Friday, October 9, 2009

I Long

So I was inspired by akaBagguci's last post and yesterday's overdose of RocNaija….so I thought I was immune to his charm, since it seemed every girl in blogsville is interested in him, but after reading every post he's written I can see why….ladies and gentleman, I have a crush….lol….that's beside the point…. I haven't written a poem in a while, and so I hope it comes out as well as it is in my head…honest criticism folks, I will really appreciate that…. Unfortunately, it's about love again….it's been a while I've written something dark, I guess I am just really happy and for that I Thank God….Enjoy and thanks

I long for your warm embrace

In which I always feel so safe

When you wrap your arms around me, I am like a child with his favorite blanket

So that even when we are asleep and you move away, I feel your absence through the maze of my dreams

I long for your smile

In which I always feel beautiful

When you see me from across the room, take a minute to stare and then smile so brightly

Transforming your dark face, translucent, like the beacon from a light tower

I long for your kiss

In which I feel loved

When you take my lips in yours, carefully tasting and nibbling away at every inch

Like I am your favorite bowl of icecream, Ben and Jerry's Karamel sutra, chocolate and caramel ice cream with fudge chips

I long for you

For with you, I am whole

Your words edify me, your mouth appreciates me, your body testifies to me

I long for you, that I might find myself again, for you are my missing puzzle


  1. Omo! is this supposed to be for Roc? goddamnit girl!! this is straight deep!!!

  2. its not for him now...lmao...i'm saying i was inspired by his writings....its just a poem, lmao

  3. This is a really nice freestyle poem. I like the flow, imagery and repetition. Good one girl. I agree it's great to be happy and in love/crush. LOL

  4. Your body testifies to me?

  5. girl, i appreciate it

    @Fabulol-la....lmao, you need me to explain that

  6. LOL
    i loved this...
    simple and free-flowing!

  7. Lool..ah no explainations needed o.
    Me sef Im hoping someone would testify to my own body

    Ok err..I hit block instead of accept on twitter..shey u will send the request again?
    :) I swear it was just a

  8. @David....thanks boo, glad you like it, i shall be praying for you..and yea i resent the request

  9. I'm abysmal when it comes to writing poetry, makes me appreciate people that do, a whole lot more.

    Succinct yet eloquent..

  10. @RocNaija.....thanks dear, appreciate it...

    @akaBagucci.....thanks a bunch

  11. m gonna criticize tht it sounds like something from d book of songs of solomon.

    nt bad though, more grease to ur elbow.


  12. lol....criticism is good - thanks, now i'm going to read songs of Solomon to learn some more - lol, thank u - bighead


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