Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daddy Found My Blog & I’m thankful

So yes u read me right – my dad found my blog – o my days I nearly shit for pant, when I got the text in the morning, telling me he found it and liked it except I shouldn't talk so much about my future, after which he proceeds to back it up with scriptural verses( which I haven't read still, please don't tell him, lol)- but as a big girl now, I handled it well – I just told him he is not allowed to read it ever again – knowing my dad, that's just story – the man is so funny, he likes that I can write about any topic and he goes "o my friend who is a writer said to send him some of what you have done, for a possible position" lol – he is cool people for real – I actually closed the blog for like a day, cos I didn't know what to do (did anyone notice?) but I realized knowing my dad, he already read all 50+ posts before sending the text, so nothing to hide – so he gets to read about everything I write if he so chooses from sex, to politics, to sports, relationships, anything personal or otherwise, even when it's about him. I love my dad, what can I say?

Btw, I am so sorry for not putting up a post since Monday, popsy found the blog on Tuesday I think, I closed it that day, and was going to post sumn once my holidays started on Thursday but just got really busy. Men, Houston can suck u dry o, every other day there is a wedding, baby shower, birthday something, I tell u I am going to sit my butt home by force or by fire this month of December coming, I already feel like I am known and u know ur girl don't do that – I like being behind the scenes – speaking of which one old man, I swear he is old enuff to be my dad was trying to chat me up yesterday (actually followed me to the bathroom), can u imagine? Then he is going to say can you hug me please? I'm like sorry sir but no – as in hey I wanted to die though, cos some old women and men were passing by greeting him & looking at me – more reason for me to sit my butt home in Dec. men…plus its cold in this zones men, really thought it will still be sunny until at least January – and tell me y, mosquitoes keep feasting on my body from my face to feet everywhere(bf mum says it's something about me being portable & having sweet blood) men ko funny jo

So I really hate to hear "Boyfriend is not husband" or vice versa – like for real what does that mean? Does that give me a right to go take another girls man, cos I think he is not the man for me? – I get the whole "don't put all your eggs in one basket bit" believe me I know(but that's story for another time) but I just think that's a selfish, and stupid thing to say or principle to live by – but what I like about life is that karma is a bitch, that goes hard – enuff said

So my Naija and Yankee folks, how was your long holiday? Hope you enjoyed it & all – mine was busy attending functions I had no business attending really – but I also volunteered, which was pretty cool, and hung out with my boy – Mr. Banko – from Canada, and with limlim, who came in from school in Indiana- so that was nice and some good good food (I will tell you that my tummy is swollen, although that seems to have been the case for about a month now, but u will probably tell me I have body image issues) – nways in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have to share with you the reasons I am thankful – and I hope you really took the time to do that – I think Nigeria needs to create such a day, things might make a difference in that country as such – so here we go in no particular order

I'm Thankful

I'm so thankful for God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I could not even tell you where my life will be otherwise & I pray you all know him personally, especially those of you that don't know him now

I'm thankful for the air I breathe, that I can walk, type, see even if it's with glasses, that I am just 5'2 and look 16 still, for a face that can let my do any hairstyle, for my swollen tummy even with all the workout and eating right

I'm thankful for the love of family, even through it all, he has kept us happy and healthy and keeps providing for us, for a job and for me being able to give of my very own first paycheck(pls remember always to give your tithe and your first fruit-which is the complete first paycheck)

I'm thankful for the best friends anyone could ever wish for – if it were a contest I can promise you that I would win hands down, cos I have ride & die friends – I would name names but no space – they know themselves, I try to tell them how much they mean to me frequently – but regardless I love you always

I'm thankful for blogsville – you could never know what you mean to me, your support, your feedback- Myne, Mr Jegede, Roc, Cerebrus, Tisha, Tricia, Bagucci, David, Sugarking, Fabulola, all the anonymous– ok, this won't work – I couldn't name you all, esp cos there are some of you who never comment but I know are steady reading – I'm so thankful to God for you

I'm thankful that I take the bus to work, that I always have food to eat, that I haven't collected my degree yet & was able to still work, that I am done with school, that I'm in Houston, that I can't go to Naija this xmas, for long natural nails and nice legs

I'm thankful for each of my siblings, they are the reason I strive to be the very best, and for the best mother in the world hands down, and my very funny daddy - that I am single still and not lonely, that I haven't done the do for almost a year now, that my "assets" have grown, that I can never find clothes for my weirdly shaped body

I'm thankful cos I have no reason to be in the hospital ever, and not had to see the dentist for a while, that Arsenal & Giants are my teams even though they occasionally suck, for my love of shoes, for the ability to tweet (allowing me to say some major random ish) and even more so for blackberry, for humor group and the Christian group on there

I'm thankful for my extended family, for past and present teachers & mentors, past & present churches and pastors, for everyone I have ever met, for Music (which I think he specially created because of me), for older friends and new friends who have taken to me and been very supportive & encouraging and helpful, for skype and the internet in general- and so many things I am sure I am forgetting

I am just so thankful & filled with joy & peace – my parents knew what there were doing when they named me with names that all have joy in it – cos I am truly blessed & happy and I sincerely wish you all the same – the kind of joy that removes all kinds of sorrow & tears

Nways with that said – wishing you all a very F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S week ahead, one without no stress and only testimonies – I will be doing a whole special on one particular artist tomorrow – so please come back – although I suspect it will be late- PEACE

p.s I Love you


  1. LOOL your dad is so funny. I don't even know I'd do if my dad found mine - I might faint maybe. Okay exaggeration but yeah.
    LOL about the old man. That's jokes. I can't imagine what those people looking at you were thinking.
    Liking the blog.

