Saturday, October 24, 2009


Random thots

Expecting coffee crunch ice-cream cake for the birthday – that and a glass of sparkling cider and that's my bday – o going to look for a new top and maybe some lingerie– lol, I like to pop tags on my bday

Speaking of which, the other day I'm talking to my mum and I go we should get you a new car for your 50th birthday – and she goes "new as in tear rubber" lol she is hilarious and cracks me up all the time

Like some other day she is talking about how she went to my sisters skool (Unilag) to see her and she is in some skinny jeans I got her the year before, and that some young boys were trying to holla at her, my mum actually said "won ko mi je bi indomie" for my non Yoruba's – it means they are eating me up like indomie – in other words she was saying she is hot – lol, u gotta love cool mothers

So watching this show and the woman had been raped – 8 weeks later finds out she is pregnant – ecstatic, they had been praying and trying for a child since they got married- but she doesn't know if her husband or the rapist is the baby father – they do a pregnancy test and find out it's the rapist – husband gets furious, insist they abort …… I agree with him, I don't think she will ever forgive herself, if the child is born, she is forced to relieve that moment every time she looks into the face, no matter how beautiful he or she is…… I am pro-life, I don't believe in abortion unless on two occasions – does that sound contradicting? 1. When a child 13-16 has a baby, especially with no support from her parents – what life can she give a child, and there are enough suffering children, no need adding one to the world. 2. When one is raped – the psychological effects are way too much on the mother it transfers on to the child and they realize this as they grow older – my theory is that immediately after being raped a woman should try to get rid of the pregnancy- my opinion

I need guys to know that it's ok to joke a lot with your girl but there has to be a limit – like ok we always insult each other, cool, but the day I tell you to stop and you go ahead to say u r stupid or an idiot or sumn like that, don't expect me to think it's a joke and not want to forgive you – I don't want no man who insults me when we are married, almost as bad as a man beating you – ladies learn to draw the line, ur man shouldn't joke with you as he jokes with his friends

I am finding myself at 23 still – I find that amazing – although I reckon if I was asked to describe myself in 3 words – mine won't ever change from when I was a child till I die – strong, loyal and friendly

Can you describe yourself in 3words and has it changed from the years and might it still change?

P.S. wishing my bestest friend in the whole world a wonderful u babes


  1. Happy birthday! :)
    i agree in the case of the raped woman,she should would be hard for them. I'm pro-life too!
    Three words ; kind, passionate,loving!

  2. Happy Birthday in advance, mine is coming soon too. Your mum is one cool lady, she still wears skinny jeans? I see you watch private practice too. I'm pro-choice even though I'll advice to choose life.

    Before 20, I was passionate, strong and arrogant. Now I'm strong, caring and friendly. I like me better now.

  3. Your mum's cool,sounds like a hot of fun.

    Also,on the insult thing,for me,it's ok to tease,yab and all..but no insults like stupid,idiot even if na joke,na so e start o.
    and yes, verbal abuse(assault) counts as psychological abuse and is as damning as physical assault.

    loyal, strong, passionate
    Happy birthday!!

  4. Thanks Tricia...i appreciate it - i like ur words - it seems ur a mellow person, thats good.

    @Myne...yes o we r bday mates now...Happy birthday in advance as well mum is skinny dont mind her she likes to be showing off - i suspect if i looked like her at that age i will be doing the same - lol, i like that you know yourself and i agree arrogant and passionate would have been words i would have included as what i used to be and have been deleted now - scorpios rock :)

    @histreasure - thanks, i appreciate it - sometimes i feel like im talking outta my ass ...i like ur words - it says sumn about who u r and i dont even know u - thanks for stopping by

  5. interesting babes as usual.
    Your mum is cool o!

    Re the issue of rape etc, one hopes it never happens, its actually too hard to comprehend, for me. However, I don't think there is a hard and fast rule though. Situations change, and what if the rapist becomes Christian, and repents? What happens to many a families, where the husband rapes his wife, should she then abort her baby? There's no blueprint for this. I only hope it never happens.

  6. 3 words - friendly, thoughtful, loving

  7. @Adun....thanks my darling ....hmmm u have a point sha, the fact that he is ur husband doesn't mean its not rape sometimes - i agree, Amen sha - its not our portion in Jesus name .... i wouldn't have chosen any other words for you darling - muah

  8. ur mom sounds cool
    won ma pe fun wa

    lol m razz funny n friendly wink wink

    big head.

  9. Amin, big head u r just crazy - still no idea, who this is though? hint pls


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