Monday, December 28, 2009

#Music Monday ~Naija Representing

Merry Christmas again - I hope you all had a blast and it was filled with love and joy.. Mine was very nice, went to church in my new outfit (I'm such a baby still, but like on my bday I have to wear something new on Xmas day) and then my aunt's house for lunch ( I overdosed on dodo and fried meat men)... So have you noticed that after living so long in obodo oyinbo, your teeth is soft to meat 9ja style...but trust me I chewed slower but ate as much as I could...then went to some after party place, as in we didn't even leave the house till 2am, just one of the perks of this nation... I was tired but it was a very interesting night (lips sealed still)

Anways, everyone has already said their piece on the Nigerian terrorist and I have nothing to say except as Styl Plus is currently singing in my ear "Baba God o, our case o, na your Grace o" - God just needs to take control and we need to declare a day of prayer in that country and ask God for forgiveness... Nways this whole talk gave me the idea for our last #Music Monday of the year 2009 whoop whoop... Ummmm for real tho, you want me to beg you guys to contribute abi.... Oya please now, I beg u, pretty please (kneels down & bats eyelashes), thanks... So cos i'm proud of my country & I don't give shit what haters have to say (was really waiting all day for my co-workers to say something, so I could give them a piece of mind, but they didn't even breathe or whisper it, LOL) I am showcasing from some new albums and mixtapes I recently acquired... Lami, Banky W, Obenwa, Falz & ItsBeazy

plus I'm sure you have all seen the video of Zara's The Flyest and if you haven't I have it for you- imma say this lyrically our artists are awesome as in we can really go global but when it comes to videos which is why we are still backwards we suck, yes I said it...imma let you watch it and be the judge & see if I don't need to go be a movie director/producer already, LOL... It's funny but this is serious men, nways to the music.... Wishing you all a very Happy New Year ahead, I believe it will be the best yet...... P.s. I love you
Lami – The Truth… her Intuition album (think there is a link to buy it off

06 Truth.mp3
Banky W – Feeling it ft MI…….off his W Experience album (think there is a link to buy it off

10 Feeling It (fea...
Obenwa – Breaking Up………off her Therapy Mixtape (download for free @

09 Breakin' Up.mp3

Falz – Shakara…… his Shakara mixtape ….this song is just too hilarious men (download for free @

shakara w vox.mp3

ItsBeazy – Blow your mind freestyle……off his The Affidavit Mixtape (download for free @

Blow Your Mind (po...

Zara – The Flyest….let me know what you think about this video ok guys

That's it, till next time…..smooches

Friday, December 25, 2009

Miracle on Richmond St.

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noel. Buon Natale. Feliz Natal…… Happy Birthday Lord Jesus

With a lil tears in my eyes, I just say thank you Jesus, for bringing me this far…..see… (interrupted cos my dad calls to wish me Merry Xmas, that's so surreal)…I was going to say this time last year I was in Nigeria and my dad goes, "this time last year you didn't have a Masters Degree"…boooyaaahhhh, like I'm all the way happy now, so many reasons to be joyful… all have heard me be thankful a lot this year but I just want to say again, thank you to my entire blogsville fam, for real though you made a difference in my life in 2009 and God will bless you all so very much, and 2010 will be an even better year for us all in Jesus name…

Ok so enough with all the emotional bull…heheheh what's the holiday plans? I'm actually not expecting any comments on this post, cos I know you all will be having fun and chilling with fam and friends….not with blood family myself, but my best friend and her mum are my family if I ever had one so I'm my friends came from out of town(got a perfume set and usb, lol)….going to church in the morning, lunch at my aunts and I'm sitting my black ass on the couch the rest of this weekend jo….my idea of a great holiday

So guys, u know my venting on the last post wasn't personal right? Lol – I read something, hear something, and see something and I get all worked up…which brings me to my next question….. so you meet a girl/guy you really like as in you are seriously feeling this individual, it's just phone conversation and hanging out for now although have both eagerly in anticipation discussed having sex….you go in for a routine physical and they discover you have a curable(emphasis on the word curable) STD….question is, do you tell? Why tell?

