Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello ladies and gentlemen – how y'all doing? I hope ur week has been splendid – mine has been, I give God all the glory – I really wish I prayed a lot more, but I do believe God knows my heart and sees how much I love him – plus I try to say it a lot – nways that's beside the point

In an effort not to put so much of my feelings out there or my thoughts on the love issue – I unwittingly confused you – please accept my apologies and let me clarify the situation

There are no two guys – it's just one guy – for those of u who started the blog with me you will know him as HE – we have been "talking" since feb I think and I strongly like him and therein lies the problem

He is in London and I'm in the States – so this feeling of affection for sumone I haven't kissed seems rather a lot – I mentioned blogger to ask what we as women are looking for e.g. would blogger be" promises of a future untold because he hasn't shown me anything now of how he would treat me and take care of me"– long distance is just hard for him – whereas with HE, could it just all be" a dream, are we still in the honeymoon phase? Can guys really do long distance?" I'm not trying to get married to him or anything – but it sure will be nice to let d world know I have a man – ha whatever, I'm rambling – may the pseudo poem will help


Say you won't break my heart

It's been held together by glue right now

Pray tell are u my missing my puzzle?

Is this another game for you?

How long till I take her to bed?

Calls, texts, msgs expenses charged to ur player account?

When u said u love me, did u really mean it?

Say you won't lie to me?

Say you will be faithful?

Can you be faithful?

Everybody says it's impossible

What say you?

Say I can trust you

And you trust me

Say you will be there

To the very end

And not give up

Say I can release my heart

Say you will cherish it so

Say you will love me with all that you have

And if it were to end

Say you will be gentle

And leave my heart the way you found it

Albeit with more glue, waiting on my missing puzzle



  1. Your poem says it better. It's not an easy place you're in but stick in there. You and HE could make plans to meet at least once. Maybe some of your questions will be answered and you can both SAY. All the best...

  2. well for me............... long distance na pen pal relationship coz u guys dont see each other na fone, email etc. abeg..

  3. Yes you guys should definitely plan to meet would answer some of ur questions. Take it slow babe. I love the poem.

  4. I love the poem... with half a mind.

  5. @Myne - thanks very much, and will do

    @mike - it feels that way, but this time feels a lil different

    @juicegaal - thanks my dear, glad u do and will do

    @cerberus - i have been expecting u *wink*- glad u like it

    @RocNaija - ha u must to explain that one o - wat does my being a woman have to do with particular situation

    @musco - because i am very independent and don't want to be hurt

  6. This makes me ask a question...

    If you want a man you don't want to marry, what then do want him for?

    I hope the answer is not what I'm thinking!

  7. @Afronuts - no i didn't mean it like that - i meant i'm not ready for marriage immediately - and u never know the future - i'm a take it one day at a time kind of girl


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