Monday, September 28, 2009

TIME the currency of the earth.....except unlike money it can't be saved for another spend every minute of it wisely, make every waking moment an opportunistic one....


Enuff said innit?


  1. neefemi
    you don't feel like blogging se, me too, i just want to do blog rounds...

    Time is really my currency, i wonder if God is pleased with how i am using mine. yesterday btw 6-10 just seemed wasted to me, i am developing a bad habit and i need to stop...

  2. true talk. blogging isn't all about long posts, the shorter, the juicier

  3. seee this one ur usin style to do short

  4., no words I, good you know, so that means you know what to do to change things....hi to you too....

    @HYAW....thanks dear, thanks for coming through, thats all i wanted to say now...thanks love


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