Friday, September 11, 2009

Boyfriend #2

" You are coming to Nigeria , and I had to find out on bb? seriously !!!!"

Shit, Shit.....I had totally forgotten I had him on bbm....I had not wanted to tell him I was coming to Nigeria, but I had put it up on my status the night before, forgetting he was a contact on there....

His name is....lets just call him #2......

He was the only other man I had ever loved.....truth be told, he still held a piece of my heart.....He was smart, fine, had a great respect for me, had a job, and was fun to hang with........I suspect he knew I had very strong feelings for him, but even he could never guess that I loved him....he would never know.....I secretly dreamt of the day he would confess his love to me and tell me he had secretly loved me all this while.....

We had met through mutual friends, on the phone....couldn't ever was a 3way with one of my best friends.....they had been having a conversation and my friend had wanted to ask me a question on sex and we start having this really heated was way too much fun, I remembered thinking he had the sexiest voice ever....I cant remember who called who first afterwards, but for the next few months we talked hr - 2hr conversations....He was a great listener and we had the most wonderful conversations....with him I didnt feel the need to be less smart than I was.....everything from sports...He is a Man U fan, I am an Arsenal fan...I love the Pistons, He loves the politics, sex, how to raise a family, movies, music, cars....we talked about everything...His voice made my heart beat irregular......I personally never thought I would have met someone else to take his place....I could not honestly say #1 had taken his place, even though I loved him with everything I had...

The first time I saw him, I had gone to visit him in his state....I remember thinking he looked so hot, but he was so short....I was impressed with the fact that he didnt try to show off, he wasnt giving me the whole 'I am hot and drive a mercedes vibe'....that night we had talked for hours, over a bottle of wine, cuddled on the was time to go to bed and I put on my hairnet and he laughed and took it off, he promised to get the hair rough anyways, so that was useless.....we never did do anything throughout that visit, I was a virgin you see...and he was a gentleman .........he touched me in ways only someone that was very experienced could have, he laughed at my horrible attempt at a 'bj', telling me I will get better....he told me I was the best kisser he ever had.....I still hold the record apparently.....

I have this theory that there is that one person, you can cheat with....self control is the only way that you can resist that.....he is my one person...he had come over to see me years later....I suspect in hindsight, he just had to have me, another one under his belt...I was happy to oblige, I thot it meant he liked me, he couldnt have come all this way to see me, if he didnt......this time we did have sex, it was great sex.........noone knew this, not even my bestfriend, how could I tell her that I had cheated on my then boyfriend even though we had been on another one of our many breaks? how could I tell her, that I hoped that at the end of the 3days he was here, he would tell me that he wanted a future with me....? how could I tell her, that instead at the end of the 3days here, he said he would always love his ex? the reason why I hadn't slept with him the first time around, 3 yrs later she was still around......he was never going to be was upon realizing this that I stopped waiting for him and gave what was left of my heart to #1, avoiding him and not talking to him as much.....I had hoped to go to Naija and leave without having to see him, I really could not truthfully say what will happen if we did see.....he was my nemesis, and a part of me wanted him.....a win under my own belt, if you must.....I did not want to be torn between him and #1

"Yea, sorry I thought I mentioned it, I will be home for two weeks, I need to register for NYSC" I said.....
" No you didn't tell me, I would have remembered, I am looking forward to seeing you, its been too long"
"Yea it has been long, I hope we get time to see, 2weeks is short and I have to go to Abuja and Ibadan and Ondo"
"Well, you are going to have make some time, I havent seen you in a year and I badly want to kiss you"
"ode, you will be alright, I am sure you have been kissed a few times year"
"yes, but not by you, and I want to do other things to you as well, but I will show you and not waste time talking"
I am ashamed to say, that I was pleased with the way the conversation was going....I was glad he still wanted me.......I was glad, I still had that much, dare I say, Power over him

Until my phone started was #1 on the phone.....reality a very cold shower on a pulsating body.......


  1. i wonder wat will happen if 1 and 2 both new each otha.....

  2. lol, thats an interesting perspective....maybe thats how the story will continue.....thanks love, now that i know who you are *wink*...p.s, where have you been?

  3. lol....i was hopin ill get away wit d identity thingy for a while longer.....TOO BAD....ive been back nd forth workin...puttin wheels on my plan so dey can start rollin along...nd school is ther, but d fight continues to see wher d wealth comes 4rm...hopefully business ova school...nd ofcourse d eva faithfull family drama, yep its still ther...AND ABOVE ALL DIS I DID REELI VERI MUCH MISSED U nd everythin is fallin back into place again

  4. This stories always sound so real! kai!

  5. You're coming to Nigeria and i have to hear on your blog..... No comment.

  6. Realness at its best. Now I know why some bloggers like to be incognito. Nice tho. Lol

  7. Nothing like a phone call from the man in charge to bring that dose of reality..

  8. @ Mr Jegede...glad to hear that, thanks again

    @ Kunle.....thats what I try to achieve, glad you like it

    @cerberus...omygosh...tell me I know you too and I have no idea who you are?.....jeez, not am not coming to Naija yet, I will let you know, when I'm on my way.... :) thanks dear, I guess....I like to mix my stories with a little bit of fact, put everyone on the edge and unaware...thanks dear, you know this....lest the mind gets carried away....thanks dear

  9. OMG is all i have to say...

  10. neefemi!!!
    are you saying YOU DON'T KNOW THAT IT'S ME?
    i see how it he's the reason why you've avoided me all the while?
    if you really have to know...I LOVE YOU, I ALWAYS HAVE!!! LOL it!!!

  11. are u crazy
    send that nostalgia back to where its coming from.
    he hasn't made you any promises
    its not worth it

  12. @Oye.....what is omgoshing you o? lol...glad u like it....

    @David....this is not fair, all you blogsville folks, refusing to reveal wrong...glad u like it dear....

    @Tisha.....o miss, I love you, you always come ti gbo ma, and you are right, he/its not worth it.....

  13. Thanks for checking the blog out Harry...i appreciate your blog, and the mag, you better....muah

  14. babes give urself brain, u dnt need #2 to pour sand in ur garri

    i fink m already a big fan of HE...
    abeg bikonu.


  15. lol.....bighead u r killing me - lol@fan of HE - mo ti gbo


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