Friday, January 29, 2010

On My Mind

My dreams are jumbled up, so much I want to do…. So much I feel the need to do, so many restrictions…. 
All the responsibility in the world, the curse of the 1st born
Yet I love it all, I crave it all…. I secretly love knowing I'm needed…. I secretly love knowing I'm appreciated, I confess… though I play it off
I'm happy you are happy, this makes me happy…. I'm happy your dreams are coming through… I'm happy your needs are being met
Maybe someday my dreams will be met….. Maybe someday I will achieve all I want…. Maybe I can be superwoman
Maybe I can believe in my strength like you do…. Maybe, just maybe…. Maybe my story will have a fairy tale ending
Whatever that is?
Hi folks, how are you doing? That's just a pseudo – poem as I like to call it that just reflects all I have been going through in my head lately – I believe its self explanatory – my dream is that I live up to the expectation of others for me, and that I surpass them as well ….I wish I wouldn't be so hard on myself sometimes….I also wish I had all the resources I needed to achieve everything as well…..I think this is why I have been sad… In due time I guess…. I pray God help me

In other news – I have a couple things I want to touch on….Roc will say "Random Random Random" lol….

I hate that guys in naija are always talking about how all they have to do is show money and girls are ready to sleep with them.... this really bothers me, it's not like all the boys who are talking are fine or even remotely are rich so what's the deal? I'm not in naija, but I am a naija girl and so please tell me why this is so? And this is a general consensus it seems like ….funny enough a friend of the best friend had mentioned the day before how she wants to be a housewife…. I've always said if I met a man that mentioned that he wants one, I will tell him to be prepared to give me in DOLLARS, the amount of money I have spent in school fees and lessons and exams and school books and all related expenses since from when I was 2 – 23….to each their own, I'm not trying to argue here that you shouldn't be a housewife, what I hate is that you play that card to men and they have a story to tell… never thought this will still be a topic in the 21st century, but I'm beginning to think as long as humans exist we will have such discussions…. Now some will argue that I am just independent – I am confirmed – no two ways about it, but being independent has nothing to do with me wanting to pay bills….my man can pay all the bills he wants… I will save my money….save it in investments for my kids, and my grandkids and for the orphans I hope to raise as my own… needless to say this is my opinion, especially from experience and no having a shop is not a job…..

Ok so somebody told me "I know you love music, it fills you, challenges you, gives you an orgasm, inspires you and does what a man can't for you" – lol, I reckon this is an accurate assessment NO?

So I've known this guy for forever that always goes "o I can't do long distance, but I will marry you once you move" then proceeds to talk about how this one girl is the one for him even though she is …..Wait for it, wait for it? More than a thousand miles away….. Yes you guessed it right…. Ladies ladies ladies, let me just tell you this…never ever settle, cos a man won't settle and even though he is with you will keep looking for who he considers the perfect one for him…. The right man for you will move mountains to be with you, as much as he can…. Just be wise, females and males alike

Which brings up the topic, I have no jealous bone in my body….. A lot of you will argue this to death…. But I don't…. my best friend says that's my own defense mechanism, plus I always know that I have folks that I know love me so I'm never worried… I think she is right, what do you think? What I do possess sometimes is envy – envious of the perfect body, the perfect relationship, the perfect family, the better talent… but don't worry I always remember to slap myself when it happens sometimes

My biggest fear…. I won't get married …especially more and more as I see my friends settle in relationships and we draw apart…. Again I'm reminded I need new friends o, as my role is becoming less and less, thank God for twitter and blogsville…. lol

My one secret…. I wouldn't for the life of me be able to tell fake designer apparel or accessories from real ones…. Please don't laugh at me, but the truth is I don't know what designer anything looks like…. I've mentioned before I hate shopping for clothes and ok like shades, I've worn glasses for as long as I can remember, blind without them so can't wear shades much…. All the designer shoes are too expensive for me, so never owned one….o but I have a YSL wristwatch if that counts J

Hmmmm so boy talk… so I did tell you that the one guy here in the H, straight up goes he wants a friends with benefit kind of relationship gig…. Not that kind of girl, but he is good people, I reckoned I could keep him around to make out with (don't judge me, it's been a hot minute)…. So I told him u know I'm celibate and loving it, and he insists that we will do the "do"….. That is where he messed up…. You see I reckon that I might have in time been willing to (body no be firewood, plus he is accessible) but I don't take kindly to been told what I will or I won't do, especially about my own body and because I'm still behind in my ways and think I don't want to be another number in his black book… am I wrong? No other boys in sight…. Twitter crush doesn't seem to be feeling me anymoreL, but hmmm I have my sights on another person In a bit… I miss He some-days, totally understandable I reckon….and I hate guys that try to act too familiar and call me "iyawo" and "wifey" and shit… this week i've told two such boys that they need to stop that, cos I will never be( I know harsh right?)

