Monday, November 30, 2009

#MusicMonday – His Name Is?

I will tell you his name in just a bit..hehhehe – what it do folks? Great Monday, I hope? Mine was chilled, the bus didn't even annoy me today, was listening to music and dancing (don't know why I keep doing that, I have no shame whatsoever) I almost missed my stop.

So for someone who claims to be private and really only share information with limited folks – I find myself able to tell you (blogsville) about anything and even knowing that people who know me personally (e.g. my dad, lol) read this doesn't deter me – there is just something about writing that frees me – it's probably why I don't hold on to anything and I'm able to let go so easily – nways my point for all this talk is I want to report my mummy to you

I love the woman to death, I do – but sometimes I swear I just want to give her a piece of my mind – so I tell her, HE and I are no longer talking, we going to try to be friends still – now I couldn't tell her the many reasons why this is true – I don't know how to lie to my parents, at least not any longer and she asked about him so I answered right? And she is going to say and I quote "hahah, why can't you hold on to relationships?" – oweeee, even now as I tell you, my blood is boiling over again – like my first thought was wtf? But I was raised right & the Holy Spirit spoke the words not me, in which I told her that it wasn't my fault and things happen and bye of course

It's a harsh thing to say and I'm still going to talk to her about it, but I understand where she is coming from – u see she has been divorced more years than she was married and with four kids, our happiness is what she lives for – and u know nja now, where my dad has remarried and has three other kids, she is single still – so that whole trying to make sure I have long lasting marriage clouds her judgment sumtimes in how she expects me to be with a boy and be tolerant and not want to end things so quickly or whatever

But this is where I stand – I believe in love, I really do – but I believe in love that is gentle and kind, peaceful, no stress, no insecurities, loads of trust, leave the baggage and the past experiences outside, have faith in us, understand that distance should not be a problem ever, be sensitive to my needs, know that sex enhances but is nothing to do with why I want to be with u, love that is good, strong and able to withstand anything – I will only settle for the kind of love that makes me deliriously happy and for a man that is a representation of my identity, someone who wants to scream my name to the world and will go leaps and bounds – so until then sorry mummy and daddy, marriage is the last thing on my mind – don't want to be where either of you are – I am single and celibate(not even a kiss, chai) and loving it – your baby is truly happy

His Name Is Joe
Sorry for the distraction today's post is actually about Music, goodness that is Joe– he is the only artist I believe has 8 awesome albums, this guy is largely underrated and is slept on– like each album was just perfect (ok let's say great) and imma share my fav songs from each – hope you like it and have a blessed week ahead – p.s I love you
From his First Album - Everything - "All or Nothing" - so old school men

From his 2nd album - All that I am - at this point its so hard to choose, this is my fav album still - but i have to go with "Good Girls"

From his 3rd album - My Name is Joe - my third fav album of his - this was just magic men - i have to go with "I Believe in you" over 'Table for Two and Stutter'

From his 4th album - Better Days  - my fourth fav album from his -this was just a really good clean album, it hit all the right notes - i have to go with "I Understand" but men "I like Sexy Girls" is such a classic

From his 5th album - And Then - omygoodness at this point i'm having orgasms - this album was just toooooooo great -  like this is the kind of album that makes me believe in perfect love (not the perfect man o) - second fav album of his - gotta to go with "And then" - but "More and More" is calling me

From his 6th album - Ain't nothing Like Me - hmmm this album take as it be - it wasnt his finest, he was trying to do some hiphop sturvs i wasnt feeling still - but out of it came one of his best songs ever "If I Was Your Man"

From his 7th album - Joe Thomas, New Man - This album i think was his most underrated album - cos it had some pure genius songs here and he went back to his pure r 'n' b/soul - my fav song still has to be "We Need to Roll" but please listen to "Why Just Be Friends"

From his 8th album - Signature - this is for the grown and sexy yo, like forget it - this album from top to bottom gets me gagas - gotta go with "Metaphor" but please listen to "Miss My Baby"

and thats it folks, orgasmic music at its finest - enjoy

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daddy Found My Blog & I’m thankful

