Monday, November 9, 2009

#Music Monday – Introducing Sonya “La-La” Irabor & ND

Its Monday peoples – hallelujah, hallelujah - we see another week… all Glory be to God

Lol, don't mind me – I am just excited – had a good weekend – highlight I saw Drake (note, I didn't say I met Drake) I just saw Mr "Best I ever had" – and he is much cuter than I thought – how was your weekend? Anything interesting happen at your neck of the woods – please share?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen to my girl, Miss Josephine Silla, im glad u liked the song – thank u so much for commenting as well I appreciate you all very much

I was to give you the goodness that is Michael Jackson today – but I have decided to give you the goodness that is from Nigeria – especially for those of us in the states who miss out on some really talented artists – from our great Nation – and I hope you like these artists as much as I do

Sonya "La-La" Irabor

I have never met this lady but I feel like I know her already – my boss Mr WePlugGoodMusic aka Ayohla, introduced me to her a while back and is a diehard fan and I see why after listening to some of her songs – my favorite so far being Mr Swagger – which you will get to hear in a bit. She's an ever growing Singer/Song-writer based in Leicester, UK and there is something about her sound – something she describes as Jazz/Funk/Soul with a hint of pop that I find so endearing…..i love her voice, she can do whatever (slow it down like Alicia keys or tear it up like Lauryn Hill) and it will be a hit ….. And someone who can sing like this at age 19/20 has only the best things heading her way – with great management, production and team – she could be one of the best we see from Naija …..I propose to be your video director La-La , lol

Here are three of her songs for your listening pleasure
My fav - Mr Swagger

01 MR. SWAGGER.mp3

Awesome Song - No One Like You

02 No One Like You...

Just Goodness - Get Over it

01 Get Over It (In...
You see what I'm talking about guys is she good or what? – She's looking to release her E.P which will be for free downloading in Dec 09/Jan 010 with these three tracks forming part of the EP – and I'm excited to hear it – it should be awesome

For more information on her visit her on her twitter page, facebook page and she has a radio show she does every Sunday @ 7pm, Uk time – so guys lets support and promote and encourage her


Now him – I know nothing about, where he is from, where he is – absolutely nothing – I was randomly on, when I heard his song and I went ahead to download his free mixtape and I was thoroughly impressed – I think Banky W has something to be anxious about – cos this guy whoever he is ( I have tried asking people about him, no one seems to know him) is a great singer to be – I love love his voice -
 here are four of his songs for your listening pleasure
My Fav - May I

2. ND and Meaku - ...

Awesomeness - Back to You

Great Song - Scandal

9. ND -

Just had to throw in the Yoruba song - Bamidele

4. TNT ft. ND - Ba...
there is the link to download the mixtape ....Iet me know what you think and if you know the rock he is hidden under please remove and find him and tell him his biggest fan is looking for him
There we go guys – let's hear your opinions and have a fantabolous week ahead …..Kisses all around


  1. Thanks for sharing these two artistes. I visited notjustok and was almost sucked in LOL. I'm a naija music video freak.

    Sonya has great promise in her vocals but it need more work, it was breaking and shaking at some points. I love the music same as ND but he's not very original I have to say. Has a typical hip hop sound. I'm happy for them sha, it is not easy and they're doing very well for the beginning...

  2. I know 'sonya'
    she used to write with her mom on 'Genevieve mag' with her mom Betty Irabor.
    Great gal, hope to listen to her song soon.

  3. lol, glad you liked it lovelies....


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