Ok so to end this, this is a picture of me the next day to work, after being sad all day prior(picture goes down in 24hrs)…. I wore yellow twice that week and even pink (I hate pink) just so I could brighten my mood – and it worked, plus since everybody noticed and mentioned it, my spirits were lifted…. People you hold the key to your happiness, don't let depression take control ever… o and any recommendations to do something new and fun and cheap, I really need exciting in my life


Monday, January 25, 2010

#MusicMonday – Timeless Music

Hello folks, how are you all doing today? Hope your weekend was great and wishing you a blessed and favored rest of the week….First off I want to say a Big Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Male – Jydo – Happy Birthday Baby, I love you mucho…. Secondly, thanks guys for the comments on the last blog, I feel honored every-time you spare a min to leave a comment…so there is no time for all the plenty gist I have for you cos there is a lot of ground to cover… so let's get right to it

So I don't know if any of you caught on tv yesterday "An evening of stars: Tribute to Lionel Richie" – it was magnificent, Chrisette Michele, Jesse McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Ledisi, Akon, James Ingram all performed and then of course the Genius that is Lionel Richie killed it himself…Starting with "All Night Long" – I grew up on Lionel Richie, God Bless my parents for teaching me good music… Today, I have gone through his album and chosen one of my favs to share together with links of some other classics….hope you like it…

1982…. Self titled album Lionel Richie – "YOU ARE" …..The song speaks volumes …. Also listen to "My Love" & "Serves You Right"

1983… Can't Slow Down – arguably the best album in my opinion….. "Stuck on You" …. Also listen to "All Night Long" & "Hello"

1986… Dancing on the Ceiling – "Deep River Woman" …. This song is deep…. Also listen to "Dancing on the Ceiling" & "Say you, Say Me"

1992… Back to Front (Compilation) – if you are a lover, you need to get this album "My Destiny" ….Also listen to "Do it to me" & "3 times a lady"

1996… Louder than words – relatively unknown album compared to the rest … "Piece of Love" …. Also listen to "I Can't get over you"

1997… Truly (Compilation) – again strictly for the lovers in the house … "Oh No" …. Also listen to "Truly" & "Sail On"

1998… Time – "Closest thing to Heaven" - *sighs* just a rush of emotions right now … Also listen to "Lady" &"Time"

2000… Renaissance – "Wasted Time" – for only the 2nd time ever Lionel sings a breakup song – I love it… Also listen to "Angel" & "It may be the Water"

2002… Encore (live album) – more like another compilation, with "To Love a woman ft Enrique Iglesias" being the only original

2004… Just for you – "In my Dreams' - *sighs* *double sighs* …. Also listen to "Just for you" & "long way to go"

2005… Coming Home – "I call it love" – I had to go with the popular song here, this was such a sweet gesture with his daughter in the video, I love this song ….. Also listen to "Why" & "I Apologize" ft Wyclef Jean

2008… Just Go – "Good Morning"- *sighs* *double sighs* *triple sighs* ….. Also listen to "Forever & a day" & "I'm not Okay"

Just cos I'm not tired of him and I hope you are not also – here's one more from the GENIUS that is Lionel Richie "Jesus" – you should also hear Chrisette Michele's cover of this song

And finally the tears come rolling down with this – "Easy" ft Lyfe Jennings …. Lyfe Jennings killed it though, like he schooled Lionel on this one for real


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm sad… I don't know why, I wish I did – but I'm sad – I was thinking maybe it was cos I didn't get this one job I applied for – truth be told, I was wary about it, would have done it if I had gotten but I also never thought it was worth crying over – the job would have required me to be here 4 years and if you don't know, then I'm telling you – me I am going back to my country, this country is not for me – definitely there is a convenience and luxury of being here but this place is not for me – I feel like I'm drying up being here – not like there is anything in naija other than my folks and friends, but my heart is always there – nways that and I'm loving being with the best friend 24/7, we don't always do anything and still we have the best times – needless to say, that's not why I'm sad – so here's hoping that it leaves me soon

