Saturday, November 21, 2009

All I want for xmas

So they have started the Christmas songs and movies and all I feel is major depression – I'm about to do something I ever and only rarely do which is curse

But truth is I fucking hate Christmas in this depressed country and it doesn't help that I was home last year, but this truly fucking sucks

Never mind that at home all I do is go to church and chill with my family and friends, but it's just me and my brother here and everywhere u go, u feel like a fucking third wheeler

I just hate it here, it's cold – which over here is supposed to be good for xmas and all people do Is shop and complain about the family they are going to see

Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh shit men

All I want is to be loved and be with the ones I love

We never shared gifts back home, I mean we got new clothes (I love new clothes) and my family isn't big on the immediate family shindigs, I guess no one had a big enuff house to host everyone but there is sumn about love, being with the ones you love, that love and being safe (lol, that seems ironic, cos most will say Naij isn't safe especially during the holidays) but u get my point

I agree with RocNaija – "women so complicated" (umm dude u still need to explain that from the last post o) – I think I'm about to be me on my period (lol, I know so gross)

But yea I'm depressed and right now I wish I drank – a long island iced tea would be damn skippy right now

So in the meantime I'm going to watch hallmark channel Christmas movies and try to focus on what xmas really is – which is the birth of my Lord and savior

The one who made me and gave me this job and so even if I can't go home now I know it's for a purpose – because I know he wants me to take my possession in this land of his

Which reminds me my dad wants me to start planning an Oprah takeover – he is so happy she is planning to end her career then cos he thinks by then I'll be ready to show the world, this charm and personality he thinks I have that is great enough for tv – Oprah kind status tv – lol and don't you dare agree o blogsville, don't you dare agree and put ideas in my head, I'm still trying to write a book and let me tell you that's not going so well – so no don't you dare say this is a good thing

Again have I told u how much I love u lately – I can't believe you loved the poem – really did you love the poem tho? Or just supporting your girl? Nways sha I love you still, and so that means if I'm in a good mood I could write better and you will love it – lol, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol, I am a 23 yr old child

Nways hope you all having a great weekend – please be safe and o try to volunteer this thanksgiving and not just stuff food in your mouth – and take time to really thank God for all his beautiful blessings including your beautiful faces…

Gist – my one ex calls after 2 years (p.s. he reads the blog, lol) and the one ex said I inspired his new company – I feel awesome, lol – just to say no matter how much I was hurt at the time, as long I composed myself well, I can hold my head high and that's good enuff for me

Take care guys…

U rock my socks

p.s. I love you


  1. Oh i see you are inspiring people now..nice!
    And all the best with the book you are writing,have a nice week ahead.

  2. Lol @ u being a 23yr old child, mkes me feel good bout being a 22yr old child...hehehe!

    I knw wat u mean bout xmas and having loved ones around; here its jst me n my mom. Back in Naij, the whole fam used to gather @ ours. My Mom n her sisters in her room or in d kitchen cooking, gisting n' gossiping; men in the living room or out under the trees drinking, eating fried meat, talking politics, sports; and the kids just chillin playing, watching tv or about a full-house *sigh* I miss home.

  3. Oprah status...
    u go!

    Inspiring all around huh?

  4. guess i'm nt d only one spending xmas in a cold 'boring' country.d 'chickens' to be slaughtered bk home in naija will definitely miss me.

    hmmmmm..... just thot abt it,we cld do a joint post on our boring xmas.wt do u think?sounds funny?

    nice write-up!

  5. Awww, I wish I could invite some of you for xmas. I'll miss home but it will be to start something new with SO.

    Thanks for the thanksgiving tip on my blog. I already volunteer but we're closed on the day. SO has a couple of days off so maybe I'll trip him.

  6. Nice one... try and enjoy ur xams sha... i plan to this yr cuz most tyms I never do....

  7. You do know it's a bit cliché to blame thoughts like this on your hormones, right?

  8. @blogoratti - lol @ inspiring people -thanks a bunch dear, hope ur week has been good?

    @Undercover07 - awww you make me even miss home now - sounds like fun, thats how i want it to be for my children in Jesus name

    @Chayoma - lol, thanks girl - we thank God abi

    @musco- lol @ chickens missing you and yes we should def do a post together - let me know ok

    @Myne- awww sounds great, a new tradition begins for u both

    @Harry-Rami - i pray so, hope you enjoy yours as well

    @RocNaija - lol, we r going to fight o, why cant you just allow a girl her moment -lol, i know just dont like being the emotional sort is all

  9. ah, christmas depression..i see it's eating u up some..sorry less mouth to chop the

    hmm,dat ex supposed come pay proper homage feels good when we see how we've touched others lives

  10. lol, thank u ma for rubbing it in o - lol, imma tell him to and yes it does, even though i try to brush it off always


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