So yes u read me right – my dad found my blog – o my days I nearly shit for pant, when I got the text in the morning, telling me he found it and liked it except I shouldn't talk so much about my future, after which he proceeds to back it up with scriptural verses( which I haven't read still, please don't tell him, lol)- but as a big girl now, I handled it well – I just told him he is not allowed to read it ever again – knowing my dad, that's just story – the man is so funny, he likes that I can write about any topic and he goes "o my friend who is a writer said to send him some of what you have done, for a possible position" lol – he is cool people for real – I actually closed the blog for like a day, cos I didn't know what to do (did anyone notice?) but I realized knowing my dad, he already read all 50+ posts before sending the text, so nothing to hide – so he gets to read about everything I write if he so chooses from sex, to politics, to sports, relationships, anything personal or otherwise, even when it's about him. I love my dad, what can I say?

Btw, I am so sorry for not putting up a post since Monday, popsy found the blog on Tuesday I think, I closed it that day, and was going to post sumn once my holidays started on Thursday but just got really busy. Men, Houston can suck u dry o, every other day there is a wedding, baby shower, birthday something, I tell u I am going to sit my butt home by force or by fire this month of December coming, I already feel like I am known and u know ur girl don't do that – I like being behind the scenes – speaking of which one old man, I swear he is old enuff to be my dad was trying to chat me up yesterday (actually followed me to the bathroom), can u imagine? Then he is going to say can you hug me please? I'm like sorry sir but no – as in hey I wanted to die though, cos some old women and men were passing by greeting him & looking at me – more reason for me to sit my butt home in Dec. men…plus its cold in this zones men, really thought it will still be sunny until at least January – and tell me y, mosquitoes keep feasting on my body from my face to feet everywhere(bf mum says it's something about me being portable & having sweet blood) men ko funny jo

So I really hate to hear "Boyfriend is not husband" or vice versa – like for real what does that mean? Does that give me a right to go take another girls man, cos I think he is not the man for me? – I get the whole "don't put all your eggs in one basket bit" believe me I know(but that's story for another time) but I just think that's a selfish, and stupid thing to say or principle to live by – but what I like about life is that karma is a bitch, that goes hard – enuff said

So my Naija and Yankee folks, how was your long holiday? Hope you enjoyed it & all – mine was busy attending functions I had no business attending really – but I also volunteered, which was pretty cool, and hung out with my boy – Mr. Banko – from Canada, and with limlim, who came in from school in Indiana- so that was nice and some good good food (I will tell you that my tummy is swollen, although that seems to have been the case for about a month now, but u will probably tell me I have body image issues) – nways in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have to share with you the reasons I am thankful – and I hope you really took the time to do that – I think Nigeria needs to create such a day, things might make a difference in that country as such – so here we go in no particular order

I'm Thankful

I'm so thankful for God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I could not even tell you where my life will be otherwise & I pray you all know him personally, especially those of you that don't know him now

I'm thankful for the air I breathe, that I can walk, type, see even if it's with glasses, that I am just 5'2 and look 16 still, for a face that can let my do any hairstyle, for my swollen tummy even with all the workout and eating right

I'm thankful for the love of family, even through it all, he has kept us happy and healthy and keeps providing for us, for a job and for me being able to give of my very own first paycheck(pls remember always to give your tithe and your first fruit-which is the complete first paycheck)

I'm thankful for the best friends anyone could ever wish for – if it were a contest I can promise you that I would win hands down, cos I have ride & die friends – I would name names but no space – they know themselves, I try to tell them how much they mean to me frequently – but regardless I love you always

I'm thankful for blogsville – you could never know what you mean to me, your support, your feedback- Myne, Mr Jegede, Roc, Cerebrus, Tisha, Tricia, Bagucci, David, Sugarking, Fabulola, all the anonymous– ok, this won't work – I couldn't name you all, esp cos there are some of you who never comment but I know are steady reading – I'm so thankful to God for you

I'm thankful that I take the bus to work, that I always have food to eat, that I haven't collected my degree yet & was able to still work, that I am done with school, that I'm in Houston, that I can't go to Naija this xmas, for long natural nails and nice legs

I'm thankful for each of my siblings, they are the reason I strive to be the very best, and for the best mother in the world hands down, and my very funny daddy - that I am single still and not lonely, that I haven't done the do for almost a year now, that my "assets" have grown, that I can never find clothes for my weirdly shaped body

