Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Lords prayer - My way

Father in Heaven, I haven't spoken to you properly in a while....I am really sorry, I don't know why, I try to live good, obey your commandments, read my bible, even fast but yet I find myself only muttering a few lines to you each day. Is that enough? you know I love you right?

My mummy says to talk to you like i'm talking to my dad, but you know my dad and I don't talk much either....if I were a singer, I will sing my prayer, but since i'm a writer, I am just going to write it knew I was going to do this beforehand, didn't you, all sovereign Lord?

I wanted to ask you, why I didn't get that job. Indiana sucked that bad huh? Well I still wanted to thank you.....It has made me focus on this writing career...quick question, is that the new direction? because ummm I just graduated with a masters that is totally useless, well maybe not totally, if thats the case. I thought the plan was to be the Minister of Health in Nigeria by age 30, I need your direction Lord. Of which Baba, I met someone who is 23 and is in her final year of her PhD...that was supposed to be me o....I am not questioning you sha, cos I know you have great plans for me, plans for me to succeed.

If I am to be a writer, help me to know what to write and expand my horizon and let this career take off as soon as possible, I want to be on CNN soon. Please forgive me for all the sex talk on the blog, creative license is all, nothing else. Whatever the career Lord, whatever country I will be working..... I need it now, need to know now, because I need to start paying bills, you know every, my outstanding school fees(they wont give me my diploma now) and my brothers school fees and rent and light and phone know every sha, please give me a job, Baba.

Speaking of Nigeria, things are really bad in that country, Lord. We need water, and light and a good healthcare system, and you could please kill all the evil and corrupt politicians while you are it. Nigeria will be great in my generation, in your name. I am ready to move back there though, I think my mummy is afraid I am coming to look for man there. I am interested in that myself, I would like to know who "the one" is....I am not ready to marry, but dating is a very long thing and I am trying to stay temptation free, so if you told me that will make my life so much easier.

Baba God, I had ulcer pains the other day.....I thought that was over as well as the migraines...I know its partly my fault cos I haven't been eating well, but I have gotten fat, and I don't want to be fat. I want to be like mummy, so that after 4 kids, I still wear a size 4...please....and that other health problem, please fix it and heal me....also please heal mummy of that nerve condition, she will see each of her children's kids in your name.

Thank you for time I'm getting to spend with my brother....he is a really good boy, always supporting me and encouraging me and praying....although this one that he won't clean the house since I have come and is always tickling me, I don't like it o, and he eats too much and stays skinny, its not fair.Thank you for my earthly daddy, open doors that seem to be shut against him, in Jesus name. Thank you for all my siblings, including the one I haven't seen, and please make a way so that my two sisters can study abroad(Ghana and South Africa are suitable options as well)

Thank you for all my friends Lord anyone I have met and know me and anyone who reads them to be good servants for you and prosper and enrich them....let them know you. strengthen my faith Lord, let me pray like this more and forgive me for all the sins I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. and please protect President Obama and let the healthcare bill pass this year.

I love you Father,
Amen and Amen
Your loyal child

P.s.......say a little prayer today, and smile God loves you


  1. amen my dear...God dey...i feel on so many thngs u wrote its will get better

  2. @Diane - Amen and Amen, thanks dear

    @unwritten - Amen love, it surely will be, thanks dear

    @David - Amen, i'm glad you can, thanks dear


  4. hi
    sweet letter
    i have two things to say
    One: hold on
    Two: trust God

    They work wonders

  5. @Olu...Thanks so much

    @Tisha....thanks so much darling, will do...muah

  6. Can i share a few words wif u.... someone shared this wif me.

    By his stripes, we WERE healed...
    Christ HAS REDEEMED us from the....
    He HAS GIVEN us all spiritual blessings...

    All in past tense...

    Faith is a principle with a PREDICTABLE result!
    Faith comes by belief..
    Belief comes as a result of DISCOVERY

    So.. First things first... God has done something about this.... even before you prayed! That's how loving He His!

    Find out what he has done and confess it for yourself! Its a word to build your expectation on!

    For Abraham... no son... "I will make you a father of many nations"

    For Joseph... "Ther sun, moon and 11 stars bow b4 u...."

    For you.. ask him to give u that word!

    A Agree wif God
    B believe him
    C Confess what He told u

    You'll be a star! i'm tryin this out!

    I hope this makes some sense.. wish u d best!

    And d sex talk part... must confess I was scared oooo! Just loved you writing sha... May God direct u to where u should focus on

    Cheers.. what an epistle!

  7. I thought I replied this kunle...Thank you so much, I appreciate the encouragement and prayers...may God Bless you

  8. Amen to all ur prayers babes, wld pray for u too.
    i know u wrote ds in d past but its as if u wrote it yesterday.
    m enjoyin ur blog, u too gbaski.
    d Lord wld answer ur prayers, u jus be patient n ud see.


  9. Amen and Amen - God bless you bighead, thank u very much

  10. Amen and so shall it be my darling for you and yours in Jesus Name.


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