Monday, October 19, 2009

Just one of those days

So today was just one of those days …. Annoying is not a good word, frustrating is more like it and I totally hate days like today when I feel totally unaccomplished and useless…..

O and then I checked my weight at the hospital and I am 142lb at 5'2 that's overweight – which means all my working out every day, my detox, nothing is working – I quit cos I'm so mad, the mirror and my clothes have been lying to me – cos I thot I had lost weight - the last time I checked my weight about 2months ago at the hospital again I was 139lbs –so right now I am just mad, frustrated, disgusted and fat – I totally hate myself

Now that I am done with the self degredation, self humiliation, self bashing – I bring to you the only thing that helps other than prayer and that's music – today's selection has no theme, just thot to share with you – btw sorry the post is so late, again it was due to the rather bad day – I intend to post one everyday leading to the birthday btw @ which point I was going to show my new body, but it doesn't look like that's happening anymore – so we will see …..I digress, back to the music

First Song today is by country black boy – lol, u gotta love him for his boldness into that scene Darius Rucker – my brother introduced me to this song last night and I knew I had to share it with you all – the song speaks for itself and even as I listen to it now to play for you – all I can say is Thank you Jesus, through it all I Thank you Jesus

Next song is by my man, Mr Robin Thicke – Gosh I am so jealous of his wife – I think she is the luckiest woman in the world right now – his voice sha – plus I think he is a freak albeit a quiet one but a freak nonetheless – the song is called sex therapy and I could do with a little bit of that myself *cough, Cough* but ummm yea, wat was I saying – o yea I love this song, lol.

Next Song is by the king of R n B – yes I said it he is the king, Rkelly – jeez his lyrics just make me joyful – he has a way with words – he knows what females love – sometimes I think I talk too much – listen to this song and let me know if you hear the same thing I hear

You know I'm cheesy yea – but I also believe in young talents and its why I love this song – I used to watch this guy on the show "Lincoln Heights" on Abc Family and used to think damn he should sing – not knowing that was what they were doing when all of last season his character was singing and learning to dance – his name is Mishon and he is so cute and his voice is great – I love the innocence in this song, talking about "imma let you rock my chain now until you are old enough to rock my name" – that is so cute – I know its cheesy but I love it – do you?

And because the world isn't always so happy and just because I love Jojo – and apparently she is on some broken hearted trip, as in "
Impossible to love" and "How you did it" – imma end today with a sad song – you know that ex that you just hate yet you keep remembering all the good times you both had or for some he/she was good to you and you let him/her go – this song sings what you think – lol – you gotta love the way songwriters put what you r thinking on paper and you listen to them and think " I could have totally written that" – nways listen jo, lol

Nways that's it folks – how was your weekend? Went to my first baby shower and some chic irritated me, I will tell you all about it tomorrow – I hope you are all doing way better than I am – thanks for all the encouragement and support – y'all tk cr and stay blessed


  1. Yo, you might have put on muscles - not fat - so even if you "weigh" more, you are in fact leaner....:-)

  2. Don't lose hope with your weight, when I started exercising I added about 3 pounds. Now I don't exercise as much but I JUST KEEP LOSING.

    I love your song choices. Have a nice week and you be good now OK?

  3. great songs!

    take it easy on d weight stuff!

  4. The 'R' in RnB can do no wrong in my eyes..
    Plus me thinks you're gaining muscle, not so much as in not losing weight.
    So don't give up so easy.. :)

  5. @BlondeGenius - thanks mami - i appreciate it

    @Myne - thanks a lot, glad u like the songs and will do

    @musco - first time, yayyyy - thanks for checking in, glad u like the songs and will do

    @RocNaija - he surely is the best - thanks a bunch, will not give up


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