I'm thankful cos I have no reason to be in the hospital ever, and not had to see the dentist for a while, that Arsenal & Giants are my teams even though they occasionally suck, for my love of shoes, for the ability to tweet (allowing me to say some major random ish) and even more so for blackberry, for humor group and the Christian group on there

I'm thankful for my extended family, for past and present teachers & mentors, past & present churches and pastors, for everyone I have ever met, for Music (which I think he specially created because of me), for older friends and new friends who have taken to me and been very supportive & encouraging and helpful, for skype and the internet in general- and so many things I am sure I am forgetting

I am just so thankful & filled with joy & peace – my parents knew what there were doing when they named me with names that all have joy in it – cos I am truly blessed & happy and I sincerely wish you all the same – the kind of joy that removes all kinds of sorrow & tears

Nways with that said – wishing you all a very F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S week ahead, one without no stress and only testimonies – I will be doing a whole special on one particular artist tomorrow – so please come back – although I suspect it will be late- PEACE

p.s I Love you

Monday, November 23, 2009

Throwback #MusicMonday

Hello guys, how was your weekend? Forgive me for my ranting from Saturday jo, u know how we females do – I had that drink sha, I needed it – a big glass of margarita and then some white chocolate molten cake with the best friend and as soon as we got home, we went jogging cos we felt so guilty for having that much calories lol

So believe it or not I am not impressed with any new song over the past 3-4 days, none of the songs have caused me to so much as bump my head – speaking of which I think Neyo is beginning to sing too much and if all the songs are out are to be in his album I really think it will be a massive fail – even Usher won't do so well

Which gives me an idea, will anyone be interested in being a guest blogger and doing their own #MusicMonday – something new and different, different genre, different culture, whatever – please let me know via comments and then I'll figure out the next step

So since there is no major gist - other than the fact that Houston is cold and I'm a happy baby (my height is causing all these young boys to be looking at me like we are mates' o) can u imagine? My bestfriend is having fun at my expense, reminding me I look 16 – not like I should be complaining but at least 18 now heheheheheh – starting tomorrow I'm going to be jogging at 5am, just think I need the time to reflect, feel Gods awesomeness in the air & praise him, I have to wake up @5.30am nways so it's not so much of a stress – nways back to the music

Bossman was trying to do 25 albums of the century on his blog – lai lai ko possible, I don't like albums – they usually disappoint but even with the ones I'm a fan of – I can't pick top 25, ko possible – so I decided to give u some throwback songs for some of my favorite albums and I can tell you right now this shit was hard yo – like how do you pick one song from 15 classic songs on an album? – its retarded I tell ya, nways enjoy, tell me what you think, tell me what classic album I'm missing – be reminded that this is my opinion so it could be thoroughly misguided – but I hope u likes it

Usher -8701
Some might argue that Confessions is a better album than 8701 but I disagree vehemently, there are some songs on there I wasn't enamored with – but with 8701, o my days omydays – name the song, and I know it still, almost every word – that album was all kinds of genius and this right here is one of the best songs this album has to offer – albeit might not be as popular as some of the others

Brandy –Afrodosiac

I couldn't decide if Full Moon was better – like really how can on decide – Full Moon had-Full Moon-Come a lil closer, He is & WOW and Afrodisiac had –Afrodisiac, Focus, Saddidy & Come as you are

But after careful consideration you had to go with Afrodisiac it was just the better album when it comes to listening to the whole album without skipping, but Full Moon had the better singles I think – so you get one from each album

Dolly Parton – any album
Lol, yes I did – yes I did – Dolly Parton is the business and the Oyedele family grew up with this woman – we had mostly collections of her best songs – so really maybe not any album, but I presume you will never be disappointed with any of it, she has over 20 – but for real though songs like 9-5, Coats of many colors, Joshua, Just because I'm a woman, Jolene – o my good, I am currently giving her a standing ovation even as I write she was that great

Donnell Jones – Where I wanna be
Is there any of his album else worth mentioning? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm hell no – this is some baby making album right here – to think I knew all these songs when I was 12 hehehehe, blame my parents- it's the only thing they have in common except us kids – do you remember this joint?

