Sunday, September 6, 2009

For the Music Lovers

You must all know by now how much I love music, its an obsession really.....for a scientist (Epidemiologist to be exact, lol......I do love showing off with that, its the only reason why I got the degree in the first place, lol) I really do love the arts - writing, poetry, music, photograpy, cooking...

Nways for the past couple days, I have been od'ing(over-dosing), on music...I customized a station on slacker radio(, appropriately named soulful.......everything from Montell Jordan to Nysnc, from SWV to Erykah Badu, from Joe to Omarion, from Aretha Franklin to Whitney Houston to Miss keri baby.... and there was a common theme from the songs, if they weren't in love, they were bitching about their relationship or apologizing......Now i'm a lover...I love love, I ache for true love....I want to love my man everyday for 60yrs the songs either make me cry, long more for love *sigh*......nways I want to share some songs I think are pure geniuses, and I will explain each....

This one right here is called Worth It, my favourite song off Whitney Houston "I Look To You" album......I actually bought it, and i don't ever buy cd's....but I had to support the lady and it was worth it(no pun intended) lol....but do you hear the lyrics.....
"This is for the lovers, just getting on their feet..This is for the lovers about 20 years deep"
" It aint hard to tell, when its something real, when you can have the whole world, but all you want is them"
"When it's going wrong and you never give up, even when you are feeling down, they can make you smile, Thats when you know Love is worth it.....
This song cripples me with joy I tell do you feel about it?

This one right here is just ridiculosly funny by Miss Erykah she is telling her man to call his best friend "Tyrone" to come pick him up and this is why......" Now everytime I ask for you for a little cash, you say No and turn right around and ask me for some ass....I nearly died of laughther when I heard this......and then she ends it by saying "You need to call tyrone, hold on, but you can't use my phone".......Dead!!!!!!!.....ridiculous, very short song, sweet and effective, I love it

This is one too just got me rolling, wonder why I never really listened to the lyrics really well??..."Guess What" by Miss Syleena Johnson......this right here is the truth, for real.....She tells her man " you wanna wear the pants, you gotta be a man.......and us going to church always in your plans, but come sunday morning you play sick in bed.. see, I will love you till the day I die, but never love you enough to live a lie".......can I hear an Amen.....

Only naturally I had to end with a love song.....I love love this song, for someone who is a big advocate for love, I don't often tell it to the one I love, but I like to show it in the little things I do....and this song kinda explains that for me "Metaphor" by Joe....."Though I may not even notice when you wear a new dress, I always treat you with love and respect, see it doesn't take those things for me to be impressed, cause you are my boo"....doesn't it make you just go awwww...
"Everything I do, I do for you, Every breath I take, I breathe for two, Every word I say, my whole life through, it's just a metaphor, for I love you"........tears in my eyes I swear......Imagine fighting with your man and he says this, even for the most frozen of hearts there will be at least a crack....... :)

so there you go guys, give a little love.....spend time with the one you, be happy....God loves you, and take to listening music whenever you feel down and find the hope and the words to express how you feel.......have a splendid week......


  1. Inspiring..
    Thanks a lot for this!

  2. so sad. roc naija had to get here before me. your love is contagious

    i love too... lol

  3. ahhh love....
    Joe is my man so back off bout to give these tunes a listen..

  4. @Roc.....awww, thanks....i'm really glad u like it, sorry.....thanks mami, men we will have to fight over Joe men....this signature album is sick....hope u like the songs....thanks ma

  5. HA!!! i get here and i get's love again.

    Can't we just do without it? **i know the**

    I like what you did here...your analysis and all...really nice **wink wink**

  6. we cant o, its whats life made of...thanks sir for coming thru....

  7. gosh buki babes, m feelin u on ds p,
    music is jus d best way to express 1 feels
    wat better ways r there?

    love u till bits.


  8. awwww thank u, i'm blushing - there are no better ways for expression o - love u too


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