Monday, December 7, 2009

#MM: One Hit Wonders

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, family, colleagues and foes alike – welcome to today's edition of Music Monday – lol, I just cracked myself up – my opening line just reminded me of that debate show on tv in Nigeria – u remember – Speak Out (trying to remember the song)
So what's good folks? How was your weekend? This past week I have had many emotions flowing through me – I haven't wanted to post anything lest anyone see inside of me - and then starting Wednesday I started itching by Thursday 'it" was all over my body starting from my face to my toes – so bad I couldn't go to work on Friday – best friend is a nurse and she thought "it" was poison ivy so I was covered in calamine lotion and still on Benadryl, didn't even go to church on Sunday.

Speaking of best friends – how comfortable are you with your close guy friend, dating your close girl friend? And when I mean close I mean I alone know them better than anyone else in the world does, including their family members and even if they are not so close – does it place any pressure on you? I personally love it and I am ok with it – I personally think it's a match made in heaven, flaws and all included. But God forbid things don't work out, I wonder where I will be and if my allegiance will ever be questioned. So as not to find out, I am going down on my kneels to pray to God that it does indeed work-out. I wonder whose side I will be on at the wedding – lol (yes o, I have already planned it out for them). It says something about me though, cos I am not jealous, I don't feel like it takes anything from their individual relationship with me. And I find it funny when friends of either them complain or even if they don't say it out loud, act out cos they think I am somehow disturbing the relationship they have with them.

Speaking of relationship, I am single o – jeez, not like we ever said we were dating – but the realization dawned over the weekend that I can talk to other guys, give them my number, grind on a guy – owwwwwwweeeee its on – I'm excited, plus I like that I am working now, I feel even more independent hahah, I love my life – I see people doing all their lovey dovey "o I miss my baby, my baby is the best, I love waking up to my baby" and I am not even bothered no more – I feel like I longed for that so long – now I just want to relax and enjoy – for real – I could go the next year without no boy, might do me some good- but this no kissing business is becoming long sha, lol - like my mum said it will come to me (she apologized btw, she is so cool)

Now on to the Music - anyone excited about getting the Chris Brown CD tomorrow? I am – nways I am hoping you all haven't read the post on yahoo – put together a list of the one hit wonders of the decade and I must say wow, for real where did these folks go? – note that they defined one hit wonders as not having another song in the top 25 on any chart, so even if u heard them around, they never really did quite as well as the first time – and I am going to share some of my favorites from the list. Enjoy

This was actually #1 on the list – Gosh I loved this song, know every single word to it too – Daniel Powter - Bad Day

#4 on the list Is Mims - This is why I'm hot – and I reckon this was not so appropriate – it's safe to say 'this why you're not' Mims - lol

#12 on the list is Cassie – Me and U – I mean if you don't know and didn't love this song and the video gan – u must have been under the rock – really surprised she has never been top 25 with any song since, hmmm

#24 was by Vanessa Carlton – A thousand Miles – in my opinion she doesn't ever have to sing again – this song forever remains a classic and just genius

#25 was by Ruff Endz – No More – love love love this song – hahah it was too real jo

#29 was by Tweet – Ooops(Oh My) I really didn't think she was going to make it so I guess it makes sense – she is gay abi? And the song was about her touching herself abi? Lol

And that's it folks some of my favorites from the list, check the rest out on 

Should be frequent on the blog the next couple days, i think i have found a way to put my mumbled thoughts into coherent sentences - have a blessed rest of the week guys
P.s. I love You


  1. Wow.. You haven't got measles or chicken pox have you? Anyways hope you get well soon..

    I copped that Breezy album already. A couple of good tunes on there. Homeboy just needs to quit singing about Miss RiRi..

  2. From the CB interview, I think his album will be really good and those vids, nice.

    I'm happy for your friends and hope it works out for them. Of course you'll be on the side of the one you knew first, LOL.

    I don't really know any of those songs but I've heart a couple of them.

  3. are you dating who you shouldn't date?

    looking at the list made me!!!
    but still, i think that some things are made
    for you as hobbies and not for career!!!


  4. Hi dear!
    Hope the itch is gone, I rem. last Sunday during testimony time this guy stands up and says that he had a bad itch on one of his buttocks and he prayed and prayed and it left him. It was so funny, i had to laugh but i tried to resist.
    All the best with your friends because if they have something like a breakup, its likely that you will be put in the middle but then again, if they end up together it will be so sweet.
    Ive always loved the Cassie song but that was it.

  5. @Roc - no just ended up being poison ivy -plus i have had those before lol...thank u so much dear, yea really loved the album, if not for this scandal might have been his best work to date

    @Myne - i hope so too and thank u. lol, so that means i will be at the girl sides, i think it will work out as well

    @David - lol, i am not dating anyone - i wouldn't even dare lie to u, i agree with you o and yes i am, thank you

    @Tricia - lol, at church? thats gangsta - yea its all gone now, thanks dear...i think it will work out, i am so excited


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