Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MPH Events and Things

awwwwwwwwwwww guys I graduated, it finally took me until the day of to get excited u know.....I am so lame....but it was all to the Glory of God......It was surprisingly uneventful.....I have this theory that when I invite folks for sumn, its only the folks that come that were meant to come.......even though my parents and other important people in my life couldnt make it, I just personally think there is a right combination of people, u need to make an event so its not one of those Nigerian things when they start to smash bottles and someone is arguing.....(lol).....its just a personal brain is screwed like that.....

Speaking of theories......As i'm sitting down writing this, I am watching Sex and the City.....and forget all the steamy sex scenes(just realized there was a lot of those) but I dont think I could ever have gotten back with BIG(whoever he represents in my life) big wedding, small wedding, court wedding, white wedding, vegas wedding......Your ass better know that you want to marry me the night before, the day on and want to be with me for the rest of our lives, have babies with me, and build a future together.....boy don't ass made a committment to you to do the same, whats got you thinking that you shouldnt be appreciative of the very, see me going off

which reminds me, I think HE lied to me.....and i am not sure how I will react if thats true......i dont take kindly to lies, by omission, on purpose, grates on my very nerve....we will see, ill let you know when I know wassup for real......

Now starts the craft of being a woman, worker, decision maker and caretaker for my preparation for being a wife and a mother I will be an interesting journey if my life so far has been any indication.....nothing is simple with me but the Victory is always sweet.....God has been faithful and he that has started this new thing is faithful and just to complete most folks didnt like my choice of dress or hairstyle for my graduation.....I am slightly hurt, but their opinion matters why?lol......I thought I looked smashing.....nways, I am not sure how many folks read this who are not on my facebook, I love the anonymity of blog, but if you wanted to see a picture or two(one where my face is hidden of course) please let me know so i can put it on here

Thank you all so much for the Love and Support, I have been catching up on sleep so far, and then imma start job hunting, especially for Naij, while I still wait for my call from Indiana(wish me luck). Hope you are good guys, and had a great weekend and week so far?

Speak soon......xxxxx


  1. Im pretty sure d guy would already kno he wants to spand d rest of his great life wit u...i mean u guys would have gone thru d trial phase,d talking phase,d dating phase,d boyfriend/girlfriend phase, nd den d mayb ure d rite guy phase, den okay im givin u a chance to prove to me ure my future phase, nd den okay we r officially official how can he possibly not kno he wants to marry u d night b4????????....TELLLL MEEEE AUNTY????

  2. dont know o Mr Jegede....u know men are weird, u know we have heard the story before though so i'm just

  3. I don't know if I can truly be excited about my graduation. I'll be grateful but I'm not sure about the excited part. I would probably not attend if I had a choice.

    You already said HE reads this blog so maybe you'll be getting a confession really soon. OR NOT. Lerruz hope for the best.

    @Mr. Jegede: Wow! So many phases. And you see people jumping into Marriage after knowing each other for less than a year. They obviously didn't go through all these phases.

    Sixta B, I luffed you hair, very edgy. That your dress was very long sha!

  4. @Sisi Blu....yea thats exactly how i felt, but i just found out im the first from my dads side of the family to graduate with a Masters, so you can imagine.....yes o HE reads it, but he is very good at avoiding, dont worry I will deal with @ wasnt my fault, i thot it was, i bought it online...


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