TLC – Crazysexycool
U know I had to go here, plus I really hate(k, dislike) Beyonce so I'm not about to do a destiny child album here and you will kill me if I do a Britney Spears album – so we going for the grown and sexy that this album was – I loved the edge and cool of this album men

Brian Mcknight – Back @ one – maybe not the best, cos I haven't listened to every single album, but definitely a great one – compelling songs that make you cry men –plus listen to played yourself yo(as in it was a masterpiece, would have picked this one, couldn't find a video anywhere) plus you I'm hoping you have all heard Good Enough (but if you haven't, click on it to listen to craftsmanship)

And last but definitely not least – Sisqo – Unleash the dragon – say whatever you want, this album was so freaking fantastica – as in hey it was fantabulous – lol – infact I need to buy it again

o what do you think, what say you? U like? still missing a lot(e.g Joe(big slap on my face for that one, i literally did it) rkelly and so much more - but no space-Have an awesome awesome week ahead guys

Saturday, November 21, 2009

All I want for xmas

So they have started the Christmas songs and movies and all I feel is major depression – I'm about to do something I ever and only rarely do which is curse

But truth is I fucking hate Christmas in this depressed country and it doesn't help that I was home last year, but this truly fucking sucks

Never mind that at home all I do is go to church and chill with my family and friends, but it's just me and my brother here and everywhere u go, u feel like a fucking third wheeler

I just hate it here, it's cold – which over here is supposed to be good for xmas and all people do Is shop and complain about the family they are going to see

Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh shit men

All I want is to be loved and be with the ones I love

We never shared gifts back home, I mean we got new clothes (I love new clothes) and my family isn't big on the immediate family shindigs, I guess no one had a big enuff house to host everyone but there is sumn about love, being with the ones you love, that love and being safe (lol, that seems ironic, cos most will say Naij isn't safe especially during the holidays) but u get my point

I agree with RocNaija – "women so complicated" (umm dude u still need to explain that from the last post o) – I think I'm about to be me on my period (lol, I know so gross)

But yea I'm depressed and right now I wish I drank – a long island iced tea would be damn skippy right now

So in the meantime I'm going to watch hallmark channel Christmas movies and try to focus on what xmas really is – which is the birth of my Lord and savior

The one who made me and gave me this job and so even if I can't go home now I know it's for a purpose – because I know he wants me to take my possession in this land of his

Which reminds me my dad wants me to start planning an Oprah takeover – he is so happy she is planning to end her career then cos he thinks by then I'll be ready to show the world, this charm and personality he thinks I have that is great enough for tv – Oprah kind status tv – lol and don't you dare agree o blogsville, don't you dare agree and put ideas in my head, I'm still trying to write a book and let me tell you that's not going so well – so no don't you dare say this is a good thing

Again have I told u how much I love u lately – I can't believe you loved the poem – really did you love the poem tho? Or just supporting your girl? Nways sha I love you still, and so that means if I'm in a good mood I could write better and you will love it – lol, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol, I am a 23 yr old child

Nways hope you all having a great weekend – please be safe and o try to volunteer this thanksgiving and not just stuff food in your mouth – and take time to really thank God for all his beautiful blessings including your beautiful faces…

Gist – my one ex calls after 2 years (p.s. he reads the blog, lol) and the one ex said I inspired his new company – I feel awesome, lol – just to say no matter how much I was hurt at the time, as long I composed myself well, I can hold my head high and that's good enuff for me

Take care guys…

U rock my socks

p.s. I love you

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello ladies and gentlemen – how y'all doing? I hope ur week has been splendid – mine has been, I give God all the glory – I really wish I prayed a lot more, but I do believe God knows my heart and sees how much I love him – plus I try to say it a lot – nways that's beside the point

In an effort not to put so much of my feelings out there or my thoughts on the love issue – I unwittingly confused you – please accept my apologies and let me clarify the situation

There are no two guys – it's just one guy – for those of u who started the blog with me you will know him as HE – we have been "talking" since feb I think and I strongly like him and therein lies the problem

He is in London and I'm in the States – so this feeling of affection for sumone I haven't kissed seems rather a lot – I mentioned blogger to ask what we as women are looking for e.g. would blogger be" promises of a future untold because he hasn't shown me anything now of how he would treat me and take care of me"– long distance is just hard for him – whereas with HE, could it just all be" a dream, are we still in the honeymoon phase? Can guys really do long distance?" I'm not trying to get married to him or anything – but it sure will be nice to let d world know I have a man – ha whatever, I'm rambling – may the pseudo poem will help


Say you won't break my heart

It's been held together by glue right now

Pray tell are u my missing my puzzle?

