Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretentions & Pleasures

I just want to say I am so so sorry for spewing all that disgusting hateful words yesterday even if it was about me – I guess not having a job and not feeling accomplished, working out had become something I did as a job expecting results and when the scale appeared to be saying otherwise I was furious – im really not self conscious about myself or anything like that, I swear – pls forgive me? Thanks, gracias mucho – back to the gym tomorrow


I hate fake, pretentious people – for the longest its why I could not get along with females, even though I am female – but maybe it was just the schools I went to, but there were a whole bunch of pretentious bitches around me growing up and even some family members – now let me explain….. I am the kind who will dress up to go the movies for example or even sometimes to the mall – the thing is it depends on my mood, cos on some other days I could not give a rats ass – I don't know anybody – but I like to always leave a good first impression in case I for example ever meet someone – but I will not lie about something I don't know – e.g. a lot of people think o I just say I love sports, and really don't know anything – until they ask me a question and I make them look stupid – but with that said I know my limits – I don't know everything about sports except basketball, soccer and tennis – I only know the basic about most sports enough to hold a conversation ….so you won't hear me arguing about baseball for example – cos ummm other than A Rod, Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds – which btw r like the most important names u should at least know and know that a regular game is 9 innings and know that Yankees fan and Red Sox fans don't get along except they are married to each other– I know shit – so I will not be having heated conversations with no one about baseball –

So you can imagine my disgust at people who think they are on point cos they sleep with makeup and wakeup with makeup and in their minds they are hot – or they think by arguing about a subject they know shit about they sound intelligent or faking some kind of stupid accent or using big grammar among friends – I'm sorry that shit don't fly – it's so unnecessary its mind boggling that people spend the time and effort on things that are so non impressive – and I swear down God has given me some kind of 6th sense to detect fake people pronto – like I could tell you just by looking at them – yea yea, don't judge a book by its cover – but folks, if it walks like, talks like, acts like a dog – 1000% sure it's a freaking dog –

True story – disclaimer: to you this may not by big deal, at which point you might think me stupid – but these are the kind of things that bother the heck out of me -/// so at some dinner, this girl had come late and the kitchen had been closed, waiter sees her come in ignores her and her boyfriend cos he already told the rest of us the kitchen was closed – I guess the celebrant was tispy and told them they had 5mins – well 5mins pass and they look for the waiter and the waiter says kitchen closed and she gives a fit, like she had never seen food before, awesome waiter he was so polite even offering to call the manager….nways random guy beside her has a plate of shrimp and offers her some and she says & I quote "I don't eat bottom feeders" wikipedia definition – "A bottom feeder is an aquatic animal that feeds on or near the bottom of a body of water" – now of course everybody goes "you say what?" because not that we couldn't figure out wat it meant once we thought about it but who says shit like that – you could have easily said "no, thanks I don't eat fish" a simple "no, thanks" would have sufficed - and the thing is sometimes it's not what you said it's how you said it

Nways I guess my point is – I know for some it's just that fear of putting ourselves out there, getting hurt that causes the pretentions, but you do it often enough you don't realize when you come off as a pure jerk



Every day I almost always find sumn to complain about usually – but every night I always remember how joyful my life is and how truly (not me faking it till I make it) Happy I am – I owe it all to the Peace that passes all human understanding that God has given me – plus 3 out of my 5names have joy in it – so you best believe I was born to be forever joyful and to be a source of joy – today I am happy because I made some fantastic beans and I bought a new black(my fav color) wallet – It was even designer….hheheheheh Liz Claiborne sha – I tried – lol, but it's so chic – o plus it's a couple days to my bday that I shall not be receiving any presents – but God dey sha

Nways that's all folks see you tomorrow ….have a blessed day


  1. lol @ the "big worders"!!! it's amazing how people actually think its cool to say stuff no one understands. na their case sha. Nice one!

  2. God's peace is surely the peace that keeps giving. Glad you got over the weight issue.

    As for prtentious ppl, na them sabi. It's never long before it comes back to bit them in the butt. LOL

  3. Hmm.. Okayyyy So I think I'm missing something.. :(

  4. @Fabulol-la.....for real, i was laughing out loud at the table

    @Sugarking....thanks dear - it amazes me too o jare

    @Myne.....yes o Peace like a river indeed.....and thanks men i was just being a it doesn't bite her in the butt in public.... what are you missing o, let me help clarify...we don't want you out of the loop at all

  5. mehn..fake ppl rly piss me the hell of as well

  6. @chioma.....just seeing this, welcome and thank u for stopping by....


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