Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man of My Fantasy

Ok this is just a quick post to promote my girl, and a great artist in my opinion Miss Josephine Silla ..... ever since i heard this song i have been rooting for her to do more - get an album out - do a video - she has that India Arie/Alicia Keys thing going - and hey its not easy being a Nigerian artist - more less a female one, so i am behind her a 100 % - plus she wrote the lyrics to this song - might i add at the age of 16 - enough said
its called Man of My Fantasy and even though i was expecting some Will Smith looking guy - that was my own fantasy (current fantasy is sexy Asian guy, 5'7 dark hair - English speaking of course) - i love the realness of this video - i can relate - i love change of clothes - most Nigerian videos be wearing the same clothes for all 4 mins - ok i'm talking too much - here is world premiere of my girl - that i have never met btw - but i love already - enjoy guys and be nice


  1. You are right cuzzo.....Your girl kinda sorta reminds me of India Arie in a earthy,music from the soul,grounded originality kinda way.....Coolio....I like!!!!The video wasnt bad at all......The clothes change was nice.....My only BUT with the video would be the wig.....I wasnt crazy about it......But she does sound good though!!!

    Ah.....Man of my fantasy sha......Think ~Built like a Greek god.......With plenty of natural endowments *Wink* *Wink*......Balls of fury(its my fantasy so dont try to understand that one)......In all brown skin chocolatey glory......With a foreign accent(preferably French or Spanish)....With a smile that can melt ice......Eyes that undresses......Huge hands(I would put those to WORK)...6 ft 9(ha...The things i can do with that height.....Think Vault jumping)~.......Ah,Sigh!!!!Back to reality....Arrggghhhhh!!!

  2. This is really nice, I think Silla has loads of talent and the video is on point like you said. The guy might not be Will Smith but did you see how he lifted her up? Me likey...

  3. Please tell your girl when she gets an album out I'll look for it even if I'm in Kenya. I love the India Arie sound..she is good and talented..

  4. she is okay.she does have a good voice.

  5. She's pretty and I like her voice. That wig has to go though lol

  6. Thank you all so very much - i really appreciate it and she does too and i have passed on all your comments

    @Abi - u r too mad - u will find the man of ur dreams in Jesus name

    @Abi and miss.fab - lol, i see your point on the wig - her real hair was much better - but it also didn't take away from the video so i love that

    @Myne - seen, u like strong men i see - lol, good

  7. thanks guys, appreciate it! :) love and light!


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