  2. @mo'yosola - we r namesakes u know? - best name ever men - lol
    i thot i would faint too - but it wasn't half as bad, and my dear u dont know how embarrassed i felt knowing they would form an impression of me
    and thank u - about to go read some of your stuff now

  3. We thankful for having you around us to be able to inspire and motivate the weak hearts... much luv home girl!!

  4. LOL is it? Im blushing. Yes the best ever, I'm actually in love with my name :)
    Lol, aw, you should have just turned like you weren't with him - easier life ! x

  5. lol ur dad is funny lets trade dads!! mine is only funny when hes pissed off!! nice post

  6. loool your dad found your blog?? hehehe, if my dad found mine, i would close it soooo fast and open a new, verryyy anonymous one!

  7. omg, that would've been so awkward if my dad found my blog. i don't see how our conversation would end hmm, it'll be just too weird.

  8. Girlfriend you are so lucky to have a dad like yours. He is straight up cool! I know when he reads your blog he is proud of you.
    Tell that man to keep off that is kinda spooky..Arsenal lost yesterday, i actually felt the pain.
    Have a great week dear.
    Lots of X's and O's

  9. P.s I'm very thankful for you..and the fact that when i don't read from you something is amiss

  10. pretty sure he read all 50+ b4 he let u kno....but seems cool enough dat he didnt freakout...its kinda like how my pops found my sistas on FB but 4 some reason couldnt find me....I BLOCKED HIS NAME rite afta i helped him open an acct...nd u prolly should av said somethin like UNCLE E fi mi le jus as dey walked by....nd im thankful dat i was called for a job in DC nd i took a random pic of a lady facing d wall dancing herself away nd was lata ambushed by a mob of angry job experience eva...U reeli r someone to b loved....MUAH...nd lastly hows d pencil skirt experience uve always dreamed of...Must b nice

  11. Hmmmm ur dad found your blog??? Thats serious

  12. Aww....this is a sweet it..

    PS::: I f my dad finds my blog... Imma have 2 deny just kidding.. I dunno wat I will do though..still thinking..

  13. lol,for real? dad rarely uses the internet so i doubt i have anything to worry about.
    and im thankful for life.

  14. I'm thankful for so many things and yeah we had a nice thanksgiving. Most of my friends and family read my blog and facebook but I guess it's not the same abi? LOL. But your dad sounds like a great parent. have a beautiful week.

  15. cool dad u got there,girl and an ever present inspiration..

    it's always great to pour out our thankfulness..

    and it's been great knowing you on here

  16. @Banko - u rock my socks, love u die

    @Mo'yosola - lol, this is my first experience with old men, so imma learn for everyone's advice

    @The Damsel - lol, omo the angel u know is better than the one you don't lol - thanks dear

    @CerebrallyBusy - lol, you will be surprised he might shock you

    @Anya P - lol, u will be surprised he might handle it well - we laughed about it too

    @ Tricia - awwww thank u, i think he is and i thank God for that - lol, i told him - see u trying to sneakingly rub in the Arsenal loss, so not fair - thanks so much dear

    @Mr Jegede - lol, yea - o i'm not smart sha, hopefully a next time never occurs - love u too dear - lol, i haven't shopped well for work, but yea still loving the whole dressing up to work, cant believe u remembered - muah

    @juiceegal - lol, na real wa

    @Harry - lol, have u come up with sumthing? thanks sir

    @leggy - lol, thats good- my dad likes it to so he can talk to us - thankful for ur life as well

    @Myne - lol, not really - yours is better jo - yea he trys, thanks dear - same to you

    @histreasure - Thank you so much ma, and i really appreciate all of your feedback and your posts - muah

  17. @Roc---awww blushes, thanks dear

  18. Aww Muah to u too babesxxx

    And ur Dad found ur blog?
    I wil die if mine found me o!

  19. Just came across your blog. Lovely work! And as I was reading what you wrote about your dad, I almost felt like you were talking about mine!!! Lol. Mine leaves comments on some of my blog posts and what-nots lol. They should have tea together. Anyway, I look forward to reading more. Stay blessed.

  20. I love what you're grateful for...that's funny that your dad found your blog and is supportive. i appreciate and love supportive parents...they rock...i wonder what my dad would do if he found my blog especially because i may write critical stuff about him...oh your blog..

  21. wont die, u will be fine i promise, but he most likely wont so you don't have any problems..., u will be surprised they know each other...thank u for coming by the blog...will be visiting yours asap

    @ShadeNonconformist....he will probably just see you in a different, enlightened light....thank u so much dear


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