Friday, October 16, 2009

My Friend

Many of you know that I adore my friends and to those who don't know most of my friends are my family members – my parents know them, yes even the boys and I treat them like I will treat my siblings….. nways the point being I love and adore most of my friendship as you can already tell with the friendship I have cultivated with you blogsville…. After getting annoyed with a friend and talking to my best friends J.S and A.O – both whom I am dedicating this to - who have just been my constant support and rock, I remembered again why it's so hard for me to just totally loose or gain friends…nways I'm rambling now imma go to the poem….point is I love you all and you should cherish your friends always

A friend – knows I have siblings

You friend – know my siblings names and birthdate

A friend – knows the size of my shoes

You friend – know my taste in shoes, colors and designs

A friend – knows I like icecream

You friend – know the kind of ice-cream I like

A friend – knows I have a job

You friend – know my vision & dreams, for my career and my life

A friend – sees my mood

You friend – know the reason behind my mood

A friend – will say Amen to my prayer

You friend – pray and fast for me

A friend – thinks he knows me

You friend – understand me, never undermine me

You friend – trust me and look out for me

You friend – know that I will tell you in due time, not always immediately

You friend – mean a lot to me and I love you for being My Friend


  1. nice.. hope they get to see this..

  2. Thanks for the lovely poem. Friends make the world liveable.

  3. aww. u know i love u too babes. all though it took me forever to read this. oh what is ur fav ice cream flavor?

  4. Ok.. now I'M JEALOUS o! pure truth though. There are friends and there are FRIENDS!

  5. @akaBagucci...thanks, yes they both saw it

    @Myne.....thanks & yes u r right

    @David....thanks, i try to

    @Oye...o watever, @jealous & yes u r right, there r friends and there are FRIENDS....

  6. @Solomonsydelle....thanks ma, i'm good mami and you?

  7. i fink m jealous nw cos m nt ur friend.
    thnks though for ds poem, as i love it.

    enjoy sweets.


  8. awwww bighead - we shall soon be friends and then it applies, lol..and glad u like it - thank you


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