sausage fest....I love my boys though, they always supporting me in everything I do.....My guy friends have been more encouraging, when I say that I want to be the Minister of Health by 30 than my girl friends, who ask me when will I marry(Don't know, don't care)...........Its amazing to me that I don't have to be a whore to have that many guys around who are sincerely my best friends

Speaking of boys, I have been wanting to tell you since last week....infact I saved this conversation on my bb, just so I could tell you and there was no mistake....So I'm talking to this random guy I know(and I say random cos we not cool like that).....he added my cousin when he seen our pics, said he wanted to talk to me, and she said to add him....and when I tell him I'm not interested(plus his friend likes me & will just kill him) he starts to talk to my cousin......so you can see the dude is already tripping.....So on that fateful day, the conversation goes as follows
A: wassup sweetie? N: I'm gud and u?
A: I'm good at this boring training, teaching me stuff I already know....N:Eya Pele
A: How about them apples? N: What apples? A: My bad, mangoes! N: What mangoes?
A: Cmon....N:Cmon Wat?...........A: Ok, your bust.....

For those of you who don't know me very well, there is small craze in my body and God saved him I was at work and the Spirit of God was on me.....cos the kind of insult I was about to send his way, the next time he sees me, he will quiver and run.....I just told you most of my friends are guys, and they will never ever try that shit with me....shu even my boyfriend wont just randomly ask how about them apples?....and as you can tell, I was so clueless, which is where he should have dropped it....I just asked him in reply, If he was ok? and he sends me a smiley saying he was perfect...and I asked why he was smiling? and the goat is going to say "what is wrong with a compliment? well ttyl" (punk ass, was ready to jet).....And then I tell him "its worse than I thot if you think asking me abt my bust is a compliment, and so you must be insane really, yea bye"....and then dude is going to come back and say that he was trying to be funny and doesn't appreciate my language(lol, at this point I was dying of laughter, cos I could tell he really needed to be schooled)......I told him, it was not funny and it was rude....he goes "some think its funny and some don't", to which I replied.....no respectable girl will ever think its funny, so how about we refrain from saying that ever......dude was lucky that he wasn't near me though, cos I think the slap would have been instant....I am not a violent girl, its just correction/punishment for stupidity like when a child does sumn and u smack him/her.....

I keep telling you I have the best friends ever.....last time I wrote, I said i wasn't ready for graduation....Today my best friend bought me my dress(love u much Oye), Miss L.C got me on the food, Lil Bit, got me on the reception venue, Crazy cousin(miss abi), got me on the shoes and Mums got me on regalia, hair, drinks and whatever else, o and sucker boy(Mr Y.A), got me a Nintendo wii......Can somebody say blessed.....if you get nothing from me, get that God puts you around people for a certain reason and His name be praised for my wonderful friends and family....Be good friends guys, there is a big reward in it.....I cannot wait to be able to replay them back in money and what money cannot buy....

so final exam on Wednesday, after which the plan is to get drunk alone (don't judge me).....never been though and I doubt it cos I wont want to spend money on liquor, but that's the plan....do my hair on Thursday and start getting ready for everybody I have to pick up from the airport later Thursday and all day Friday.....O i almost forgot to tell you that Baptism was great(I keep trying to rbr the last thing on my mind before I went into the water and I can't)...But miss L.C came and I was grateful for that (my bro slept off), took pics and I was going to put it on facebook but it felt weird....

Ok this is the longest post I have written, I am not sure why i am up at this ungodly hour(why do they call it that?), but I know its not cos I am finishing up my project like I should....I am so useless I tell you.....thanks for the encouragement still guys, u have been a blessing., especially for reading this long post......see u soon xxxxxx


  1. Yay! Thank God for RSS FEEDS!!!


  2. It was actually 3am, i guess it showed the time i started it.....enjoy ur food, sounds awesome


  4. Thanks Mr Jegede, i appreciate it..........

  5. Some guys just never cease to amaze me..
    HOw could he still be justifying his actions after misyanning like that???

    Some guys sha..

  6. @RocNaija....lol....misyarning is an understatement in this case my dear....but i reckon he is a small boy or just inexperienced with talking to girls...

  7. As innnnnnnnn!! Of which how did he get your BB pin...you can like to delete him. Rude is an understatement. He has obviously been getting away with it long enough.

    Ungodly because it is when WITCHES AND WIZARDS are flying around...Heheh!

    I want to see the baptism pics. What did you wear? How did your hair enjoy getting a free wash?

  8. @Sisi Blu.....yep u r right, cos if he hadnt gotten away with it, he wouldn't have tried that mess...but there is no point taking him off bb, it will be childish...he got my bb one of those times i put it up as a status on facebook

    lol....i will put up baptism and graduation pics together......i wore my sports shirt and 3quarter pants, and i had on my swimming cap...r u kidding?....my hair doesn't get wet....my hair is a mop, and cant be tamed.... hence my constant weaves.....

  9. FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! THE D-DAY or rather G-DAY is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I am literally jumping up and down for you. I've stopped now sha.

    Rudeeeeeeeeeee Goi!! Imagine! Apples and Mangoes??? Isn't that soooooo 1999...pre-Y2K..Haha! What kind of Old Baba are you rolling with sef?

    Wow....NO MAN CAN BE AN ISLAND. I am so happy for you!! When I come visit, we'll play that Wii together. How did getting drunk alone work out for you? I'm pretty sure it never took place.

    So you're officially a Child of God, I wonder what you were before??? CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


  10. lol, Mrs Ti-To.......yes it is here o, in a couple hrs and then all the excitement that I am not feeling yet still, will be over.... lol hopefully by morning, i get excited....lol, he is abt 24 don't mind the goat.....lol, yes when u come we will play wii....of course I didnt get drunk, i cleaned my house and fell asleep cos I get really sleepy when i drink....lmao.....see u o, I have always been a child of God what are you talking about......


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