Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thank U & Short Story

So 49th post…whoop whoop!!! Want to do two things tonight – say a special thank you to blogsville and my friends and tell you a true story using pseudo-names and I need your help on what the character should or shouldn't do.

First…. Thank you to my friends and the entire blogsville family for your support since I joined the community – when I started I used to talk about my boring self a lot – everyday activities from the internship, and about graduation and then HE……remember HE… you guys are mean sha, no one even asked of him anymore – e da o….lol, I kid, HE is fine and is a sweetheart…..HE jokingly asked me to marry him, well I think HE was joking….lol… not telling you my answer – u will find out soon enough if we do get married anyways…

Nways I digress, I just want to say thank you for all the encouragements, support, prayers, advice, love, kindness shown – it really has been terrific – I don't know why I even started blogging, but it has really been the best decision of my life – they say "writing works wonders" – and goodness gracious it has transformed my life….opened me up in ways I can't imagine – I am equally as open as I am private, it's funny cos I am talking to someone randomly and they tell me all these stuff they read on here –I'm wondering how they knew, sometimes I think cos people don't comment they don't read it– equally as secretive as I am a gbegborun (blogsville does that to you)

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You – I appreciate you all and God Bless and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have the best week ever – it's my week – y'all are starting the week right it's my birthday after all, lol and Myne Whitman's too (y'all go over and wish her a happy birthday as well) …..So yea that's that

On to the story

This is the story of Kola and Toyin – Kola is 21 and Toyin is 23 ….. Kola developed feelings for Toyin since he was 19 and dogged her day and night – Toyin thought he was cute and considered him a friend and about a year later she would make out with him and refused to have a relationship or sleep with him, she was still a virgin at this point too – but she also knew if she was going to have sex he wasn't going to be her first – so for a while they made out often and just kept it friendly – well somewhere in there she met someone else and they had sex, but things didn't work out ( is it just me or does it never work out with the first, they can't all be cads can they? Lol) well fast forward and now Kola and Toyin start a sexual relationship, body no be firewood - he was here and all the other guys who were interested in her just seemed to be far away – she hates long distance – nways so its Toyin's birthday a couple weeks back – and I'm wondering what special things she did with Kola, u know, "its ur birthday so you know you want to riiiidddeeee" – you know some of that birthday loving, gifts and the likes – and she goes not only does he just text and not call to say happy birthday, he doesn't show up for her bday dinner

Now me I'm gangsta like that – I won't say anything – it's an instant delete from my life – and if u try yourself – I can give u a freaking dirty slap – but I don't want to give her any such advice, really don't want to say anything and prolly won't but im just wondering what you think – what would you do? what should she do if anything at all?– and just your general opinion on why guys always fuck up a good thing or their thought process – please refrain from insulting Toyin I appreciate it …thank you

So imma gist you about the best friends party on Saturday and imma finally put a picture up, – my tummy is swollen o, I don't know what else to do o jare, o su mi… show me love, lol …..And of course it's a Monday so imma be doing my #Music Monday as usual… see u then….Happy birthday Myne Whitman and Happy birthday to me too


  1. U D BEST....i swear dis is d onli blog i read....greet uncle HE 4 me....nd shout out to all my october boyz nd babies....HAPPY BORNDAY TO U>>>>SENT U TEXT,LEFT VOICE MESSAGE, nd WROTE ON UR FB WALL....Mehn d love is too much....nd as for d relationship between toyin nd kola....she should go pray jare....but as for me its a straight delete except she was kidnapped, stock at some office meeting dat could cost her job or on d verge of dyin....God b wit us all

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy :))) happy birthday oooo

    anyway i think she should hear his reason first, it might actually be very good...if it isnt, instant delete. as in kia kia,

  4. @Mr. Jegede - ose dear, i really appreciate all the love - God Bless u and enrich you, and lol @ kidnapped or on d verge of dying...

    @unwritten* - thank u so much dear, God Bless you

    @CerebrallyBusy - thank u so very much, The Lord bless you - and yea he hasn't called so i think he knows he messed up - thanks again

  5. Happy Birthday to you dearest and thanks so much for your good wishes. I didn't know about HE, so now I'm going to do gbegborun in your earlier posts LOL.

    Toyin should ask KOla what happened but i think he's already giving her hints that he's tired of the relationship. She should start making up her mind what she wants to do.

  6. Thank u so much Myne, there wasn't much about HE nways don't mind me - i think she has made up her mind, thanks

  7. Happy birthday,dearie..sorry for the belated wishes,but the blessings still hold true..Enjoy ur new year!!

    de guy no get excuse abeg,unless he didnt know abt the birthday or is lying in a ditch somewhere-lol

    she can listen to him sha but she beta not think he's it.

  8. @histreasure - yes it does, thank you so much, i really appreciate it ma and i will ....

    lol - all he said was sorry - so he really had no excuse - so he has been dumped & i'm so happy


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