Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Imma get right into it….. The Male Species, the whole lot of them are bastards for real, as in this is not some kind of feminine emancipation or some shit, but how r u married to someone for 13years/ moreand decides to end it with a note and you fly away. I'm sorry how is this fair, nice, respectful, uncowardly? Like r u kidding me? This is why I will still respect a woman till today, because most will say it to your face, even though it hurts them to, they just won't run away and send the divorce papers by mail…jeez, can I just stay single and adopt kids already? Cos umm it gets harder to trust as I grow older …and by the way ladies, ladies it's a bloody freaking lie that you can marry a man that doesn't make more than you and is less ambitious than you…it doesn't work…..ok done with this topic
I like an honest man, I really do ….a man that just straight up tells u all he wants from u is sex and maybe the occasional sumone to hang with is a winner in my book….he is much better than a man who wastes your time and your emotions only to find out that all he wanted from u was sex and the occasional sumone to hang with….now with that said I can't do fuck buddies, I'm sorry I can't….btw it is hella flattering, isn't it? I was beginning to think I wasn't desirable enough. And again ladies, ladies except you guys are married, as in proper married & only after numerous extensive tests, should you have unprotected sex, yes it feels better but you have to be selfish about your future and your health, cos mmm go and get some std or God forbid HIV and see if a man will come near you then… ok done with this topic
So people, there is no excuse for one to be dirty o, and just because you shower each day, doesn't make you a clean person, if your surroundings e.g car, purse, room is not clean. Imagine going into sumone's car and all of a sudden you start to feel ants crawling on your body….omydays, terror ….I can't give you the full gist sha but people, hmm this was serious….lets endeavor to be clean please, por favor….ok done with this topic

So tell me why I am still having the itches and swelling, that I thought was once poison ivy…..the Devil is a liar, been in and out of the hospital…nonsense Doctors they don't know what's wrong with me? Just keep giving me medicine, I am on steroids o, can u imagine. The first day I took it, didn't know the side effect was to reopen ulcer wounds, I thought I was going to die…I hate pain, I can tell you right now nobody is allowed to be in the room with me when I am about to deliver…I will nearly kill somebody that day, I can only pray God makes it's a very easy delivery….It's why I couldn't make it for our Music Monday, and I do apologize…..

Speaking of which….Suru, if you would like to do the last one for the year…that will be nice and greatly appreciated….. and just to show how mad I am and how I can just switch my Music "Monday" today is some old skool classic Christian music…even unbelievers and Muslims alike, knew these if you were born in Naija that is…I do thank God for everything I am nothing without him and it feels like a great way to show that through all the complaints I have every reason to be happy and just say Thank You Jesus

Ron Kenoly – Mourning into Dancing

Best Song ever, plus the instruments used back in them days, I don't even think they have it again….plus see the outfits and hair styles, lol…I remember watching him live when he came to Naija, heard he was in town this year as well…..
Don Moen – God is Good

Beautiful Song, again with the instruments and outfits, but you can feel the presence of God I tell you, when they sing, like he was right there
Psalty kid's Praise- Love is the greatest gift of all

My brother rocks for still remembering this, but I loved loved Psalty till I was about 13 walahai – they made me want to go to church and love to dance….I wonder what kids of nowadays listen to now, cos this right here taught us the word, and was fun ….they had the best song "Cast my cares upon you" "If I were a butterfly" ….Xmas present hint people, Seek Ye First DVD by Psalty kids chorus...it's like $6bucks, thank u, thank u
Stomp - Kirk Franklin

Ummm do I need to talk about this song? This revolutionized Christian music forever and will forever be a classic…
That's its folks, its all I got…..Feliz Navidad, I will speak to you on Christmas Day, enjoy your holidays all, and God will bless and protect you….

P.S. …I miss you RocNaija, where art thou? The holidays is not a good time for people to be A.W.O.L guys, I get worried…..

P.P.S…. I Love you all, thanks for everything…the year couldn't have been awesome without you…


  1. LMAO, this post had me laughin, i was thinkin the same thing today (stay single and adopt children) and i remember being on steroids for alopecia like last yr, the dr gave me steroids for ALOPECIA, can u imagine?? some doctors really shouldnt be doctors!! smh

  2. well said missy, i love reading ur blog. yettie ;)

  3. BABE!!!
    you never said you were gonna vent like this...
    did i contribute to the venting, because...???

    Have a wonderful christmas!

  4. Phew..
    Was that random or what?
    So who put a bee in your bonnet then? :)

    Thanks for looking out for moi.. Appreciate it.

  5. lol@be clean.and as per the men thing...i guess women just pray and hope that the person they get hooked up with is that one in a million man and we bought know the probability that they ll get him is really low.men are just human beings, women arent any better.

  6. hmm...oh, i feel on this post! like what the heck?!! if you're going to leave someone, then do it with some dignity. life is too short to waste it on people who want to waste your time!

    and filthy people are just a HUGE turnoff for me too. Like showering is a given, but all the other aspects of your life have to be catered too! personal hygiene is a talent gurl...true talk.

  7. Those were the oldies, I loved Ron Kenoly's praise. I actually saw him earlier this year in Naija at one of the Redeemed churches, the guy is a minister.

    True talk in your venting though some will be offended but that's life.

    Take care of you girl and all the best of the season.

  8. LOL!! Love this post... I can honestlt see how you are feeling...Its kool sha... I fyou were at The Experience 2009, you might have heard all these songs...LIVE!

  9. U really took ur time to get it all out. Its good once in a while. .

  10. babe u got it off your chest real good and i loved it..some home truths you told there..lol..i love love honest men..indeed honest people in all

  11. @The-Damsel and to think they are paid so much for your body to be experiment

    @Yetunde...thanks my darling

    @David...lol, no u didn't silly boy

    @Roc - it sure was random o, no one just from watching movies and all the stories i heard that week & i had to talk abt it

    @leggy - u are right love, was just venting is all

    @Anya P...you speak the truth...personal hygiene is a talent

    @Myne....he sure is, compliments mami

    @Harry....i heard o, so jealous i swear

    @Sunnyside...lol, yes it is, i really dont like to keep things bottled in

    @histreasure....lol, yes mami...i try not to lie/pretend if i can help it..and honesty is the way forward o


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