Cos I said I will, here's a pic of my blonde hair…me and the besto killing it…lol….. I will take it off in a few

That's it folks, be safe….2009 was my year of no regrets, I'm looking forward to a bigger 2010… P.s I Love you

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Imma get right into it….. The Male Species, the whole lot of them are bastards for real, as in this is not some kind of feminine emancipation or some shit, but how r u married to someone for 13years/ moreand decides to end it with a note and you fly away. I'm sorry how is this fair, nice, respectful, uncowardly? Like r u kidding me? This is why I will still respect a woman till today, because most will say it to your face, even though it hurts them to, they just won't run away and send the divorce papers by mail…jeez, can I just stay single and adopt kids already? Cos umm it gets harder to trust as I grow older …and by the way ladies, ladies it's a bloody freaking lie that you can marry a man that doesn't make more than you and is less ambitious than you…it doesn't work…..ok done with this topic
I like an honest man, I really do ….a man that just straight up tells u all he wants from u is sex and maybe the occasional sumone to hang with is a winner in my book….he is much better than a man who wastes your time and your emotions only to find out that all he wanted from u was sex and the occasional sumone to hang with….now with that said I can't do fuck buddies, I'm sorry I can't….btw it is hella flattering, isn't it? I was beginning to think I wasn't desirable enough. And again ladies, ladies except you guys are married, as in proper married & only after numerous extensive tests, should you have unprotected sex, yes it feels better but you have to be selfish about your future and your health, cos mmm go and get some std or God forbid HIV and see if a man will come near you then… ok done with this topic
So people, there is no excuse for one to be dirty o, and just because you shower each day, doesn't make you a clean person, if your surroundings e.g car, purse, room is not clean. Imagine going into sumone's car and all of a sudden you start to feel ants crawling on your body….omydays, terror ….I can't give you the full gist sha but people, hmm this was serious….lets endeavor to be clean please, por favor….ok done with this topic

So tell me why I am still having the itches and swelling, that I thought was once poison ivy…..the Devil is a liar, been in and out of the hospital…nonsense Doctors they don't know what's wrong with me? Just keep giving me medicine, I am on steroids o, can u imagine. The first day I took it, didn't know the side effect was to reopen ulcer wounds, I thought I was going to die…I hate pain, I can tell you right now nobody is allowed to be in the room with me when I am about to deliver…I will nearly kill somebody that day, I can only pray God makes it's a very easy delivery….It's why I couldn't make it for our Music Monday, and I do apologize…..

Speaking of which….Suru, if you would like to do the last one for the year…that will be nice and greatly appreciated….. and just to show how mad I am and how I can just switch my Music "Monday" today is some old skool classic Christian music…even unbelievers and Muslims alike, knew these if you were born in Naija that is…I do thank God for everything I am nothing without him and it feels like a great way to show that through all the complaints I have every reason to be happy and just say Thank You Jesus

Ron Kenoly – Mourning into Dancing

Best Song ever, plus the instruments used back in them days, I don't even think they have it again….plus see the outfits and hair styles, lol…I remember watching him live when he came to Naija, heard he was in town this year as well…..
Don Moen – God is Good

Beautiful Song, again with the instruments and outfits, but you can feel the presence of God I tell you, when they sing, like he was right there
Psalty kid's Praise- Love is the greatest gift of all

My brother rocks for still remembering this, but I loved loved Psalty till I was about 13 walahai – they made me want to go to church and love to dance….I wonder what kids of nowadays listen to now, cos this right here taught us the word, and was fun ….they had the best song "Cast my cares upon you" "If I were a butterfly" ….Xmas present hint people, Seek Ye First DVD by Psalty kids's like $6bucks, thank u, thank u
Stomp - Kirk Franklin

Ummm do I need to talk about this song? This revolutionized Christian music forever and will forever be a classic…
That's its folks, its all I got…..Feliz Navidad, I will speak to you on Christmas Day, enjoy your holidays all, and God will bless and protect you….

P.S. …I miss you RocNaija, where art thou? The holidays is not a good time for people to be A.W.O.L guys, I get worried…..

P.P.S…. I Love you all, thanks for everything…the year couldn't have been awesome without you…

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Life According to India Arie by Tricia

Growing up my dad influenced a lot of the music I listened to. He was a hip hop kind of guy so I listened to a lot of Tupac, Biggy, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs, and Fugees. But just like change, I inevitably grew up and chose my own path. I discovered neo-soul and feel deeply in love with it.

Here is my life according to India Arie. Her songs speak to me; some have ushered me into and out of certain phases in my life. So here's my life according to her:

Artist:                     India Arie

Are you male or female:        'Because I am a Queen'

Describe yourself:                       'Simple'

How do you feel:                     'Beautiful Flower'

Describe where you live:              'Ghetto'

If you could go anywhere where would you go?      'Back to the Middle'

Your favorite colour:                   'Yellow'

Favourite time of day:         'Good Morning'

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?    'The Truth'    

Your favorite form of transportation:              'Can I Walk with You'

Your Best Friend is:                  'Good Man'

What is life to you?            'Beautiful Surprise'

Your relationships:                  'Complicated Melody'

Looking for:                         'Strength, Courage& Wisdom'

You love him because:            'He Heals Me'

I have:                              'Brown Skin'

Wouldn't mind:                    'Therapy'

Your fear:                        'Long Goodbyes'

What is the best advice you have to give:                  'This Too Shall Pass'

If you could change your name, what would you change it too?    'Pearls'

Thought of the day:                           'Psalms 23'

My souls present condition:        'Purify Me'

My Motto:                                      'God is Real'

You will post this as:                'Voyage to Tricia!'

