Friday, December 25, 2009

Miracle on Richmond St.

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noel. Buon Natale. Feliz Natal…… Happy Birthday Lord Jesus

With a lil tears in my eyes, I just say thank you Jesus, for bringing me this far…..see… (interrupted cos my dad calls to wish me Merry Xmas, that's so surreal)…I was going to say this time last year I was in Nigeria and my dad goes, "this time last year you didn't have a Masters Degree"…boooyaaahhhh, like I'm all the way happy now, so many reasons to be joyful… all have heard me be thankful a lot this year but I just want to say again, thank you to my entire blogsville fam, for real though you made a difference in my life in 2009 and God will bless you all so very much, and 2010 will be an even better year for us all in Jesus name…

Ok so enough with all the emotional bull…heheheh what's the holiday plans? I'm actually not expecting any comments on this post, cos I know you all will be having fun and chilling with fam and friends….not with blood family myself, but my best friend and her mum are my family if I ever had one so I'm my friends came from out of town(got a perfume set and usb, lol)….going to church in the morning, lunch at my aunts and I'm sitting my black ass on the couch the rest of this weekend jo….my idea of a great holiday

So guys, u know my venting on the last post wasn't personal right? Lol – I read something, hear something, and see something and I get all worked up…which brings me to my next question….. so you meet a girl/guy you really like as in you are seriously feeling this individual, it's just phone conversation and hanging out for now although have both eagerly in anticipation discussed having sex….you go in for a routine physical and they discover you have a curable(emphasis on the word curable) STD….question is, do you tell? Why tell?

Cos I said I will, here's a pic of my blonde hair…me and the besto killing it…lol….. I will take it off in a few

That's it folks, be safe….2009 was my year of no regrets, I'm looking forward to a bigger 2010… P.s I Love you



  2. happy holidays to u too..lemme go read ur rants on the last post

  3. umm, no oh! don't tell. what would be the purpose? just get yourself cured and resume safe activities after you have been cleared.

  4. lol!
    all i'll say is, "I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?"
    have a good one sweets!

  5. Hope u are enjoying d season. . Lot a luv

  6. darling you looks gawg!!!! ah han eazi oo!
    Merry Christmas love!

  7. Your hair is lovely, it's more highlights than blonde tho'. To your question, depends how close you guys are, if not, keep it to yourself and cure the STD.

    More achievements in 2010, yayy!

  8. @Someone I know!....Merry Christmas, i probably love you too :)

    @histreasure...Happy New Year Ma, God Bless you sentiments exactly, i sure did and i know you did, Happy New Year

    @suunyside...i sure am, hope you doing the same...Happy New Year, all of the above and a Happy New Year

    @unwritten...thanks boo, Happy New Year love

    @Myne...thank you so much...and i agree...Amen and to you as well

  9. @blogoratti - Happy New Year dear

  10. do you tell him? cos not. you could tell your bestie but not someone you have known for a month or two. people talk a lot of rubbish, you don't need to give them info.

  11. yea, my sentiments exactly Tisha - how u been? muah


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