Thursday, October 22, 2009

Riches on Earth

Ummmm so I don't know where to start? My blood is still boiling over – I really need to get my emotions in check lately – but yea to the story at hand….so I'm contemplating going to the gym ( which I did by the way, yayayaaaay me)when I see a high school buddy puts up a post she called her testimony – she had been in the hospital for 30days for a kidney problem – omo 19 abi 20 sha, the devil is a liar….nways me and the best friend are reading and we notice that she mentioned no one was there for her – it's funny maybe cos we are Christians and we believe in God and miracles – her finding God and being healed was not the message we got from her note – you know how sometimes the pastor starts a sermon and you don't think the message is for you, but then there is just one line, one particular word you hear and hold on to – well this was that for us - the fact that she mentioned that through it all she was alone -her fam in naija( her mum was able to come later and bro came when he could), and friends were on vacation so those not in naija were home – was wat she told me – so I ask her cos I see her on chat what happened to your boyfriend – apparently they had broken up some days before she fell sick -so I ask her don't you have a best-friend – where was she? Reply "she called me every-day to ask me when I will leave the hospital to go party" - to the Glory of God she survived, esp through people who called to pray for and with her

Now you all know that I put my friends on a pedestal – and maybe maybe I am mistaken and I haven't really been through enough for my friends to prove themselves to me – but I do know about myself – she could not have been my best-friend and they didn't have a bed beside her for me – even if I was in naija and she was here, I will be buying a ticket, and my folks will be paying for it, talk-less of when I start making my own money…..and that's just me – but truth is I will bet my whole life that my best-friend would the same – and she won't be alone

I remember sometimes earlier this year when we lost a friend that I wasn't even so close too – but my brother was and so were a whole bunch of other people I knew –they didn't tell me she was sick until that day and I showered and drove an 1hr plus to see her, was there all day, praying to God for her life – unfortunately she still passed – I'm not a saint – I'm not even a good person truth be told – but if there is one thing I believe in its in friends – I don't play with my family and friends – I will kill for my family and friends, and yet I will be the same person who will call a friend out on something

This is my theory – my friends have been my riches on earth – I won't be where I am without them – wasn't I just talking about this last week the other day – when did people become so self absorbed, so horrible? Why don't we value each other, our friends? Am I being judgmental by thinking she needs a totally new set of friends – am I too trusting and maybe none of my friends would show up for me if I was in such a position – except shu even in smaller things my friends have proven themselves – I was so hurt I cried when she kept saying she learnt her lessons and humans would fail you, don't trust anyone – even the ex boyfriend, apart from the two I don't talk to, I don't know of any of my ex boyfriends that wouldn't have come to look for me even if its only for a day – am I being irrational? Maybe she wasn't a good friend hence the payback….maybe I am naïve in my thinking- but you can have all the riches in the world and yet I am wealthier than you for each friend I have –

I don't know I'm rambling now – but are you as hurt as I feel? Am I misyarning? Am I stupid? Do I care too much for my friends? Am i in for a shock in the future? Ha whatever yo I stand by my precepts and theories – but pls feel free to talk about this, discuss, tell me what you think –however harsh? Boiling again – lol I am officially insane

Yo btw God has shown himself magnificent in my life again as always – I will be telling you all about it around this time tomorrow – take care


  1. in the world we live in today a lot ppl are self Absorbed. people call themselves your friend but their true colors dont come out until you find yourself in a dire situation which we all hope not to get. it really messed up what her ex and best friend did though especially the best friend. she must have thought of her as a party buddy only and she thought they were more than party buddies. in the end though she came out ontop God willing and learned her lesson. there are friends and there are casual acquaintance some ppl cant tell the difference and for some ppl take something big for them to figure it out. I feel your pain though but in the end there are two ppl you can absolutely be sure about is God and yourself everyone else is at your discretion.

  2. thank God she's ok.. friends can fail one in any situation.. you're an exceptional person though (forgive me for saying so on your own blog lol) --- not all friends, even family do some things you do.. praying that God continues to strengthen and empower you. x

  3. Wow, that's really sad.

    I love the friends I have and I have learned the hard way it's about the quality not the quantity of the people you have in your life. I used to be very trusting but now I make a point to trust no one but God. People aren't perfect and we are all capable of dissapointing those close to us.

    With that said, I am blessed with the best family. My siblings and parents are my best friends...

  4. we thank God for friends that become family...and family that are also great friends, im glad the girl is ok thats the main thing sha...all na God with him we can get through anything luv

  5. @ZGreatOne..... I guess you are right, imma learn to not be such trusting at this rate....

    @Kayode.....Amen and Amen thanks my love i appreciate you a lot...yea glad she is fine

    @Nogobelieve....i hear you my love - i guess she needed to tell me the story for me to learn some things myself ain't ever lied my dear,,,it is well

  6. I think you should have friends you trust... doesn't mean they wont disappoint someday.. that's why we're human!

    but there are few pple who'll put others b4 them. That's how Jesus wants us to live.. so dont stop been a good friend 2 oders... but its safer not to always expect d same... Love others.. let God love you!

  7. u r very right kunle...thanks again


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