Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Life According to India Arie by Tricia

Growing up my dad influenced a lot of the music I listened to. He was a hip hop kind of guy so I listened to a lot of Tupac, Biggy, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs, and Fugees. But just like change, I inevitably grew up and chose my own path. I discovered neo-soul and feel deeply in love with it.

Here is my life according to India Arie. Her songs speak to me; some have ushered me into and out of certain phases in my life. So here's my life according to her:

Artist:                     India Arie

Are you male or female:        'Because I am a Queen'

Describe yourself:                       'Simple'

How do you feel:                     'Beautiful Flower'

Describe where you live:              'Ghetto'

If you could go anywhere where would you go?      'Back to the Middle'

Your favorite colour:                   'Yellow'

Favourite time of day:         'Good Morning'

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?    'The Truth'    

Your favorite form of transportation:              'Can I Walk with You'

Your Best Friend is:                  'Good Man'

What is life to you?            'Beautiful Surprise'

Your relationships:                  'Complicated Melody'

Looking for:                         'Strength, Courage& Wisdom'

You love him because:            'He Heals Me'

I have:                              'Brown Skin'

Wouldn't mind:                    'Therapy'

Your fear:                        'Long Goodbyes'

What is the best advice you have to give:                  'This Too Shall Pass'

If you could change your name, what would you change it too?    'Pearls'

Thought of the day:                           'Psalms 23'

My souls present condition:        'Purify Me'

My Motto:                                      'God is Real'

You will post this as:                'Voyage to Tricia!'

Please join in and tag someone else. Choose an artist you like, cleverly answer the questions and try not to repeat a song title.


Hi guys, how you doing? What you just read was the much anticipated Special Music Monday by my first guest on the Blog: Ms Tricia. One of the reasons I love blogsville is that I will never have met her otherwise…she lives and resides in Kenya if im not mistaken and we have formed a friendship like no other…isn't that just amazing… plus i would have never have listened to this many India Arie songs as much as i love her - here Is a little bit about her in her own words….please go check out her blog, she has some of the most inspirational stuff you will ever find on blogsville and you can follow her on twitter @ …….Thanks so much Tricia, I really appreciate this

About Me:

I'm Patricia M. I blog at Pages of My Journal mainly about life and the issues of life with everyday reflections…Life is a beautiful struggle and I'm very passionate about it.


Please let me know if you are interested in doing a Music Monday Post as well – I will greatly appreciate some diversity and new insight to different genre or just your outlook to music. Hope you all are having a blessed week…Be Safe…

P.S. I am extra excited about Christmas now….just something about this season



  1. love you too!
    Merry xmas and a happy new year
    love your little notes attached to each song.
    it helps me 'see'

  2. Awwwwh thank you for those lovely words! Thanks to blogville for the intro =)
    I hope enjoyed the songs, i played the ones you posted.
    Take care.
    Lots of love

  3. Nice Taste in music....i love India Arie too...and her hair..omg.. so fabulous. Nice post and nice concept Neefemi.

  4. Sheezus!!! Your Pops is a Hip Hop head? How old is the man? I just love these type of "Guy man" popsi's mehn!!! My friend has a pops who goes round town hitting clubs and joints with him. Awesome!!!

  5. India Arie is always a star with her songs and lyrics. You have nice taste too, I enjoyed some of these ones you posted. How you dey? Love you too and happy haolidays!

  6. LOVE YOU TOO!!!
    and thanks for sharing...!!!
    wonderful as always :D

  7. love her music as well especially brown skin, he heals me and i am not my hair ;-)

  8. @Tisha....Merry xmas and happy new year...were u been though? miss u

    @Tricia....thank u again so much my dear, i really appreciate it...muah

    @juiceegal.....thank u darling, glad u like it

    @Sugarking....isn't that so cool? my dad is more country and soul but u gotta love it

    @Myne.....i dey ooo, Merry Xmas dear....glad u liked it

    @David...thanks boo. glad u like it

    @The-Damsel.....yes o she is the best...glad u like it....thanks dear

  9. I love love love it. The best song though is Long goodbye but other than that, I would use Dolly Parton. She's amazing :)

  10. @neefemi....Ikate>>>Okanlawon ajayi all the way...I know Godwin okigbo fun times...remember the suya spot(Ogosco)
    Merry xmas...

  11. Tricia I admire your taste in music. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Awww, I love you too dear. Happy Holidays.

  12. hey sweetie...i know you are doing your blog rounds...what's your email addy or do you have skype?

    i'll check back for a reply in a few ;)

  13. @iamEccentric...Yes Dolly Parton is amazing, if u want to do that for the blog, that will be awesome...thanks for stopping by, will stop by yours asap

    @Kabi-Osi...ha seen, we r neighbours sha, sure was fun times and yes i remember the suya spot...i miss home o...Merry Xmas dear

    @Rose....Merry Xmas dear, thanks for stopping by, will be waiting :)

  14., moyosola its even you, thought it was someone else...hi baby

  15. First time on your blog and I love this post. I would looove to do something like this and I think I know exactly the artist I'll choose also lol

  16. @Suru - in my last post i had asked if you were interested in doing a music post, get back at me if you get this o and welcome to the blog


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