Monday, October 5, 2009

Sucka for love

If you are on know today is #MusicMonday - and people do this thing religiously i tell you...putting up what songs they listening to currently - hmmm that just gave me an idea, maybe I should do a #musicday on here, bringing you the best in new music, from the previous week because there is a new song everyday across the world....

So my bestfriend is weird - the other day, we were at a friends house and they start playing all these old school jams, brandy-come a lil bit closer, donnel jones - where I wanna be, wyclef jean ft mary j blige - 911, keith sweat- nobody....I mean at this point i'm going crazy, i'm moving my body like i'm doing it, I mean i'm grooving on this chair like i'm a stripper or something and so were the friends, talking about listening to these songs back in the days, in high school, the first person we kissed cos of the songs and shit - and my best friend is looking at us like we are mad, as in she seriously looked lost...I love her tho, because she be knowing some songs i don't expect her to like Kings of Leon - use somebody, Pink - bad habits and Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

But nways back to my topic - yes I am a sucka for love - I love love - the idea of it, the fantasy of it, the reality of it - I love love love love....and if you know me, you know I love everybody, my bestfriend thinks I am mad - but I genuinely love people and i'm the kind that is in love with sumone even after dating for only a month and if it doesn't work out, I move on- its really that easy...anyways this love thing has had me in a clutchold for the past week or so and it seems like every song I hear is about love - and I just got my new shipment of songs today so let me share with you some of the new love songs ...

Enough said about this song, Marques Houston, I have a case of you boo..and if this song doesn't get you - you don't have a, but I esp love that the girl is thick and doesn't have a flat tummy- lol, I feel so normal...

Then there is this one Frankie J - Greatest thing - reminds me of that kiddie bible song, "love is the greatest gift of all, with God's love in my heart, I can be a shining light, cos love is the greatest gift of all" - do you remember it? i love this song by the exclusive Frankie J....

Then Keri Hilson - Heart Attack---"I never knew love could knock me over like this"...awwww, doesn't this just want to make you fall in love?.....*deep sigh*

Then if there is any group that knows how to do love songs - that knows what love is, Boyz II Men----I can hear the awwws and sighs now....this one is called "Open Arms" and there is nothing to say other than that I pray for all of us that we find such love....

And finally imma end, with a song that drives me to tears, every time, I mean every single time i hear it...Brandy come a lil bit closer will forever be a classic and she can never do better than this song...

That's it love message to you today, if you have a crush on someone, sometimes its ok to be bold to say it, because they may have the feelings, and are just shy, so you both might miss out on the love of your life...have a great love filled week folks....


  1. lol. i guess i'm weird like that. i guess i'll listen to the songs when i get home. not a sucka for love one bit. God help me!!!

  2. That MH tune just made me buy his album last week..

  3. I'm a sucka for love too, funny I must have missed B2M Open Arms. Great Songs, thanks for sharing. Check out the love poem on my blog.

  4. @Oye....Gods got you covered, i'm not worried, love u...

    @RocNaija...where u been? even on ur blog you have been absent, you have been missed...imma go get his album, is it any good?...thanks

  5. @Myne....thanks ma, and i did see the poem and i commented and shared it on twitter...i loved it

  6. @David.....hi dear, i'm real good, how r u? and hows school and work?

  7. I am no sucka for love!!!

    I love your music collection, particularly Brandy

  8. @The Girl with the Red, seen....and thanks for coming by, i appreciate it

  9. Fall in love in a month, if it doesn't work out, move on. totally me! thanks for dropping by

  10. Arhghhhhhh..U didnt say what song it is naa!
    The videos are not playing!

  11. @Fabulo-la....awww sorry, i don't know why they wouldn't be....Marques Houston - Case of you, Frankie J-Greatest Thing, Keri Hilson - Heart Attack, Boyz II men - open arms and Brandy- Come a lil bit closer....hope u get to listen to them...thanks for stopping by, thats the way o...and no problem, thanks for doing the same

  12. hey neefemi
    how far with your stories?
    i am planning to start writing mine...

    i am scared of the love scenes though, don't want to go there, i can write good sha

  13. @David....thanks dear, i appreciate it

    @Tisha.....o i will write one by this weekend, i need personal inspiration to write, cos its part fiction and part real, hence the delay....nothing to be scared of, none of my love scene is real, so its just my active imagination, so if its real for u, then it should be much easier and interesting...i trust u sha and look forward to it


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