Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ignorant Folks

This is a story of ignorance and in this boys case - maybe just stupidity- I'm not sure which- what do y'all think ? So my cousins status had read --> "What's on my mind?????You are...You know you always are..So why you gat to ask????Validation???How bout this for validation.....24/7....365 days a year....And of course can't forget that extra one day in a leap year...You always are baby....ALWAYS!!!! " And it had the following two comments both from girls - the one had said "Honey u r always on my mind too" and then the other said "told u PDA wasn't necessary in this re-LA-tion-SHIP".....

Now I don't know about you but this doesn't sound gay to me - doesn't sound like the girls r together - any smart person can tell its a joke, right or is it just me? But some dude she knows took it rather personal and the following conversation ensued

oke: hey
Yet: Hey.what's up?
oke: am gud. well wats with them girl saying she loves u nd u saying u do aswell?
Yet: That's because they do love me..And I happen to love em back!
Oke: nd wat kinda love wuld dis be if i may ask?
Yet: The same kinda love I have for you and everybody else!! Just expressing how I feel!!
oke: about who?
Yet: Not that that's important..But its about people I love and care about!!
oke: i just hope it aint eat am thinking tho
Yet: Not that I know
Oke:ok then cus i still realy like u
Yet: I don't know what you are thinking so maybe it is or maybe its not!
oke: like u likin girls nd date girls, thats wat am saying here
Yet: Maybe..Maybe not..Wherever I find my happiness is what matters!!
oke: u realy hav to get this thots off ur mind, no girl can giv u happiness
Yet: You don't know that..Even I don't know..But am willing to explore my possibilities..Life is full of possibilities..So am not gonna shut the door on something without exploring it!!
oke: u ve ur life to live, if this is what u wann do then fine. but remember i told u ''u can never find happiness that way'',stop thinking like them freak-ass white people, u r a nigerian, a strong woman at that, u ve to think like ut people nd get where every1 expects u, realy cant believe u still think this way, u told me dis sometime ago nd i thot u were joking
Yet: I don't live my life by anybody but God's standards..So I don't need to go anywhere anybody expects me to go..And by no means do I need to think about "my own people"..My own people are so backwards they can't even fix their own country..And am suppose to think like them??Where has that thought process gotten them..Again imma tell ya..Wherever I find myself happiness is where I find it!!
oke: just tell me straight nd stop beating around d bush. ARE U GAY?
Yet: My sexual orientation/preference is NOBODY but my business..So let's keep it that way!!
oke: yeah kool,nice 1, hav fun, k?-but remember i told u - u can neva find happiness that way- i no them better than u do- cus i used to chat as a girl online with them, and scam them off their money - they flirt more than the normal guy girl thinks - i did this for years nd know wat am sayin- just remember i told u- go look for a nice guy nd settle down with him- they hav alotta gud nice guys here k?
Yet: Let me worry about where I find my happiness..I'll settle with whoever and whenever..Don't worry bout me..Am good!!
oke: good then. hav fun. bye
Yet: Alright..Great chatting with you like always!
oke: aint great chatting with u anymore

Now as u can tell, my cousin is a trouble maker and could have easily put him out his misery cos she is infact straight and has a man - but the idiot choose to assume and showed all levels of ignorance.

Nways guys discuss wat do u think? Am I being harsh? Let me know


  1. D guy is a mugu of d highest level...even i can tell dat he has neva been in a sensible relationship in his life fucks up d friendship, gambles his chances of losing his vaginity away, nd den even acts like he knos more about d girl dan d girls knos about her ownself b4 dey even start any kind of relationship.....i mean how can u pretend to b a girl on chat 4 years nd everythin d girls r tellin u isnt makin u wanna climb something....nd how d hell can u b a guy nd tell a girl thers somethin wrong with her 4 being with a girl.....ULTIMATE FANTASY...."One day sha"....ill light one candle nd pray for him in church on sunday....

  2. LOL, @ previous comment.

    I actually think the guy was calling it as he saw it. Though sha sha ooo, maybe he's a judgmental hypocrite. I don't believe in playing games with people, your coz should have just put him out of his confusion quick fast as they say.

  3. okay its like i am stalking 'myne'
    does it really matter?
    if someone asked if i was gay and i wasn't in the mood, i would let him think what he wanted.
    I am straight sha!

  4. The guy sounds a bit like a plunker.....thats was obviously a joke, i think he's smoking candle wax........

    Hes just ignorant

  5. hehehe, now that's what you call a "MUFU" i.e. Mumu + Fool!!! loooooool

  6. Lol....Mr Jegede o....jeez, the thing was that serious, but yea that whole fraud thing was just sad & showed how immature he is

    @Myne whitman - no love, he took it way too far - for one he was being extra arrogant& he was insulting & anyone who knows my cousin & he does(cos they dated when they were younger) knows that she could never date a girl or that she was joking with the status - but she was riled up with the way he was talking

    @Tisha - lol, we all know u r straight - she could have done that, but u know how sumone just talks condescending & arrogantly - u get mad & just want to make them look stupid

    @ttlolla - lol, welcome, welcome and thank u - lol @ smoking candle wax

    @Sugarking - lol @ MUFU, never heard that one before o - immma be using it

  7. Abeg, make una leave Oke alone. Is it a federal offense to be ignorant? It is also rarely a deliberate choice.

    Ignorance is a virtue. Not to mention it has comedic value. If everybody had a 3 digit I.Q we wouldn't have conversations like this one to laugh at and we would be all the poorer for it.

    Oke, no mind them. u b correct guy!!

  8. Buki your cousin doesnt sound like a trouble maker,she sounds so cool yo,can i meet her???It probably would have been easier for her to just tell him she wasnt gay.......But sometimes,when someone is on a downward spiral of stupidity,its just easier to let them fall where they may.....And its clear he fell FLAT...He OD'ed on stupidity in fact......Am sure your cousin probably had a WTF moment......Like i really dated him???WTF was she thinking.....But at 15 he was maybe cute and slightly smart(her brain hadnt fully developed then anyways)....But at 23 she's kinda like.....Dang she grew up and he's stuck at 15......A damn shame i tell ya!!!

    P.S:How well did i do at talking bout myself in the 3rd person????(Epic Fail)!!!!Thanks cuz.....You aint written none today????Arrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!

  9. lol...abiola o...u r just tooo crazy but i love u still


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