Is this another game for you?

How long till I take her to bed?

Calls, texts, msgs expenses charged to ur player account?

When u said u love me, did u really mean it?

Say you won't lie to me?

Say you will be faithful?

Can you be faithful?

Everybody says it's impossible

What say you?

Say I can trust you

And you trust me

Say you will be there

To the very end

And not give up

Say I can release my heart

Say you will cherish it so

Say you will love me with all that you have

And if it were to end

Say you will be gentle

And leave my heart the way you found it

Albeit with more glue, waiting on my missing puzzle


Monday, November 16, 2009

#MusicMonday Ramblings

Hello peoples, how you doing, how was your weekend o? mine wasn't bad at all- Yoruba Nigeria weddings are the shiznit men especially with the Live band and you can't help but dance – plus ur sweetheart was looking fly if I say so myself – lol, my vain self has been kicking extra hard lately – I really need to calm down- lol.

So work has been awesome, the thing is Epidemiologists are glorified "paper pushers" cos most of what we do is track diseases, get the reports from the hospitals, investigate it and then file it – our work is only shown when we publish reports, like all that info you get on smoking and cancer rates for example – but for the amount of money they paying me, I am a happy "paper pusher" lol – all Glory to God

So I'm taking the bus & train in the meantime, cos my car is still in Michigan and the sightings are just the best – first off I work in the medical district – so enuff nurses, doctors and all the other health professions and then at some point u start seeing regular and "weird" people – like this white guy(note that I said guy aka man) in a purple skirt suit and I wasn't sure if it was a painting/ tattoos/ tights – I just know it was on his legs and it was rainbow colored – I so badly wanted to take a picture men- it was a sight for sore eyes –speaking of which I seen this girl(black)at the salon with colorful tattoos – she had kisses in red men- all across her neck and chest – pretty as hell too, and I don't mean to be judgmental but what future does she expect to have – I'm just saying

So about that strong like/love thing – my question when do you know? What are the signs? – let me lay down the scenario – two different guys, both thousands of miles away (one a fellow blogger of ours, hi dear) – both claim to be interested they have mentioned the word love – blogger: doesn't remember my birthday, hardly picks up the phone to call me, especially when he is busy- he retreats into his shell , but keeps tabs on me– but I know he cares, more like once we are together then he will do all the work involved in keeping me – other guy: must talk to me every day, is friends with my best friend now, calls me every hour before it was my bday, makes me laugh silly and likes to be involved in details about me from my hair to my career

I know that doesn't give you much info, and don't get me wrong, they are not in competition or am I talking to both of them – I'm just trying to assess my feelings - do you see where I am coming from?– what do we use to judge a man – other guy: could say be doing this only till we have sex or sumn – he just has to conquer yea, whereas say for example blogger would love me forever – nways I guess if u can help me rationalise this out cos I'm not sure I want to give my heart to anyone completely anytime soon or ever really

Speaking of which some boys take the piss men – this guy invites my friend out to the movies, then goes "can u come pick me up" she said no, that her car was indisposed and he goes "well, can sum1 drop you off, we can stay in and watch a movie" to which she said no and goes on to say they could do it some other time when he has his car, to which he said and I quote "forget it" – I am so freaking confused, what does that mean – was he hoping to get her to his place to do the 'do' or does he not have a car to which I say, why didn't u just say so in the first place and or invite me out – like boy r u crazy

Nways sorry guys this is getting rather long – got four albums this weekend, courtesy my boy "extreme baby" lol – Wale's, Ryan Leslie's, Melanie Fiona's and Owl city's and imma share one of my favorites from each– without writing anything about these songs, I hope you can hear what the lyrics are trying to say and you get the message, cos they are rather deep songs – plus a Robin Thicke song I hope you have all heard by now and a Chris Brown(can't wait for his album) song I hope u all enjoy

