Monday, November 16, 2009

#MusicMonday Ramblings

Hello peoples, how you doing, how was your weekend o? mine wasn't bad at all- Yoruba Nigeria weddings are the shiznit men especially with the Live band and you can't help but dance – plus ur sweetheart was looking fly if I say so myself – lol, my vain self has been kicking extra hard lately – I really need to calm down- lol.

So work has been awesome, the thing is Epidemiologists are glorified "paper pushers" cos most of what we do is track diseases, get the reports from the hospitals, investigate it and then file it – our work is only shown when we publish reports, like all that info you get on smoking and cancer rates for example – but for the amount of money they paying me, I am a happy "paper pusher" lol – all Glory to God

So I'm taking the bus & train in the meantime, cos my car is still in Michigan and the sightings are just the best – first off I work in the medical district – so enuff nurses, doctors and all the other health professions and then at some point u start seeing regular and "weird" people – like this white guy(note that I said guy aka man) in a purple skirt suit and I wasn't sure if it was a painting/ tattoos/ tights – I just know it was on his legs and it was rainbow colored – I so badly wanted to take a picture men- it was a sight for sore eyes –speaking of which I seen this girl(black)at the salon with colorful tattoos – she had kisses in red men- all across her neck and chest – pretty as hell too, and I don't mean to be judgmental but what future does she expect to have – I'm just saying

So about that strong like/love thing – my question when do you know? What are the signs? – let me lay down the scenario – two different guys, both thousands of miles away (one a fellow blogger of ours, hi dear) – both claim to be interested they have mentioned the word love – blogger: doesn't remember my birthday, hardly picks up the phone to call me, especially when he is busy- he retreats into his shell , but keeps tabs on me– but I know he cares, more like once we are together then he will do all the work involved in keeping me – other guy: must talk to me every day, is friends with my best friend now, calls me every hour before it was my bday, makes me laugh silly and likes to be involved in details about me from my hair to my career

I know that doesn't give you much info, and don't get me wrong, they are not in competition or am I talking to both of them – I'm just trying to assess my feelings - do you see where I am coming from?– what do we use to judge a man – other guy: could say be doing this only till we have sex or sumn – he just has to conquer yea, whereas say for example blogger would love me forever – nways I guess if u can help me rationalise this out cos I'm not sure I want to give my heart to anyone completely anytime soon or ever really

Speaking of which some boys take the piss men – this guy invites my friend out to the movies, then goes "can u come pick me up" she said no, that her car was indisposed and he goes "well, can sum1 drop you off, we can stay in and watch a movie" to which she said no and goes on to say they could do it some other time when he has his car, to which he said and I quote "forget it" – I am so freaking confused, what does that mean – was he hoping to get her to his place to do the 'do' or does he not have a car to which I say, why didn't u just say so in the first place and or invite me out – like boy r u crazy

Nways sorry guys this is getting rather long – got four albums this weekend, courtesy my boy "extreme baby" lol – Wale's, Ryan Leslie's, Melanie Fiona's and Owl city's and imma share one of my favorites from each– without writing anything about these songs, I hope you can hear what the lyrics are trying to say and you get the message, cos they are rather deep songs – plus a Robin Thicke song I hope you have all heard by now and a Chris Brown(can't wait for his album) song I hope u all enjoy

Looking forward to your comments and all the best throughout the rest of the week – I love u all
P.s. Happy bday Okpe - much love


  1. you're not confused. you can chose. frankly i think you may just like the attention you are getting from the blogger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which you will deny till heaven comes. but it's ok. i know you better than you know yourself.

  2. Ahhhh...who is the blogger? LOL

    Seriously, you're the only one who can sort out the issue of the 2 guys. All the best.

  3. Man drama..
    Never hurts to follow your heart in 'affairs of the heart'. Then again your head will never steer you wrong.

    You already know that Chris Brown's album is gonna be hawt!

  4. 'Can you pick me up?' SERIOUSLY!
    He is a joker straight up. About the other two, only you can decide at the end, we may like the sound of them but you know the...

    have a great week..

  5. Is that RocNaija??? Dude where have u been naaa? Neways gud to see u're ok.

    Babe I agree wiv d 1st person, the attention is nice. But at the end of the day, only u can decide who u really like more. Goodluck!!!

    PS:Think it's my 1st time here...:)

  6. Seriously and truthfully, I think the guy that wanted your friend to come pick him was suffering from acute conji. When a man acts that way, just know its the conji speaking. lol

  7. Be sure to check out those songs..nice week!

  8. @Oye - no comment, we live togethere - big head, lol

    @Myne - i will have to kill if u told u - heheheheh, lol i will clarify things tho in thew new post

    @RocNaija - thanks, i feel like my heart is leading me astray - still i need to clarify some points - i like ur music taste men

    @tricia - lol, i know right - and thanks dear - hope u having a great week so far

    @UnderCover07 - it is and thanks very much for stopping by - i need to clarify sum things abt the situation so maybe u will understand where i am coming from

    @Sugarking - lol, that is hilarious but you are right?

    @blogoratti - glad u like it - hope u r having a nice week so far

    @muyiwa - awww thanks, tk cr of u

  9. i av no comment on d relationships....pele u shall ovacome...nd yay u picked my fav track off d owl city album...u get cool points 4 dat...PRAYER is d key


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