Please join in and tag someone else. Choose an artist you like, cleverly answer the questions and try not to repeat a song title.


Hi guys, how you doing? What you just read was the much anticipated Special Music Monday by my first guest on the Blog: Ms Tricia. One of the reasons I love blogsville is that I will never have met her otherwise…she lives and resides in Kenya if im not mistaken and we have formed a friendship like no other…isn't that just amazing… plus i would have never have listened to this many India Arie songs as much as i love her - here Is a little bit about her in her own words….please go check out her blog, she has some of the most inspirational stuff you will ever find on blogsville and you can follow her on twitter @ …….Thanks so much Tricia, I really appreciate this

About Me:

I'm Patricia M. I blog at Pages of My Journal mainly about life and the issues of life with everyday reflections…Life is a beautiful struggle and I'm very passionate about it.


Please let me know if you are interested in doing a Music Monday Post as well – I will greatly appreciate some diversity and new insight to different genre or just your outlook to music. Hope you all are having a blessed week…Be Safe…

P.S. I am extra excited about Christmas now….just something about this season


Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Monday

Final Straw – The End to "Our Journey"

You open the book and you start to read,

"Ours is entirely very simple, no spoken promises of tomorrow. You see ours is just an ordinary love….boy meets girl….boy chases girl….girl falls in love……boy does to….." THE BEGINNING

This is a year later, fast forward and it will read "boy gets tired of relationship, falls out of love…… girl still in love, forced out of relationship". THE END

There was no ever happy after, no wedding bells, no honeymoon – just nauseating smell of regret and hopes crushed, unmet desires and broken dreams.

Maybe that was part of the problem, I put too much into this as I always do and although there were no tears, sorrow was abound for what couldn't be.

In my mental maze, I retraced steps and couldn't quite find out what junction either of us lost the will to fight for love. Headed in the same direction we were, but then we got stuck in traffic, stagnant for too long.

Patience waned and in the boiling sun, the wants and needs of each person became like the need of a cold glass of refreshing water….

Instead of us looking to each other to wade through the traffic, we took diverse roads….

Me clinging, starving for his attention…

He withdrawn and nonchalant…

Until such a time where we both realized we were heading in opposite directions

No more late night phone calls, sexually laced text messages, half - naked pictures

No more visits overseas, mind-blowing sex, fights over sports teams, dirty dancing

Instant desire to delete and erase all memories of him instantly overwhelm me

Click…Delete ….Fb




Click...Delete…my heart

Chapter closed and I know my heart will never feel the same

You close the book and feel the pain.

Hello guys, how r u doing? First off I want to say thank you for all the comments on the last two posts, I have replied each individually as is my custom, never mind that its very late. Today is usually Music Monday, and I am sorry I wasn't able to deliver on that but it's only because we have a guest writer and due to lack of communication on my part, we will not have that till tomorrow….My BAD – so please come back tomorrow.

As you know, I had been writing a love story which like I said was partly inspired by my story and that of friends. -(yes partly cos even though its true HE and I decided to be friends, we haven't seen since we started talking and of course had sex) Here are the links to previous post, if u want to know where this is coming from. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Hope you all had a splendid weekend, wishing you the best for the rest of the week. Excited for work tomorrow, cos I learn new stuff….plus I met a guy, heheheh nothing o, still stuck on HE naturally, but I think it's funny that he is the first person I have met in over 2yrs other than He that I have liked, enough to think o more than just friends – maybe its cos I liked HE, I never really looked at anyone else….

P.S – I have some blonde streaks in my hair hehehehehe

P.P.S – I Love You

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waiting & Anyone

"I do not love u as if u were salt-rose, or topaz, or d arrow of carnations…I love u because I know no other way."~Neruda.


Waiting on spontaneous

Sorta like deciding to bungee jump

Waiting on new and different

Sorta like Google Wave

Waiting on mesmerizing and captivating

Sorta like a great movie or show

Waiting on understanding and attentive

Sorta like a parent with his/her child

Waiting on lasting and forever

Sorta like the love God has toward us

Waiting on gentle and kind

Sorta like what a deer represents

Waiting on peace and calm

Sorta like the gentle waves of the sea

Waiting on friendship and trust

Sorta like a dog and its owner

Waiting on passion and fire

Sorta like the wildfires across California

Waiting on

Well, waiting on You!!!!


