Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Monday

Final Straw – The End to "Our Journey"

You open the book and you start to read,

"Ours is entirely very simple, no spoken promises of tomorrow. You see ours is just an ordinary love….boy meets girl….boy chases girl….girl falls in love……boy does to….." THE BEGINNING

This is a year later, fast forward and it will read "boy gets tired of relationship, falls out of love…… girl still in love, forced out of relationship". THE END

There was no ever happy after, no wedding bells, no honeymoon – just nauseating smell of regret and hopes crushed, unmet desires and broken dreams.

Maybe that was part of the problem, I put too much into this as I always do and although there were no tears, sorrow was abound for what couldn't be.

In my mental maze, I retraced steps and couldn't quite find out what junction either of us lost the will to fight for love. Headed in the same direction we were, but then we got stuck in traffic, stagnant for too long.

Patience waned and in the boiling sun, the wants and needs of each person became like the need of a cold glass of refreshing water….

Instead of us looking to each other to wade through the traffic, we took diverse roads….

Me clinging, starving for his attention…

He withdrawn and nonchalant…

Until such a time where we both realized we were heading in opposite directions

No more late night phone calls, sexually laced text messages, half - naked pictures

No more visits overseas, mind-blowing sex, fights over sports teams, dirty dancing

Instant desire to delete and erase all memories of him instantly overwhelm me

Click…Delete ….Fb




Click...Delete…my heart

Chapter closed and I know my heart will never feel the same

You close the book and feel the pain.

Hello guys, how r u doing? First off I want to say thank you for all the comments on the last two posts, I have replied each individually as is my custom, never mind that its very late. Today is usually Music Monday, and I am sorry I wasn't able to deliver on that but it's only because we have a guest writer and due to lack of communication on my part, we will not have that till tomorrow….My BAD – so please come back tomorrow.

As you know, I had been writing a love story which like I said was partly inspired by my story and that of friends. -(yes partly cos even though its true HE and I decided to be friends, we haven't seen since we started talking and of course had sex) Here are the links to previous post, if u want to know where this is coming from. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Hope you all had a splendid weekend, wishing you the best for the rest of the week. Excited for work tomorrow, cos I learn new stuff….plus I met a guy, heheheh nothing o, still stuck on HE naturally, but I think it's funny that he is the first person I have met in over 2yrs other than He that I have liked, enough to think o more than just friends – maybe its cos I liked HE, I never really looked at anyone else….

P.S – I have some blonde streaks in my hair hehehehehe

P.P.S – I Love You


  1. oh well.. so what's the next stage of the story.. take a hiuatus to heal or...

    Nice one

  2. oh babygirl...that was a be superbly written piece..tho sad still i really liked it.

    life takes us down this road at some point,but we won't get swallowed up by the despair.if it is not then it wasn't meant to be

  3. That was nice. I'm gonna have to catch up on the other stories.

    Blonde streaks? Pls can we see wat it luks like?

    And u met a guy huh? Dnt 4get to bring us the juicy details n' hve fun dear.

  4. delete fb..ha ha ha.
    is it weird that i found this funny?

  5. mehn!!! things love do to you...**sigh**
    but it's nice to know that you are pulling
    through...guys flenty for oustide oh!!!

    have a good one, sweetie...

  6. So who was the guest writer? This was really good, I really liked the last bit, click heart. It completely captures the internet age we live in now.

  7. ......boy gets tired of relationship, falls out of love…… girl still in love, forced out of relationship". THE END((((so true)))

  8. @akaBagucci.....both i guess....thank u dear

    @histreasure....thank u so much mami, glad u liked it and thank you for the kind words

    @UnderCover07....thanks dear, imma try to put up a pic later and no o, nothing interesting with the guy just thot to mention it, not at alll @ flenty...thanks boo

    @Myne....Tricia on the India Arie post...thanks so much mami

    @Kabi-Osi Edumare....yes o , thanks for stopping by mami

  9. Utterly random, but do we get to see a pic of the blonde streaks anytime this year? :/

  10. @RocNaija - did you get to see the pic? :)


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