Looking forward to your comments and all the best throughout the rest of the week – I love u all
P.s. Happy bday Okpe - much love

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My testimony

awwwww thank u guys so very much for the feedback, I feel really loved - I appreciate you all so very much
so the reason why I asked you all to pick a name for me was that i had gotten some news about a job and I wanted to know what name to use if it went through - well it did, without a hitch - your baby is now a city employee - epidemiologist tohhhh baddd - isn't God so awesome

I was ready to give up, so many times I wanted to give up - I had mentally packed my bags to Nigeria yo - shu I planned my marriage in my head gan, cos it seemed like the next plausible thing to do - it didn't seem like I was going to get a fantastic job in Naij nways but I kept holding on and praying and believing in the Almighty - you all kept encouraging me and supporting me and praying for me - u never let me feel depressed or sorry for myself - after all there are tons of people like me that were looking for jobs - my best friend kept me strong and was my rock, she will get paid and say "we got paid" - taking me out to eat, to do my hair, do my nails - so I wouldn't be down - Miss Bijoux took me to church every Sunday, where Gods word kept feeding my soul I won't go on –

I just want you to know that God is great and he loves us and sees our heart desires once you make sure what you want is according to his will, then things will be easy for you - like you won't believe - they called me for this job on Tuesday and I started today, just like that – like magic- and because the winner was Nifemi - I introduced myself as Nife - lol, you should hear oyinbos say that………..I didn't even tell you how, I had been called for another job just like that, I was so excited but it wasn't even in my field but I was ready to do anything at the time but they couldn't ever offer me the position because I am international student – and like this one it came out of nowhere unexpectedly – that's how great my God is

So I have a new journey to go on with you guys – I already have stories to tell and this weekend imma lay it all on you – Houston is a trip, lol – so thank you guys for everything, God Bless you and he will favor u and yours in Jesus name – just trust in him – I am off to bed yo, at 10.43pm – lol, the story of my life – but I have to be up by 5.30am so don't blame me

Love y'all

Nife the Epidemiologist

p.s. I'm in love – ok that seems too much – I am in very strong like

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Names: Very Important

Hey guys, this is just a quick post cos I need your help....but wait peoples you didn't show my peoples love on the previous post - I know we all busy put pls pls let these folks know you support their work and its not in vain what they do alright..thanks, I trust u guys

Nways u all know I've been with the best friend for a minute & I have decided I need to know what name I want to go by - The options are Nife Buki Ayo Moyo - I am leaning more towards Moyo - cos I have used all the previous ones in my many different locations. I know this sounds very crazy but its very important in building my persona in this state

So what say you guys - do I look like a Moyo or should I just stick to Nife which has been the name used the past yr- I need your answers by the end of today guys - cos tomorrow begins a new journey - imma gist u all about in a bit - Thanks and God Bless

Monday, November 9, 2009

#Music Monday – Introducing Sonya “La-La” Irabor & ND

Its Monday peoples – hallelujah, hallelujah - we see another week… all Glory be to God

Lol, don't mind me – I am just excited – had a good weekend – highlight I saw Drake (note, I didn't say I met Drake) I just saw Mr "Best I ever had" – and he is much cuter than I thought – how was your weekend? Anything interesting happen at your neck of the woods – please share?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen to my girl, Miss Josephine Silla, im glad u liked the song – thank u so much for commenting as well I appreciate you all very much

I was to give you the goodness that is Michael Jackson today – but I have decided to give you the goodness that is from Nigeria – especially for those of us in the states who miss out on some really talented artists – from our great Nation – and I hope you like these artists as much as I do

Sonya "La-La" Irabor

I have never met this lady but I feel like I know her already – my boss Mr WePlugGoodMusic aka Ayohla, introduced me to her a while back and is a diehard fan and I see why after listening to some of her songs – my favorite so far being Mr Swagger – which you will get to hear in a bit. She's an ever growing Singer/Song-writer based in Leicester, UK and there is something about her sound – something she describes as Jazz/Funk/Soul with a hint of pop that I find so endearing…..i love her voice, she can do whatever (slow it down like Alicia keys or tear it up like Lauryn Hill) and it will be a hit ….. And someone who can sing like this at age 19/20 has only the best things heading her way – with great management, production and team – she could be one of the best we see from Naija …..I propose to be your video director La-La , lol

