Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There comes a time such as this

So before I start, can I please ask that you suspend with the platitudes…… I know, I don't mean to be rude, but sometimes I think one is allowed to wallow in self pity and depression – because for healthy people it only makes us stronger to realize how much we have, have had and know that tomorrow will be a better day… now half of my problem is that I am an overachiever – left to me, I will be done with my PhD and already be working in the health ministry in Naij…. That's the human me…. The spiritual me knows God has other plans – schewwww the way it's looking I might never use my degree for a damn thing….but it still doesn't mean that I can't be mad and annoyed that I am still currently doing nothing two months later….. everybody goes, go to Naij…things will be different you would have gotten something bla bla….but there is a whole bunch of devils I will be dealing with there as well….in any case I am at this place where I feel like I am a failure and still have nothing to show for all the hard work I have put into trying to be a good, successful person who should be taking care of her siblings right now so my mum can relax…. And that place where I think maybe if I cry often enough God will turn things around….not only for me, but for my family and friends as well…because I am not the only one going through this…..it is well…..

Depression over….moving on to exciting things…

Operation skinny bitches with the ladies (my best friend and another pal) Is going well – worked out every day since I have been in Houston, and I can't tell you how many pounds we have lost, cos we didn't weigh ourselves…..but the soreness we are experiencing makes us feel really good…..by our bday in oct (best friend and i) we should be looking smashing and toned… I encourage everyone to try working out even if it's for 30mins – it makes for a healthy you

In love with some recent trends – so it's hot in the H, but if you currently live where it's cool, or even at night when you go out on dates – for my female readers I have some suggestions abt fashion (I know right unbelievable, but its sumn old I just picked up and love) – I don't have to tell you that heels look good on anything – invest in them, especially colorful ones…also invest in sweaters – in yankee they call them cardigans – light ones - and hey if these things r expensive as they usually are, get your brothers or your sisters and pair it with a belt if it's too big for you – you can reuse your summer wife-beaters or graphic tees and with a pair of jeans or leggings(even those leather looking ones) – you my friend are ready to hit anywhere, even church…so simple, with the right amount of makeup and accessories – you will kill the runway…… also pair a dress( I know I hate to re-wear my clothes, so this is only time I will mention it) with a professional jacket, preferably longer ones…and you good to go

So Imma share with you my secret source for good music – even before others hear it on the radio – my fellow music lovers, I introduce to you - www.mixmatters.com ….no Nigerian songs obviously (I don't even know where to find those anymore) and not a lot of country or rock(for those I recommend vh1.com or mtv.com or billboard 100) tell me what you think of the website…..I absolutely adore it…..speaking of music – I don't think I have introduced you to my boss and colleague Mr Ayohla Adepoju – CEO of www.wepluggoodmusic.com – check it out fellows you won't be disappointed – we give you the latest info and the best music from talents all over the world – and you will be surprised how many underground and unknown great Nigerian artists we have – but then we give you the latest in the UK Music industry (I swear I don't understand this grime business) to folks from Canada like Mr. drizzy drake himself…..nways check It out…..So I hope you have all gotten Whitney Houston's album right now – that shit is off the hook

Fall tv was made for jobless folks like me I tell you – I watch it all – House, Fringe, The Mentalist, Glee, Bones, Brothers & Sisters, NCIS, CSI:Miami – I mean everything and for this reason I don't envy school goers – also trying to learn Spanish – I will appreciate some help folks – it will be good for my cv – so I haven't read a good book in a while, any recommendations? especially one of those fantasy, mills and boon kind – where I could live vicariously through the characters and lose myself in the world and for the 1hr or so it takes me to read a 300+ pg book – I can forget the reality of my life….. I swear my emotions have been screwed up lately – find myself reaching for things that are naught – hoping for things unattainable – arrgh o well – some secrets should go to the grave with you, lol (don't read too much into that sentence)

I don't know if I wrote anything that has made sense now – I feel like I have lost my words lately and just find myself blabbering and opening my mouth when I should be keeping quiet – feel like I am playing chess with the issues in my life – but with that said I can tell you this – I am HAPPY and you should be too, reach down and dig in and hold on, cos there comes such a time as this when you are tested and you find yourself slipping – and you realize you are a strong person but its ok to lean on God, cast your burden and relax – I feel light already…..whoop whoop……

See u next month – my month….o weeeeeeeeeeee it's going down…..lol


  1. makes sense babes --- esp the exercise part :-)

  2. IT IS WELL. God has wonderful plans for you as you already know. Be patient. You better believe it too or it won't happen.

    I hope that's not a platitude.

  3. @ Adun....thanks babe, i felt mad for a min...
    @ Olu....lol, its not....thanks dear

  4. next month is our month jo!!! libras baby!! :)
    Happy Birthday in advance...and im on day 3 of my diet too..worked out for an hour today and i feel great...
    as for the feeling inadequate sturvs...well we've all been there...infact im there now...but hey they always say things get worse before they get better...so maybe thats the point of it all..sha thats what i tell myself, anyways fall tv is awesome..infact i just love FALL...Greys anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, So you think you can dance...ahhhh im becoming a tv freak lol..

  5. @Unwritten.....lol, i'm a Scorpio baby o, but October babies rock still....happy birthday to you too darling...i'm glad you working out, I've been really sore, but i see the changes already...it is well baby, i believe in God and know it will be alright....fall tv rocks o jare...thanks for the support always...muah

  6. Thanks for the link.. Good looking up.
    How do I download though??
    Or does it only allow you listen online?

  7. @RocNaija...no problem dear,it only allows you listen unfortunately, i usually just download from limewire

  8. babes u dnt av time to b depressed, while u at it, d devil is rubbn u of ur blessings, my dear be optimistic, n ud reap d fruit of ur labor in due time.

    quit complaning n praise him instead.

    m inspired by ur blogs though
    love u loads.


  9. awwww bighead - thank you very much, i am praising him o, all day every day and i've stopped complaining.....muah, glad you like it...love u too


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