Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Compromising Parts

Hello guys, "how u doing" in my best Wendy Williams voice – I don't like her one bit, but that phrase is hella catchy

So this is another discussion post and you know it's no fun if you guys don't comment and discuss….so please do, thank u very much

So having a discussion with my cousin about another cousins previous relationship – it was one of those bad ones where neither of them trusted each other from here to the bus-stop – why in goodness name they were in a relationship, I will never know…. One of the problems I knew of personally was that she hated that he was so close with his female best friend (she happened to be my friend too – lol, it was too funny) and she wanted him to stop talking to her completely

Now I'm always the girl who the girlfriend hates so maybe I'm a little biased here – but really though kini big deal? HE has repeatedly told me that he can't wait for us to be married and he will cut me off from all my male friends… now if you know me the likelihood/possibility of that is zero – none…… and I think that's the hardest thing for anyone to ask one to do – especially me, especially with my friends - ko kan possible – and again I ask kini big deal? Why do we stress about these kind of things in a relationship, let me tell you eventually everyone is going to grow up and grow apart – we will have kids and a family and friends will be the least of your problems, so why the stress?

Ki le feel? Like my cousin said "you have no ability to make female friends and you didn't even grow up with boys" – I don't do females, I'm sorry don't be offended – I love you all already, but I find it hard to get along with females – but I love to meet my male friends, girlfriend – to me they are family – and I would think it will be a good look to have me in your corner than say his male best friend who would always put " boys before bitches"

Oya discuss and tell me what you think please

Sexual Parts

Lol…..fellas fellas fellas – the standard has been way elevated – Trey Songz's new video for "I Invented Sex" is up and please go watch it – it will teach you a thing or two on how to pleasure a girl – I mean I felt him touching me as in literally – I swear men, I'm lost for words just thinking about what Trey Songz can do to me --- I definitely need to get over this whole celibacy business – I can like to start with a kiss first

And here it goes for your viewing pleasure – enjoy – me sha I must have Trey Songz in my bed – by force of by fire – for just one hour – that's all I need – o weee I'm hot again just watching it

So best friend thinks that if white folks were as endowed as black folks are – big booty and boobs and "huge" penis – notice the colon, imma need to see what all these girls mean by huge sha - but she goes they will be more freakish than they already are (the random things that go through her brain) – I was roftlmao – but I have to agree though – the world would be more sinful than it already is – don't you think?

Lol so there we go, what do you guys think – how u doing? Have a blessed rest of the week - kisses


  1. When two people cant trust each other i will never understand why they both choose to stay in such an unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship.....I mean if you cant trust that when the other person leaves the living room to go to the bathroom less than 50 ft away something is not gonna go down.....Then you need not be with that person!!!I guess misery loves company....They are content with making each other miserable!!!

    Your track record has clearly shown that you cant be friends with females.....its just not in your DNA.....So anybody asking you to do that.....Now that would be major cruel and unusual punishment for ya.....Deer in headlights....You wont even know where to begin with!!

    You know i gat so much to say about that song/video......Seeing as its my "hot topic".....But imma leave it alone!!!!

  2. Hmmm thats just insecurity i guess...i've never felt threatened by any of my boyfriends' female friends sha. Don't know why females do, he met her before you so whats the stress abi???
    As for that video..all i can do is take a deep deep breath

  3. Like you said ppl should take a chill pill. A former friend of SO keeps calling to take permission to speak to him. Abeg which one concern me? Please go ahead jooo..

    Mennn, that your video is hot ooo. I'm going back to bed...LOL

  4. babes!
    I am a trusting chic! My boyf used to try to make me jealous all the time. I knew i had his number so i was not moved.
    By the way, i made up my mind to trust so even when i was suspicious, i pushed the thought away and believed only what he told me.
    a r/ship of only two... but i refused to open up, whats a man to do? so hating the other chic was not me. i truly got along with them with my whole heart.

  5. @Abi, watever i currently have a lot of female friends especially cos of blogsville - so i am growing and changing - lol, trey songz is the shiznit men...thanks boo, i love you

    @juiceegal.... yes , i think insecurity is the word and its ok to limit things - like not a lot of kissing and hugging like u do with ur friends u know - but other than that kini big, yes o trey songz was just evil for that

    @Myne Whitman - lol, ok i will beat that girl if it were me - thats irritating, lol, hope your dreams were not filled with Trey Songz

    @Tisha....hi darling, lol....awww u r so sweet, but i'm exactly the same way - esp cos mine is long dist - if u don't trust each other it just makes the relationship hard - and you got the recipe for happiness down-packed jare ....thanks boo

  6. Lmaoooooooo....
    I'm claiming the fifth on this post joo...

  7. lol - i don't like this withholding o - lol - oya please now talk biko...pretty please, lol


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