Monday, November 30, 2009

#MusicMonday – His Name Is?

I will tell you his name in just a bit..hehhehe – what it do folks? Great Monday, I hope? Mine was chilled, the bus didn't even annoy me today, was listening to music and dancing (don't know why I keep doing that, I have no shame whatsoever) I almost missed my stop.

So for someone who claims to be private and really only share information with limited folks – I find myself able to tell you (blogsville) about anything and even knowing that people who know me personally (e.g. my dad, lol) read this doesn't deter me – there is just something about writing that frees me – it's probably why I don't hold on to anything and I'm able to let go so easily – nways my point for all this talk is I want to report my mummy to you

I love the woman to death, I do – but sometimes I swear I just want to give her a piece of my mind – so I tell her, HE and I are no longer talking, we going to try to be friends still – now I couldn't tell her the many reasons why this is true – I don't know how to lie to my parents, at least not any longer and she asked about him so I answered right? And she is going to say and I quote "hahah, why can't you hold on to relationships?" – oweeee, even now as I tell you, my blood is boiling over again – like my first thought was wtf? But I was raised right & the Holy Spirit spoke the words not me, in which I told her that it wasn't my fault and things happen and bye of course

It's a harsh thing to say and I'm still going to talk to her about it, but I understand where she is coming from – u see she has been divorced more years than she was married and with four kids, our happiness is what she lives for – and u know nja now, where my dad has remarried and has three other kids, she is single still – so that whole trying to make sure I have long lasting marriage clouds her judgment sumtimes in how she expects me to be with a boy and be tolerant and not want to end things so quickly or whatever

But this is where I stand – I believe in love, I really do – but I believe in love that is gentle and kind, peaceful, no stress, no insecurities, loads of trust, leave the baggage and the past experiences outside, have faith in us, understand that distance should not be a problem ever, be sensitive to my needs, know that sex enhances but is nothing to do with why I want to be with u, love that is good, strong and able to withstand anything – I will only settle for the kind of love that makes me deliriously happy and for a man that is a representation of my identity, someone who wants to scream my name to the world and will go leaps and bounds – so until then sorry mummy and daddy, marriage is the last thing on my mind – don't want to be where either of you are – I am single and celibate(not even a kiss, chai) and loving it – your baby is truly happy

His Name Is Joe
Sorry for the distraction today's post is actually about Music, goodness that is Joe– he is the only artist I believe has 8 awesome albums, this guy is largely underrated and is slept on– like each album was just perfect (ok let's say great) and imma share my fav songs from each – hope you like it and have a blessed week ahead – p.s I love you
From his First Album - Everything - "All or Nothing" - so old school men

From his 2nd album - All that I am - at this point its so hard to choose, this is my fav album still - but i have to go with "Good Girls"

From his 3rd album - My Name is Joe - my third fav album of his - this was just magic men - i have to go with "I Believe in you" over 'Table for Two and Stutter'

From his 4th album - Better Days  - my fourth fav album from his -this was just a really good clean album, it hit all the right notes - i have to go with "I Understand" but men "I like Sexy Girls" is such a classic

From his 5th album - And Then - omygoodness at this point i'm having orgasms - this album was just toooooooo great -  like this is the kind of album that makes me believe in perfect love (not the perfect man o) - second fav album of his - gotta to go with "And then" - but "More and More" is calling me

From his 6th album - Ain't nothing Like Me - hmmm this album take as it be - it wasnt his finest, he was trying to do some hiphop sturvs i wasnt feeling still - but out of it came one of his best songs ever "If I Was Your Man"

From his 7th album - Joe Thomas, New Man - This album i think was his most underrated album - cos it had some pure genius songs here and he went back to his pure r 'n' b/soul - my fav song still has to be "We Need to Roll" but please listen to "Why Just Be Friends"

From his 8th album - Signature - this is for the grown and sexy yo, like forget it - this album from top to bottom gets me gagas - gotta go with "Metaphor" but please listen to "Miss My Baby"

and thats it folks, orgasmic music at its finest - enjoy


  1. Love Joe too! Saw him in concert here in NY for free this past summer.

  2. when my mum gets under my skin, i try haaard to remind myself that its because she cares that she bothers, else she and i would be at each other's throats -- especially in the last few months..

  3. LOL!!! Joe is ok.... not my fave though...

  4. Joe is aight! Mom's know best..actually they just want the best for us. I'm also a child of divorce so i get her...

  5. Urggh,not a fan of Joe's.
    I see your belief in love is sky high :)

  6. Love without wahala is everything jare my sis. And Joe has done his bit in helping the errrm side of it along. Hehehhee. I saw him when he was in Abuja some years ago and he was great.

  7. Lmaooooo... See you tripping listening to the songs all over again.. :)
    Gotta admit, he's the only one I have his full discography on my ipod. Classic.
    He did say once that Rkelly stifled his rise, cos they were on the same label and R kept having words with management about marketing Joe albums.. Long tin..

    Sounds like you already know what you intend to say to momsy, it's just finding the right time to have a sit-down.
    The older we get though, the more we realise how wise our folks are..

  8. Undercover,I am so jealous......
    Ma dear,ma whole fam is crazy abt Joe but I dont play it much anymore cos he reminds ma mum too much of ma late uncle.......I dnt see "good girls" or "your man" anywhr in dt fav list thou...
    As for your mum you got to understand that our parents try all the tym to see that we dont make the same mistakes that they might have made...

  9. LMAO!!!
    reporting your mom to us, huh?
    and you and
    no comments on that but babe...

    how have you been though?
    missed you ;)

  10. I love Joe... I do.. I will listen all day...

  11. I love joe but i know love, love, simple. Nice post sha. i enjoyed it

  12. @UnderCover07 - I am so jealous men, i'm his biggest fan men

    @akaBagucci- i will take your advise dear, but its very hard

    @Harry - what? how? ummm? i need to discuss this more with you

    @Tricia - just aight? yea i guess, but she could have been less harsh about this

    @blogoratti - omygoodness, how is this possible really? yes o my belief is, only hope my reality is the same

    @Myne - lol, yes he has and i am so jealous men

    @Roc - lol, he is awesome men and yea i heard the same story, kinda makes sense too - yea, with mumsy she just needs to have asked questions instead of jumping into conclusions

    @MyWorld - i had good girls there, but not your man - i wish, i could put so his whole album there men - i wish my mum trusted that i wont make the same mistakes - thanks for visiting my blog, will be visiting urs asap

    @David -yes o seriously, lol - what can i say i am a sucka for love....i've been good love, missed u too

    @Shee - I have been listening all week man, back to back....welcome, will be visiting ur blog as well

    @justwanna007 - thanks dear, i appreciate you visiting - hope to find that simple love

  13. Joe is my baby daddy!!! i cant believe your dad found ur mom found mine a while ago..well my old one and she was just yarning dust ehnnn...i had to make it private cuz of her..but im glad you can talk reason into your parents..thats a good thing...muah babes have a good week!

  14. awwww just seeing this, lol...eyaaa i suspect my mother will be mad at mines too though...muah babes

  15. I can relate to your mom's reason and I like your love definition. Here's to God seeing us through.

  16. Amen, thanks dear....awwww did u read all the #MM that's sweet


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