Monday, November 2, 2009

#MusicMonday – Straight up Good Music

I had a couple things I wanted to share with you – but I have a lot of songs to share as well – so I think I might just stick to the music – afterall you don't really want to hear what I want to say

Who am I kidding I have to talk if you like – don't read…..hehehehehe

I have never wanted to be a citizen of another country other than mines, and I just find it really sad the lengths people go to for "papers"…. I get the whole better life for your family bla bla – but that only works if you ready to sweat, as in sweat and work really hard, especially in the likes of Yankee…. I have always said I have suffered more than I have enjoyed in this country and my mum will say the only difference is that you can hide ur shame here – cos buying clothes from Wal-Mart is still not as bad as buying clothes from "bend down select" - and in yankee nobody has to see me, u prolly the only naija in your whole school gan (except if u live in Houston or Maryland) whereas in Naija you can't walk five steps without meeting sumone you know – I'm just saying think about the worth of this whole "paper" business

Also, I just think it's all kinds of sad the lengths people go to stay in a dysfunctional relationship – I mean, straight up, self worth issues right here – the topic gets me riled up, so I won't even talk much – I have always told HE – if I feel the need to get some, I will be "breaking" up with him, ko soro I'm cheating on him(sorry can't say that in English to make sense, basically saying it won't be a matter of me cheating on him) – and he is allowed to do whatever he needs to do but if I found out – there's no story in the equation it's a wrap – that's my opinion on the matter

Now to the music – I was going to share with you some good ole country music – which by the way is the best genre in my opinion cos of the lyrics – but I realize it might be more for me than for you – o p.s. you all should go see "This is IT" the Michael Jackson movie – so sad sha, cos the show would have been off the chain – maybe imma review the movie and make it next week's #MusicMonday Post

First song is by Mario – I told you to go get his album already didn't I – I have put up one song from his album every time I have done this now – that's how good it is – it's just great melody "besides your high heels, all your wearing is your hair - oooohhh babbbyyyy" enough said innit

2nd song is an oldie but a goodie – how the hell I missed this song is besides me – I kicked myself in the butt for that men – the song is so sad – he is married, she is married and they in love with each other – at which point I don't approve breaking up cos of something that might not last either – it's painful sha and that's my fear, that I'll be married and fall in love with someone else – its why marriage ain't on d cards anytime soon

3rd song is kinda weird and so cool – I like the fusion of oldies and the young'uns not like Brandy is terribly old – but u get my drift – I love it "flyer than a mother sucker like an aviator" hahahahah

4th song is by Rhi Rhi – now she finally sang a song that folks can relate to – cos that shit that was Russian roulette was all kinds of horrible – and it seems like the album is bad really, Chris brown is winning the hand clearly – but finally this song shows that she cares "I won't get better overnight, so I'm slower to heal" – that's fair and we get it, at least I do

5th song is by various artists – lol – Dj Khaled yo – I am a fan – there is no collaboration he has out that I don't just love – that's my nucca for life – lol – but I love this song "I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired" – enuff said

6th song and final song is just to show how crazy I am about music – but for real if you don't know about Michael Buble, pls shoot yourself, for real – he Is the epitome of Good Music – and his lyrics r pure magic – like this one "And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing, And Being In Your Life Is Gonna Change Me, And Now I Can See Every Single Possibility – I Just haven't met you yet" – isn't that genius yo – lol, I love it

That's it folks – have a fantastic weekend – and pls take a min to look at the words underneath my blog title – and adhere to it - peace


  1. Always on point... Banko

  2. OMG Cuzzo........I needed that music theraphy!!!!I HEART Michael Buble.....He always speaks to my soul......He sang my story right there!!!

    You better tell them....Sometimes you just gat to know what you are worth and keep it moving......Folks need to spot cheating themselves of the true happiness and love and respect and all that good stuff that they are deserving of!!!!Well said kekere!!!!

    P.S:It only took you like 3 days from the last blog to write this one....But who's counting?????(I AM)!!!!

  3. i can't wait till u get married to put all this talk into practice. until then, it's all just talk.
    i will listen to the music one day. one day...just not today. lol

  4. Papers, pali, self esteem, what to say? I agree with you especially on the first. Is it really worth it?

    Nice one on the songs, now I know who Derulo is, LOL. Brandy is not an oldie, or am I old? Hehhee. Yayyy to Michael Buble...

  5. It true..people would do a whole lot for the comfort but sometime i think its too much...but stms i wish lief on this end of the world would be a whole lot easier, i understand the desperation in a way but don't agree on the desperate things pple can do.
    Nwy, love the music..but Rihanna scares me a little :)

  6. Good review..i'd be sure to check some of those songs-and hey you gotta like Michael Buble!

  7. hey babes
    how are you?
    saw the story in the previous post, like the post but you are in a hurry
    slow down

  8. What's up with Riri and C Breezy sending coded messages to each other through their music?


  9. @Banko - thank u so very much

    @cuzzo - i know right, i felt like he sang my story as well, and well said jare - they don't realize they r cheating, pele

    @Oye....woman u r very un-serious, lol

    @Myne - in my opinion,, no she isn't old - i just mean relatively lol...the generation of music

    @Tricia - i feel u sha, lol and yes the girl is all kinds of scary

    @blogoratti - welcome and thank u

    @Tisha - im good darling and U, u have been missed...and will slow down, thanks

    @RocNaija - lol, don't mind them, its cos the media is still giving them attention - it will be over soon enough


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