Here are three of her songs for your listening pleasure
My fav - Mr Swagger

01 MR. SWAGGER.mp3

Awesome Song - No One Like You

02 No One Like You...

Just Goodness - Get Over it

01 Get Over It (In...
You see what I'm talking about guys is she good or what? – She's looking to release her E.P which will be for free downloading in Dec 09/Jan 010 with these three tracks forming part of the EP – and I'm excited to hear it – it should be awesome

For more information on her visit her on her twitter page, facebook page and she has a radio show she does every Sunday @ 7pm, Uk time – so guys lets support and promote and encourage her


Now him – I know nothing about, where he is from, where he is – absolutely nothing – I was randomly on, when I heard his song and I went ahead to download his free mixtape and I was thoroughly impressed – I think Banky W has something to be anxious about – cos this guy whoever he is ( I have tried asking people about him, no one seems to know him) is a great singer to be – I love love his voice -
 here are four of his songs for your listening pleasure
My Fav - May I

2. ND and Meaku - ...

Awesomeness - Back to You

Great Song - Scandal

9. ND -

Just had to throw in the Yoruba song - Bamidele

4. TNT ft. ND - Ba...
there is the link to download the mixtape ....Iet me know what you think and if you know the rock he is hidden under please remove and find him and tell him his biggest fan is looking for him
There we go guys – let's hear your opinions and have a fantabolous week ahead …..Kisses all around

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man of My Fantasy

Ok this is just a quick post to promote my girl, and a great artist in my opinion Miss Josephine Silla ..... ever since i heard this song i have been rooting for her to do more - get an album out - do a video - she has that India Arie/Alicia Keys thing going - and hey its not easy being a Nigerian artist - more less a female one, so i am behind her a 100 % - plus she wrote the lyrics to this song - might i add at the age of 16 - enough said
its called Man of My Fantasy and even though i was expecting some Will Smith looking guy - that was my own fantasy (current fantasy is sexy Asian guy, 5'7 dark hair - English speaking of course) - i love the realness of this video - i can relate - i love change of clothes - most Nigerian videos be wearing the same clothes for all 4 mins - ok i'm talking too much - here is world premiere of my girl - that i have never met btw - but i love already - enjoy guys and be nice

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Compromising Parts

Hello guys, "how u doing" in my best Wendy Williams voice – I don't like her one bit, but that phrase is hella catchy

So this is another discussion post and you know it's no fun if you guys don't comment and discuss….so please do, thank u very much

So having a discussion with my cousin about another cousins previous relationship – it was one of those bad ones where neither of them trusted each other from here to the bus-stop – why in goodness name they were in a relationship, I will never know…. One of the problems I knew of personally was that she hated that he was so close with his female best friend (she happened to be my friend too – lol, it was too funny) and she wanted him to stop talking to her completely

Now I'm always the girl who the girlfriend hates so maybe I'm a little biased here – but really though kini big deal? HE has repeatedly told me that he can't wait for us to be married and he will cut me off from all my male friends… now if you know me the likelihood/possibility of that is zero – none…… and I think that's the hardest thing for anyone to ask one to do – especially me, especially with my friends - ko kan possible – and again I ask kini big deal? Why do we stress about these kind of things in a relationship, let me tell you eventually everyone is going to grow up and grow apart – we will have kids and a family and friends will be the least of your problems, so why the stress?

Ki le feel? Like my cousin said "you have no ability to make female friends and you didn't even grow up with boys" – I don't do females, I'm sorry don't be offended – I love you all already, but I find it hard to get along with females – but I love to meet my male friends, girlfriend – to me they are family – and I would think it will be a good look to have me in your corner than say his male best friend who would always put " boys before bitches"

Oya discuss and tell me what you think please

Sexual Parts

Lol…..fellas fellas fellas – the standard has been way elevated – Trey Songz's new video for "I Invented Sex" is up and please go watch it – it will teach you a thing or two on how to pleasure a girl – I mean I felt him touching me as in literally – I swear men, I'm lost for words just thinking about what Trey Songz can do to me --- I definitely need to get over this whole celibacy business – I can like to start with a kiss first

And here it goes for your viewing pleasure – enjoy – me sha I must have Trey Songz in my bed – by force of by fire – for just one hour – that's all I need – o weee I'm hot again just watching it

So best friend thinks that if white folks were as endowed as black folks are – big booty and boobs and "huge" penis – notice the colon, imma need to see what all these girls mean by huge sha - but she goes they will be more freakish than they already are (the random things that go through her brain) – I was roftlmao – but I have to agree though – the world would be more sinful than it already is – don't you think?

