Monday, November 23, 2009

Throwback #MusicMonday

Hello guys, how was your weekend? Forgive me for my ranting from Saturday jo, u know how we females do – I had that drink sha, I needed it – a big glass of margarita and then some white chocolate molten cake with the best friend and as soon as we got home, we went jogging cos we felt so guilty for having that much calories lol

So believe it or not I am not impressed with any new song over the past 3-4 days, none of the songs have caused me to so much as bump my head – speaking of which I think Neyo is beginning to sing too much and if all the songs are out are to be in his album I really think it will be a massive fail – even Usher won't do so well

Which gives me an idea, will anyone be interested in being a guest blogger and doing their own #MusicMonday – something new and different, different genre, different culture, whatever – please let me know via comments and then I'll figure out the next step

So since there is no major gist - other than the fact that Houston is cold and I'm a happy baby (my height is causing all these young boys to be looking at me like we are mates' o) can u imagine? My bestfriend is having fun at my expense, reminding me I look 16 – not like I should be complaining but at least 18 now heheheheheh – starting tomorrow I'm going to be jogging at 5am, just think I need the time to reflect, feel Gods awesomeness in the air & praise him, I have to wake up @5.30am nways so it's not so much of a stress – nways back to the music

Bossman was trying to do 25 albums of the century on his blog – lai lai ko possible, I don't like albums – they usually disappoint but even with the ones I'm a fan of – I can't pick top 25, ko possible – so I decided to give u some throwback songs for some of my favorite albums and I can tell you right now this shit was hard yo – like how do you pick one song from 15 classic songs on an album? – its retarded I tell ya, nways enjoy, tell me what you think, tell me what classic album I'm missing – be reminded that this is my opinion so it could be thoroughly misguided – but I hope u likes it

Usher -8701
Some might argue that Confessions is a better album than 8701 but I disagree vehemently, there are some songs on there I wasn't enamored with – but with 8701, o my days omydays – name the song, and I know it still, almost every word – that album was all kinds of genius and this right here is one of the best songs this album has to offer – albeit might not be as popular as some of the others

Brandy –Afrodosiac

I couldn't decide if Full Moon was better – like really how can on decide – Full Moon had-Full Moon-Come a lil closer, He is & WOW and Afrodisiac had –Afrodisiac, Focus, Saddidy & Come as you are

But after careful consideration you had to go with Afrodisiac it was just the better album when it comes to listening to the whole album without skipping, but Full Moon had the better singles I think – so you get one from each album

Dolly Parton – any album
Lol, yes I did – yes I did – Dolly Parton is the business and the Oyedele family grew up with this woman – we had mostly collections of her best songs – so really maybe not any album, but I presume you will never be disappointed with any of it, she has over 20 – but for real though songs like 9-5, Coats of many colors, Joshua, Just because I'm a woman, Jolene – o my good, I am currently giving her a standing ovation even as I write she was that great

Donnell Jones – Where I wanna be
Is there any of his album else worth mentioning? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm hell no – this is some baby making album right here – to think I knew all these songs when I was 12 hehehehe, blame my parents- it's the only thing they have in common except us kids – do you remember this joint?

TLC – Crazysexycool
U know I had to go here, plus I really hate(k, dislike) Beyonce so I'm not about to do a destiny child album here and you will kill me if I do a Britney Spears album – so we going for the grown and sexy that this album was – I loved the edge and cool of this album men

Brian Mcknight – Back @ one – maybe not the best, cos I haven't listened to every single album, but definitely a great one – compelling songs that make you cry men –plus listen to played yourself yo(as in it was a masterpiece, would have picked this one, couldn't find a video anywhere) plus you I'm hoping you have all heard Good Enough (but if you haven't, click on it to listen to craftsmanship)

And last but definitely not least – Sisqo – Unleash the dragon – say whatever you want, this album was so freaking fantastica – as in hey it was fantabulous – lol – infact I need to buy it again

o what do you think, what say you? U like? still missing a lot(e.g Joe(big slap on my face for that one, i literally did it) rkelly and so much more - but no space-Have an awesome awesome week ahead guys


  1. Ahn ahn u can remember songs sha o! Me I dnt remember songs and the albums dey come from until I hear the song playing.

    Y dnt u lyk Beyonce girl is a dedicated performer, stays out of nasty tabloids, and dsnt bad mouth other ppl...biko cut her some slack...pwetty

    Anyhoos, nice collection. Love McKnight, Donnell and Brandy!!!!

    PS: Ppl think am btwn 16-18 too, dnt feel bad, we'll age gracefully!!!

  2. I second Undercover07, I don't do albums well. More singles and artistes. LOL.

    I would have chosen Toni Braxton over Brandy and I'm not a Donnell fan, maybe Boys to Men. And yay to Destiny's child...

  3. LOL>.. 8701 was dat ISH!!! dat is Usher's best album ever!!! as for Brandy... I will have to go with Never Say Never and with TLC (My girls)... i'll say the fanmail album!!

  4. I really really love me so TLC. My pops had the album. I'd love to guest would be sth new for me. Plus teach me some Nigerian lang.

  5. remember that feeling
    when God has just done something new that you did not expect.
    something tells me i will be getting the feeling soon.
    just can't stop thanking Him for all he's done
    then there's those days when you thank Him whether he does anything or not.
    Its just cos you love Him.
    How are you babes?

  6. Donell Jones.. Damn, damn, damn..
    I bumped that cd and Joe's till my deck refused me play it anymore..

    Very urban taste.. I'd probably swap Brandy with Mary J though..

  7. @UnderCover07 - lol, yea just a couple albums tho -lol, u have a point with Beyonce sha - glad u like it and yaaaay at age gracefully

    @Myne - hmmmm thats a tough one, Toni Braxton doesn't have a great album i love i guess, but she is awesome, will do Boys II men and Destiny's Child on d next one

    @Harry - really never say never? hmmm interesting, i can see how you will say that with fanmail though - thanks dear

    @Tricia -yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy thanks dear, will hit u up with details and will do a whole post on Nigerian languages just for you

    @Tisha - Amen & Amen, i claim it for you, God is indeed awesome - i'm good darling, how r u doing?

    @RocNaija - lol, i know right it was that awesome, imma do a whole thing on all of Joe's album yo, too classic - men i cannot believe you all are dulling on brandy men - Mary J doesn't have a single album that i love all the way through - listen to this and tell me she isn't a genius

  8. yeah i am feeling sisqo,i could remember when the album was released in 2000,we rock am tire,and brandy rocks too

  9. @muyiwa...i know right, loved it

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