Anyone with EYES could see the aura around me

    Bright shimmering display of LIGHTS

Reminiscent of a fully decorated Christmas display

Red, Yellow, Orange, COLORS

    COLORS that represent happiness, passion, ecstasy


    Anyone with a HEART could see mines

        Overflowing with JOY

    Repeated rhythmic contractions with all the

        Energy and excitement that comes with LOVE

    Anyone who has ever Loved could see that I was in love

        Completely, totally, UNASHAMEDLY

    I shined, SPLENDENT in it

        Deeply, Drunkenly, Obsessively


            ANYONE but you


I am over all the mushy feelings don't worry – I just write these kind of poems better than dark ones, even when my mood is dark, just can never seem to put it down on paper – how's ur week so far, and yes I am feeling better thanks for the love. Now imma try to go to bed, cos I have tp be up in like 3hrs or less. Take care and have a great day ahead

#Nowplaying – On Repeat all day and I'm sure all of tomorrow – " I Invented Sex Remix" Trey Songz ft Usher and Keri Hilson

P.S. I Love You

Monday, December 7, 2009

#MM: One Hit Wonders

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, family, colleagues and foes alike – welcome to today's edition of Music Monday – lol, I just cracked myself up – my opening line just reminded me of that debate show on tv in Nigeria – u remember – Speak Out (trying to remember the song)
So what's good folks? How was your weekend? This past week I have had many emotions flowing through me – I haven't wanted to post anything lest anyone see inside of me - and then starting Wednesday I started itching by Thursday 'it" was all over my body starting from my face to my toes – so bad I couldn't go to work on Friday – best friend is a nurse and she thought "it" was poison ivy so I was covered in calamine lotion and still on Benadryl, didn't even go to church on Sunday.

Speaking of best friends – how comfortable are you with your close guy friend, dating your close girl friend? And when I mean close I mean I alone know them better than anyone else in the world does, including their family members and even if they are not so close – does it place any pressure on you? I personally love it and I am ok with it – I personally think it's a match made in heaven, flaws and all included. But God forbid things don't work out, I wonder where I will be and if my allegiance will ever be questioned. So as not to find out, I am going down on my kneels to pray to God that it does indeed work-out. I wonder whose side I will be on at the wedding – lol (yes o, I have already planned it out for them). It says something about me though, cos I am not jealous, I don't feel like it takes anything from their individual relationship with me. And I find it funny when friends of either them complain or even if they don't say it out loud, act out cos they think I am somehow disturbing the relationship they have with them.

Speaking of relationship, I am single o – jeez, not like we ever said we were dating – but the realization dawned over the weekend that I can talk to other guys, give them my number, grind on a guy – owwwwwwweeeee its on – I'm excited, plus I like that I am working now, I feel even more independent hahah, I love my life – I see people doing all their lovey dovey "o I miss my baby, my baby is the best, I love waking up to my baby" and I am not even bothered no more – I feel like I longed for that so long – now I just want to relax and enjoy – for real – I could go the next year without no boy, might do me some good- but this no kissing business is becoming long sha, lol - like my mum said it will come to me (she apologized btw, she is so cool)

Now on to the Music - anyone excited about getting the Chris Brown CD tomorrow? I am – nways I am hoping you all haven't read the post on yahoo – put together a list of the one hit wonders of the decade and I must say wow, for real where did these folks go? – note that they defined one hit wonders as not having another song in the top 25 on any chart, so even if u heard them around, they never really did quite as well as the first time – and I am going to share some of my favorites from the list. Enjoy

This was actually #1 on the list – Gosh I loved this song, know every single word to it too – Daniel Powter - Bad Day

#4 on the list Is Mims - This is why I'm hot – and I reckon this was not so appropriate – it's safe to say 'this why you're not' Mims - lol

#12 on the list is Cassie – Me and U – I mean if you don't know and didn't love this song and the video gan – u must have been under the rock – really surprised she has never been top 25 with any song since, hmmm

#24 was by Vanessa Carlton – A thousand Miles – in my opinion she doesn't ever have to sing again – this song forever remains a classic and just genius

#25 was by Ruff Endz – No More – love love love this song – hahah it was too real jo

#29 was by Tweet – Ooops(Oh My) I really didn't think she was going to make it so I guess it makes sense – she is gay abi? And the song was about her touching herself abi? Lol

And that's it folks some of my favorites from the list, check the rest out on 

Should be frequent on the blog the next couple days, i think i have found a way to put my mumbled thoughts into coherent sentences - have a blessed rest of the week guys
P.s. I love You