Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reflections - His & Hers


At the airport, we say our goodbyes one more time with a kiss and a hug and I promise to call as soon as I land.......walking away, I had tears in my eyes, grateful that he didn't see that.....He hates tears......

Sitted by the old white woman, I give in to my emotion.....something I often don't do.....I was never going to forget the past 10days, no matter what came of our relationship....they say nothing is perfect, but it had been perfect....every moment of the had turned out not to be a bad thing afterall, it didn't make you crazy or tear you into pieces as once previously thought....still maybe it was yet to come...........

She is concerned, and asks me why I cry, and I tell her that I am in love.......she has that knowing smile, she had once experienced the same, not all will ever experience love....."But you should be smiling, not crying she says", " I will miss him is all, I hadn't seen him in six months and I could only spend 10days, I have to go back to work"......."ah, I see!!!! let me tell you something about true love dear, it hardly waivers,......the distance only helps make the days together pure magic......but make sure to remember the magic on the days you guys fight, it will be the glue to all things"

Nodding, I smile and doze off, thinking about what she said.......We will never fight, yes we might argue, but we won't fight.....we understood each other, we respected and loved each other and even though sometimes he hates talking, we always have open conversations......I guess every relationship is different, she doesn' t know us, she doesn't know what she was talking about.........I was to remember this conversation months later

Waking up from sleep, I realised my dreams were no longer about the sex. it had become more conversational where we spoke our feelings to each other, planned the future and laughed a was a good sign.....out of the airport and I turn on my msg "I love you baby"
He picks up the phone on the first ring, like he had been waiting for my call "I love you more, more than you'll ever know" I say......."Hi, to you too" , he says laughing.......


The taste of the smoke now felt foreign as he took his second drag, quickly inhaling.......It was the first thing he did after leaving the airport.....he still couldn't believe he hadn't smoked once while she was appeared he had replaced one craving for the other, smoking for her smile.....she had the most radiant smile he had ever seen, and she was always the day the train stopped working and they had to take numerous buses to their destination, he had been so furious and she had just kept smiling all the way......he couldn't help but admire her......he was going to be doing a lot of smoking he thought, because he was going to miss her terribly, it had been really nice to wake up holding her..........his boys would call him a punk if they had any idea how he spent the last couple days, wrapped in a girls hand, going to the museum and One Mic show of poetry and music....

He picked up his phone to send her a bb msg, knowing it would make her smile, once she landed....I LOVE had taken him this long, but he did, remembering all the many times they had fought prior to her coming, the distance had really put a toll on them.......he knew before he started talking to her that it will be difficult but he hadn't expected it to be so bad, he was tough afterall.....but he had hated the days when he just wanted to chill and talk to her, but would rather go out with the boys, spending a lot of money on drinks, getting wasted then calling her at night.......he hated wanting to play scrabble with her and not being able to, facebook won't let those in the UK play with those in the US........he hated accusing her of cheating on him, on the days when he felt miserable and just wanted to touch her, he had hurt her those times and he really hoped he had made it up to her on this trip......

He was going to see her in two months, and he couldn't wait....they had planned to go Barbados, one of the few warm places still that time of the year, and he had plans for it to be the best least for her, she could swim but he couldn't , but he was going to enjoy watching her, smiling his phone vibrates, "hi to you too"......."ode, I tell you I love you and you are saying hi, I take it back, I don't even like you"....."awww sorry babe, I heard you now, you love me, that's good" laughing cos I know this infuriates her............and just then

HORN, HORN, HORN!!!!!!!!!! "move out the road, you fucker"


  1. awww so cute!
    :) ahhh long distance love...i know all about sucks but you will pull through my dear

  2. hahaha well nice again...i hope this helps...u guys can play scrabble on yahoo messenger its called literati on der luck..hehe

  3. haha this sounds too futuristic! That BOI (i was gonna name-drop right there, thank GOD 4 that lol) better come correct and stop acting silly and maybe we'll see 'her' in October, just maybe.

    I'm jus babbling on sorry xxx

  4. well more like FANTASTIC!

  5. i like...
    (smug look and a smile of course)

  6. @uNWrItten*.....thanks dear, lol
    @nosa.....awww thanks, i'll try it
    @G.O.O.D.M.U.S.I.C - ayohla, you are crazy..muah
    @Oye.....thanks bestie, glad u like it....., thanks
    @muyiwa.......thanks for coming through


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