Friday, October 30, 2009

Survival of the fittest

Chapter 1

Alero was playing a new game, in her thirty two years on earth she had never been faced with this situation, and she was not sure what cards to play, much less playing it right.

Here's her story

Alero was born on a very hot day, as is typical of Nigeria, that more scorching than most August 15 1977 to Pastor Mr and Mrs Otega. Their last attempt, finally giving them their heart desires, the Lord had given them a beautiful girl and by jolly was she beautiful. Rumour had actually spread around that she could not be the kid of Ben and Precious Ortega – and they might have someone elses egg implanted. Not that they were not handsome couple, they were exceptional dressers so they always stood out in a crowd as well, but they were no head turners and Alero was a head-turner – even by the age of 2. Her smooth caramel complexion, her big large round, somewhat Chinese looking brown eyes, high cheekbones made her the talk of town. By age 13, with her breasts beginning to protrude, not heavy set, yet culpable and perky, strained against the clinging tops she always wore; she had long legs for days, her legs were longer than her upper body, complete with a very shapely booty, small but jutted out. She was a showstopper, totally unaware of her beauty with a smile that could melt ice and made both boys and men alike want to please, so she could shine her smile on them and brighten their day.

The last child of three brothers, Alero was over protected, especially by the first child John. He was her favorite brother, because he spoilt her mercilessly as long as she didn't leave the house, she was given anything she wanted. John attended the University of Lagos, and was very popular, the whole school knew him. What was amazing about him was not that he was in a Gang or Cult or that he attended the most parties, but is personality. He could charm the socks of anyone and had plenty charmed the women out their panties, not like they minded – it seemed none of the girls cared that he was sleeping around just that they were one of the ones he slept it, it seemed to raise their stock, elevating their levels from "unknowns" to a name with a face. And john was nice like that; he never went for the rich girls – or the ones from the popular schools like Q.C. and Lagoon – always hanging put in cliques, with their drivers dropping them off with their fathers Mercedes Benz or BMW. That all seemed to turn him off – no, he went for the quiet, shy, pretty but awkward girl – usually sitting at front of the class, trying not to steal glances at him and yet listening intently to the professor. He knew that the slightest attention by him, and most of the girls would do his bidding, but he also liked the chase – especially when the girl was a hardcore religion person, it turned him on immensely and for two months – the amount of time it took for him to break down her defenses, he was the perfect gentleman – treating her with all the respect and love he thought a woman deserved. And that's exactly what he was doing, showing them love, he loved women, thought they were special and tried his best not to hurt anyone of them, careful to detach himself immediately if he thought the girl was clingy or the jealous /nagging kind and always used protection so none of them could get pregnant for him.

Lately though, john was anxious about his younger sister – it was getting hard for her to protect her at home – these boys were vultures and his friends would always find an opportunity to stop by his house, even when they knew he was obviously not there. Also she was getting antsy, tired of being cooped up at home or only going out with Alex and Junior. She wanted to hang out with her girlfriends, and go out without the protection of her brothers. His parents were always very busy doing the work of the Lord; he felt it was his responsibility to take care of her. But she was in JSS 3 now in two weeks will be going to stay on campus for "extension" to get prepared for the Junior school examination coming up and he was plenty worried. The junior and senior school students always came for the extension to get prepared and he wasn't comfortable with the fact that she will be away and they were older guys around her. She was a good girl, he was sure of that and he wasn't worried about her but he knew what he did with girls that age, and although she might not be aware of it – he was very aware of her beauty and didn't want any boy, much less a senior boy or teacher to do anything to her. His mind still in a conundrum, he didn't even realize when Alero came into the room.

This is not a book, just lately been trying to do many different things with my writing, and tired of talking about sex and boys – I decided on a short story/screenplay – instead of the boring story that is my life, that u all have been gems to be a part of and tolerate and be there for me – critique/ advice – anything u got for me – to make this story better and big – who knows we can make a movie out of this – will be very much appreciated ….thanks and have a fantabulous weekend – muah


  1. OMG Cuzzo.......I loves it......I want more like right now.....Gimme Chapter 2......Being the only girl that grew up with 4 brothers.....I can totally relate to Alero's story......Their overprotectiveness is not the business(even till now)......But anyways.....What happens when she goes for extension???Any love interests????Did she get her heart broken???And where is she at now in her life????I want more....Pretty please!!!!!

  2. How old is Alero in JS3, 13, 14? I think that is too young to start the story from. Most naija girls at that age are still very malleable. Maybe from 15 to 17 or so in SS3 will be better.

    Also, I'm supposed to like john like you're portraying him but I see him as a heartless person. Why would he go for the religious girls and break them down only to leave them. He can either be good or bad.

    I like the background you're giving us and would love to read more.

  3. @Abiola - why thank u so much darling, glad u like it!!!

    @cerebrallybusy - thank u very much - will do

    @Myne -rbr, she is 32 now, so i am only giving you some excerpts of her past not her life in details from that age - and i mentioned 13 cos of her bros fears for her not cos im starting her personal story from there - u will see what i mean soon....

    and no, u r not supposed to like John if u don't want to - and in my own personal life experience, yes u can be good and bad - naija boys esp, they r charming like that

    thank you very much ma, i can count on u for being straight forward...

  4. I like the way you portrayed johnny there as a VBSG (Very Bad Sharp Guy) Nice.

  5. i think i'm in love with Johnny. lol. seriously.

  6. Lol @ SugarKing.... thank you so much Bibi


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