Thursday, November 12, 2009

My testimony

awwwww thank u guys so very much for the feedback, I feel really loved - I appreciate you all so very much
so the reason why I asked you all to pick a name for me was that i had gotten some news about a job and I wanted to know what name to use if it went through - well it did, without a hitch - your baby is now a city employee - epidemiologist tohhhh baddd - isn't God so awesome

I was ready to give up, so many times I wanted to give up - I had mentally packed my bags to Nigeria yo - shu I planned my marriage in my head gan, cos it seemed like the next plausible thing to do - it didn't seem like I was going to get a fantastic job in Naij nways but I kept holding on and praying and believing in the Almighty - you all kept encouraging me and supporting me and praying for me - u never let me feel depressed or sorry for myself - after all there are tons of people like me that were looking for jobs - my best friend kept me strong and was my rock, she will get paid and say "we got paid" - taking me out to eat, to do my hair, do my nails - so I wouldn't be down - Miss Bijoux took me to church every Sunday, where Gods word kept feeding my soul I won't go on –

I just want you to know that God is great and he loves us and sees our heart desires once you make sure what you want is according to his will, then things will be easy for you - like you won't believe - they called me for this job on Tuesday and I started today, just like that – like magic- and because the winner was Nifemi - I introduced myself as Nife - lol, you should hear oyinbos say that………..I didn't even tell you how, I had been called for another job just like that, I was so excited but it wasn't even in my field but I was ready to do anything at the time but they couldn't ever offer me the position because I am international student – and like this one it came out of nowhere unexpectedly – that's how great my God is

So I have a new journey to go on with you guys – I already have stories to tell and this weekend imma lay it all on you – Houston is a trip, lol – so thank you guys for everything, God Bless you and he will favor u and yours in Jesus name – just trust in him – I am off to bed yo, at 10.43pm – lol, the story of my life – but I have to be up by 5.30am so don't blame me

Love y'all

Nife the Epidemiologist

p.s. I'm in love – ok that seems too much – I am in very strong like


  1. Congrats ma'm, congrats... We should 'wash' this one. I'll connecy my flash drive so i can download the food and drinks 4rm d party.

    Welcome 2 d work life!

    In love? I'm jealous o! Who's d fortunate guy?

  2. Congratulations!
    God is indeed awesome.

    Awww, what a sweet friend. :-)

  3. I'm very happy for you dear!
    And that friend right there is an angel, some of us need them..

    and is that "strong in-like" with moi?
    I wish you all the best on your new journey
    and i'm sure you'll do great...


  5. Congrats.......this is the start of bigger & better blessings!!!!!!

  6. Congrats girl, you're now no more the intern. LOL. This is really good news.

    Who are you in love with biko?

  7. And the lines are falling unto you in pleasant places..

    Gbogbo bigz things!! :-D

  8. @Oye - u only think i am - plus i was talking about sum1 else

    @Kunle - thank u so much dear and we will in due time - God Bless, lol - i will tell u all about it soon

    @Rose - yes o God is great and thank u very much, i appreciate it - lol, yes she is

    @Tricia - thank u so much love and yes she is

    @David - thank u my dear, i really appreciate it - lol, u know i luff u too - will tell u all about it soon

    @Dammie - Amen, thank u so very much

    @Myne - i know right - maybe i should change the name of the blog gan lol - thank u so much love - lol, will tell u all about it soon

    @RocNaija - we thank God - lol, awwwww my small self - lol, thank you babe - much appreciated

  9. COngratulations really glad for you, rocNaija used my fav verse- I always know that no matter how the boundary lines are drawn me and favor are within the limits, It shall be so for you in Jesus Name! AMen!

  10. tot i commented already.. congrats! and spill the gist joor...

  11. congrats 2u...I definitely tap into ur testimony...pls come share d full gist...hope d love/strong like blossoms...cheers

  12. congrats babe
    i know how you so wanted a job
    God knows how to put a smile on your face
    when you least expect it
    (even when you have been praying for it)

  13. @olaoluwatomi - i love ur name btw, thank u so very much and Amen and for u as well

    lol @ bagucci - thanks dear, lol - i will

    @Anoda phase - thank u so much and Amen, will do

    @Tisha - He sure does, God has spoiled me men - thank u so much

  14. Babe congrats oo i am so proud of u :)
    in love u say....

  15. congrats dearie..glorious things are just beginning to happen..

    nd your friends are awesome

  16. @V - thank u so very much - lol, imma about to explain in my new post on the love thing

    @histreasure - thank u so much mami, and Amen - yes they are


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