Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waiting & Anyone

"I do not love u as if u were salt-rose, or topaz, or d arrow of carnations…I love u because I know no other way."~Neruda.


Waiting on spontaneous

Sorta like deciding to bungee jump

Waiting on new and different

Sorta like Google Wave

Waiting on mesmerizing and captivating

Sorta like a great movie or show

Waiting on understanding and attentive

Sorta like a parent with his/her child

Waiting on lasting and forever

Sorta like the love God has toward us

Waiting on gentle and kind

Sorta like what a deer represents

Waiting on peace and calm

Sorta like the gentle waves of the sea

Waiting on friendship and trust

Sorta like a dog and its owner

Waiting on passion and fire

Sorta like the wildfires across California

Waiting on

Well, waiting on You!!!!


Anyone with EYES could see the aura around me

    Bright shimmering display of LIGHTS

Reminiscent of a fully decorated Christmas display

Red, Yellow, Orange, COLORS

    COLORS that represent happiness, passion, ecstasy


    Anyone with a HEART could see mines

        Overflowing with JOY

    Repeated rhythmic contractions with all the

        Energy and excitement that comes with LOVE

    Anyone who has ever Loved could see that I was in love

        Completely, totally, UNASHAMEDLY

    I shined, SPLENDENT in it

        Deeply, Drunkenly, Obsessively


            ANYONE but you


I am over all the mushy feelings don't worry – I just write these kind of poems better than dark ones, even when my mood is dark, just can never seem to put it down on paper – how's ur week so far, and yes I am feeling better thanks for the love. Now imma try to go to bed, cos I have tp be up in like 3hrs or less. Take care and have a great day ahead

#Nowplaying – On Repeat all day and I'm sure all of tomorrow – " I Invented Sex Remix" Trey Songz ft Usher and Keri Hilson

P.S. I Love You


  1. That curious thing called Love..

    As is said, "If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack...
    But then if you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.

    PS. Pls refer to her as Miss Keri Baaabyyyy.. :)

  2. I really love 'waiting' You are such a more poems ones in awhile. I like your style plus that quote is on point.

  3. I loved both poems but more the second, even with the sad ending. I could see all the colours, the sheen of it, lovely how you pulled off the imagery. The similes in the first are cute too. Well done!

  4. i don't like poems.
    i like these poems very much.

  5. neefemi...
    i rest my case but very nice poem
    love is just around the corner ;)

    miss lovey

  6. i love that poem up there.
    nice poems.

  7. both so well written but i loved the second one more.the different hues of love fills our heart with ecstasy and our souls with bliss..great job!!

  8. @Roc - never heard that before, but it holds true thanks for sharing- lol, sorry o Ms. Keri Baaaaabbbyyyyy :)

    @Tricia - will do, glad u like it dear

    @Myne - awww thanks mami

    @Oye - thanks bestie, muah

    @David - i am not a lovey dovey jo, lol - thanks dear

    @leggy - thank u so very much mami

    @histreasure - awww thanks ma, i appreciate it


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