Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey Hey u doing?(in my best Wendy Williams Voice) was your weekend folks? Mines was just chilled...finally saw "I can do bad all by myself" and it was really good and funny and you should all see it....I especially love the song choices....

In other news - I started my detox this morning and already all I want is food - amazing for someone who hates food, but I know I will go through with it plus best friend and her mum are doing it as well, so no cousin says I have body image issues - I say I want to be skinny and fit - kini big deal right?

Still waiting on God for a job and I kinda gave him a timeline - is that bad? nways still praying and believing and I want to encourage you to do the same for whatever you are waiting on him for...birthday is drawing closer and i'm so excited, I really don't look my age, but truth is I am getting, I'm happy looks I can pull off making the 50th blog post on my birthday and thats a good look

Ok to the main reason for this post - you all seem to like the songs I put up, so I am going to make it a regular. First song is from the movie " I can do bad all by myself" - by Ms Mary J Blige....Now i'm not a troubled woman or anything - rather the very opposite but you don't have to be troubled or a woman to understand this song - the value of self esteem is priceless, no one should have to tell you your worth people and before I start preaching imma leave it and let you listen for yourself.....

This next one is the new song by the King of Pop himself -Micheal Jackson- I am still really sad that he is dead, its really such a shame and I can only hope he is in Heaven - I like the message in this song as well - you gotta love love and lovers alike

Folks if you haven't already - please please go get Mario's Album - D.N.A - it is fire yo!!!! and this song is just proof - he is telling his girl she has to choose between him and the other man - and its rather sweet cos my ass won't be begging you to choose - cos your trifling ass will be already out the door...schewww, the love is definitely not that deep - lol - I love this song

awwww Chris Brown is still the bizzness folks and I don't care that he his a woman beater - cos God knows he couldn't have tried that shit with me - but yo this song sounds like the first real apology to miss Rhi Rhi(who btw I think has psychological problems, but thats my opinion) - I loves it

Ok, most of you will just kill me for featuring this but I Love Love Love this song - its so dope, the production by Polow Da Don is too good.....hahahahaha this song is too funny...."I hate a Hating ass chick - real talk i keeps it cracking".....its 3LW folks - I know right who? its been a minute and the girls still got it - so don't hate - lol

There you go folks - what you think, you like them songs? O so did you know Jay Sean is Punjabi? I should have known with his looks huh? interesting I think, cos he is the first of his people to be #1 on the billboard charts with his song Down ...thats the acoustic version and its so cool, cos you can hear the quality and richness of his voice on here...loves it

Have a great rest of the week folks and stay blessed....and continuation of the story coming up Wednesday - very interesting *wink*


  1. Nice choice of songs. Actually listened to first two earlier today. Never heard of 3LW, didn't really like the song.

    Nice choices. Have a good week.

  2. babes, seems you are in song mode today. cute!

  3. sweetie, i loved the poem in the last post. like your music.
    loved your music Monday.

  4. @Myne...really u never heard of 3LW?....gosh i might just be weird cos i used to love them back in the days - and i like that i can dance to this song i guess....thanks babes and you as well

    @HYAW....thanks, I love music o - keeps me depression free

    @Tisha - awww thanks boo, i appreciate the support as always


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