Lol so there we go, what do you guys think – how u doing? Have a blessed rest of the week - kisses

Monday, November 2, 2009

#MusicMonday – Straight up Good Music

I had a couple things I wanted to share with you – but I have a lot of songs to share as well – so I think I might just stick to the music – afterall you don't really want to hear what I want to say

Who am I kidding I have to talk if you like – don't read…..hehehehehe

I have never wanted to be a citizen of another country other than mines, and I just find it really sad the lengths people go to for "papers"…. I get the whole better life for your family bla bla – but that only works if you ready to sweat, as in sweat and work really hard, especially in the likes of Yankee…. I have always said I have suffered more than I have enjoyed in this country and my mum will say the only difference is that you can hide ur shame here – cos buying clothes from Wal-Mart is still not as bad as buying clothes from "bend down select" - and in yankee nobody has to see me, u prolly the only naija in your whole school gan (except if u live in Houston or Maryland) whereas in Naija you can't walk five steps without meeting sumone you know – I'm just saying think about the worth of this whole "paper" business

Also, I just think it's all kinds of sad the lengths people go to stay in a dysfunctional relationship – I mean, straight up, self worth issues right here – the topic gets me riled up, so I won't even talk much – I have always told HE – if I feel the need to get some, I will be "breaking" up with him, ko soro I'm cheating on him(sorry can't say that in English to make sense, basically saying it won't be a matter of me cheating on him) – and he is allowed to do whatever he needs to do but if I found out – there's no story in the equation it's a wrap – that's my opinion on the matter

Now to the music – I was going to share with you some good ole country music – which by the way is the best genre in my opinion cos of the lyrics – but I realize it might be more for me than for you – o p.s. you all should go see "This is IT" the Michael Jackson movie – so sad sha, cos the show would have been off the chain – maybe imma review the movie and make it next week's #MusicMonday Post

First song is by Mario – I told you to go get his album already didn't I – I have put up one song from his album every time I have done this now – that's how good it is – it's just great melody "besides your high heels, all your wearing is your hair - oooohhh babbbyyyy" enough said innit

2nd song is an oldie but a goodie – how the hell I missed this song is besides me – I kicked myself in the butt for that men – the song is so sad – he is married, she is married and they in love with each other – at which point I don't approve breaking up cos of something that might not last either – it's painful sha and that's my fear, that I'll be married and fall in love with someone else – its why marriage ain't on d cards anytime soon

3rd song is kinda weird and so cool – I like the fusion of oldies and the young'uns not like Brandy is terribly old – but u get my drift – I love it "flyer than a mother sucker like an aviator" hahahahah

4th song is by Rhi Rhi – now she finally sang a song that folks can relate to – cos that shit that was Russian roulette was all kinds of horrible – and it seems like the album is bad really, Chris brown is winning the hand clearly – but finally this song shows that she cares "I won't get better overnight, so I'm slower to heal" – that's fair and we get it, at least I do

5th song is by various artists – lol – Dj Khaled yo – I am a fan – there is no collaboration he has out that I don't just love – that's my nucca for life – lol – but I love this song "I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired" – enuff said

6th song and final song is just to show how crazy I am about music – but for real if you don't know about Michael Buble, pls shoot yourself, for real – he Is the epitome of Good Music – and his lyrics r pure magic – like this one "And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing, And Being In Your Life Is Gonna Change Me, And Now I Can See Every Single Possibility – I Just haven't met you yet" – isn't that genius yo – lol, I love it

That's it folks – have a fantastic weekend – and pls take a min to look at the words underneath my blog title – and adhere to it - peace