Monday, October 26, 2009

This is Me

Yay the day is over and it was a great day – just my kind of day – Got ballons, cake , chocolates went to lunch and dinner – countless calls,fb msgs, texts, bb msgs - so much prayer I am covered for the rest of my life I tell you – thank you all so much once again - all Glory to God Almighty Speaking of dinner – all these 18 year old boys are trying to put me in trouble – our waiter at red lobster tonight was deliciously fine - I know I shall be having sweet dreams about him for months to come – was going to give him my number and then I asked him his age and he goes he is 18 - i'm already sad at this point - and then we r leaving and he goes happy birthday ma'am - *dead* - agba ti de men – I am old Best friend's birthday was great- dinner at the Marriott – but then we went to some lounge and we were just looking at each other – when we could have gone to a club to get our boogey on – I'm just not a lounge person especially cos more than half of us didn't drink or want to drink and after talking for 3hrs at dinner there was not much to say – I was sleeping there, lol and then we went to an after party – turned out to be a naija thing and at first all them naija songs were jamming – not bad – then dj started playing all them oldies – dmx "ruff riders anthem" jay –z " h to the izzo, v to the izzy" 50 cent "wanksta" Biggie, Tupac, lil kim– I mean everything – now I'm a Michigan girl – and in them clubs they always play that and shu I know the lyrics to all them song – I'm gangsta like that – lol, u should have seen, nja guys don't know what to do with females like me – they all were just looking – I can't blame them, hot girl that raps too – shu ko easy – my best-friend was so mad – she wanted to kill me and then the dj – lol, that's my gist sha So I told you my mum is a joker abi – she tells me how she wore this one brown dress we got together on Sunday and wore some other suit we got on Monday to celebrate my birthday – why is she celebrating my own birthday? – lol – and the woman is going to tell me that she was looking good enough to eat – e gba mi o, my mum is killing me – I was just laughing, she does have a way to make me smile and fill my heart with joy – but imma have to marry that woman off for real – yes my mum is single, so it's ok – she is getting hotter as she gets older it's so not fair to me lol………………….Speaking to my mum reminded me of when my parents had divorced/separated and my dad won't let us see her, but she would always come over on anyone's of us birthday and take us out to eat and we always went to the studio to take pictures …to see how far God has taken us and what he has done in our lives – God is awesome sha – I wrote something the other day – I am Exploring that which is ME- My Findings have been Inconclusive... The Discoveries so far - safe yet interesting... and my Future - should be entertaining, joyful, purposeful and blessed – I like this yo – I like this understanding of myself and confidence in where I am – I am not sure I could explain my life any further so imma just show you pictures from the day and best friends bday – will be taking it off in a day or so – be nice So #MusicMonday I just have three songs for you - one is my bday song for the day and the other two are just representative of the state of mind I am in – I told u before I am a lover and so I know that my man - the man I Choose will never be able to say that my love was never enough for me – females let me tell you right now it's ok to be mushy lovey dovey about your man, do for ur man – cook, clean, sex him good and still be very strong, independent and your own person – that's my opinion sha

Enjoy and let me end by saying this Life is Short So Break Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably, & Never Regret Anything That Made U Smile!!!

P. so sorry its late - lol, i say that a lot abi - its still my bday in this part of town sha - pictures have been taken down if u r reading this late


  1. AAWWW from d blog u writing nw, i see u had a fantabolus marvellous need i say wonderful n a great time.
    ma jeun soke ore.
    lovely picks today. love d songs.
    enjoy d rest of ur week. ciao.


  2. boy, dont u look good! but where is the big tummy?? i see it not.

  3. Gurl i love the pics and you look absolutely fabulous!
    Happy bday again!

  4. happy Birthday neefemi
    I am happy for you.
    God cause His face to shine upon you and increase you beyond your dreams.

  5. You look beautiful dearie and it was obvious your birthday was a fantastic one! I love that cake and that dress!!!!

  6. Awwwwwww......Pretty.....Pretty....Pretty......I love the 'fits.......Plus i want some of that birthday cake!!!!

    Aint no shame in your game "ma'am"......You can like to be his cougar......Hehhehehehhehehehe!!!!

    My aunty is a trip i tell ya......Yes she is single and we are so ready to marry her off.....All that hotness!!!!

  7. Ah! the last pic. Is that a twin??

  8. @Anon - r u calling me a bighead or r u bighead? lol - thank you, thank you so much - enjoy ur week as well

    @cerebrallybusy - lol, awwwww thank you

    @Tricia - thank you so much dear, i really appreciate it

    @Tisha - Amen and Amen, thank you so much - i pray the Lord bless you as well - muah

    @Myne - thank you so very much dear - i see you had a great day as well - about to read your book :)

    @A!Yo - thank you so very much - lol, cougarism is in the future it appears - lol, yes o im praying for a man for her fast too

    @Sugarking - well yes, but not by blood - lol, thats the best friend and its funny how much we look alike, although she thinks she looks older - how u doing?

  9. Glad to hear you had fun.. Happy buffday in arrears :)

    On another note, now we get to put a face to the writer..

  10. u look gorgeous!!!!!...wowzers..

  11. @RocNaija .....thank u very much, God Bless u, that she does.....

    @unwritten.....awww thank u very much, i appreciate it

  12. mehn why did u take it down now? i didn't even get a chance to see them..hisss

  13. lol n i have made my first comment...haha..but i want 2 see pics sha

  14. lol....hey chioma, it only took u forever but thanks - its my profile pic on fb and my cake i showed nothing special

  15. i am bighead, thts my signature. dnt be offended babes.

    m enjoyin everybit of ur blog.
    keep it up.


  16. lol....i am not offended at all o, why would i be? just curious about who you are - thank u very much, i appreciate it


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