So my sister was telling me about some 23yr old boy that is trying to talk to her – me I instantly said no, she said o she doesn't even like him and I was breathing a sigh of relief – my sister is 18 btw – I love to brag about her, cant believe I have never told you all about her – known as bold and beautiful, this is our future lawyer, already in her 3rd yr in lag, she is skinny as shit tho, I so hate her – she is always saying she will readily exchange bodies, lol – but I thank God for her life really, God has been good to her – she is a December baby too – nways I said no to a guy 5yrs older, because truth be told I myself I'm just getting my head wrapped the idea of dating someone 5yrs older – I am not attracted to older guys period, I just don't see the attraction – especially naija guys, they make that generational gap too obvious – besides my 1st boyfriend I think I was 14, it lasted all of 2 weeks – I liked boys and all but my next boyfriend wasn't until I was 20 – so I personally don't think for her 2nd relationship ever, she should be dating someone 5ys older, he works and everything – she is in Unilag so you know the next thing is hearing some people talk trash about her – and maybe cos I waited to date, my brother did, my last born @ 16 hasn't ever dated – my rules on dating are much more different from most people –best friend says I'm being overprotective – I don't think so, I will say the same thing to anyone, its why I hate when 18yr old girls are crying over boys, even @ 20 I want to slap them – but I am different and weird and special, so I'm not judging anyone – I'm just saying – what do you think guys?

Speaking of boys and relationships – can you believe the stores are now all red and pink, talking about valentine day…..twitter crush hates the mere mention of val's day. He just doesn't see why people are talking about it now…I agree with him, I love the movies that come with it, but maybe cos of my lack of relationships – I only remember one vals day ever( Ibadan days) – I couldn't care less, I just think it's another commercialized holiday that they use to make money in America – for any future man in my life, let it be known u will not be gaining points by doing anything special on this day – infact if you want to make me happy, do something like a week before – totally unexpected, genuine and sweet – cos otherwise I just want to watch a movie on that day and like me and the best friend are doing this year– enjoy myself @ the spa

Speaking of as you can tell, I am the most unromantic female eveeerrr and I keep trying to think of what a romantic day will be for me – I think it depends on the season – if it's the winter/spring, then it's easy cos it's a day that involves me going to see either the all star game, the Super bowl or any of the playoffs, Arsenal game in London or Australian Open Tennis Match, preferably where I get to see Andy Roddick or Serena Williams – anything else you do is jara, and I will love you eternally …..Yes I am that easy, add some suya or good steak and let's go shoe/lingerie shopping (I'll pay I don't care) and I will be your slave forever …. Summer season – the only sports will be the US Open (Tennis); the only other thing that will come to mind is travelling somewhere, anywhere and trying something new – like a cooking class or sumn – that's romantic enough right? I am not totally weird – my friend called me an ungirly girl – cos well he asked about moisturizing cream & I didn't know what that meant – isn't cream cream? Abi

Lmao, so my friend sent me this – Enjoy guys –

"Every Feb 14th men get the chance to display their love and affection for the woman in their life but secretly guys feel left out, there's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life now there is. March 20th is now officially steak, blow job, good sex and shut the fuck up day. It's a simple effective and self explanatory holiday. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town just a steak, a blow job, sum good sex and a day where women shut the fuck up. The word is already spreading, but like any new idea, it needs a little push to get the ball rolling so spread the word!"

Lol, that was too funny – nways I am going to the kitchen – black bean sauce for my stir – fry coming up – maybe that will make me feel better – plus I haven't read a novel since I started writing so I'm hoping I can finish one tonight and get over the spell




Monday, January 18, 2010

#Music Monday

Happy MLK Day guys – for those of us in the states, hope you are using this opportunity to get some rest….been at home all weekend, other than going to church and I am so excited that I got to do that and not go to work today…. Speaking of which I really need to manage my time wisely so I can post more frequently otherwise this will only be a music Monday blog and then I’m rushed to put all the gist of the week on this  post…..

So this year already I have found that I'm not tolerant – it just seems that this is not the year for bullshit – ok so I have a bb and they keep sending stupid forwarded messages, especially msgs that are not true and after I got like 10, I changed my status to say no one should send me another post or I will curse them out cos I wanted to sleep – and you wouldn't believe it 15mins later some dick head sends me the same msg – and sure enough I cursed him out, then he is going to say maybe I should take you off my list – mumu oshi give me two seconds and I'm taking you off, but I was still cursing him out when he took me off – lol, it's funny now, but for a boy he seems rather childish too me – nways just an example of how intolerant I am…..this year can have no foolishery attached to it, I am honest, very straight forward and I am not nice – so there it is

This year has to be positive people, smart people, moving forward – already this year I am learning and doing new things – made two new sauces this weekend, was getting tired of nja food and I reckon it's time to learn some yankee food, plus I want to show off to the male species, lol, not like anyone is tasting it, but at such a time when they get to, I will blow his mind, lol – I did braids(thanks to the best friend), like I don't even rbr the last year I did that …I wrote a business proposal for the first time, so hard but such a rewarding learning experience…..u get my point sha

So lifetime channel drives me insane and to think that most of these movies are based on a true story – like this one "Karla" – she killed and watched her man kill people and stayed still in the name of love….God forbid o, I love love, u all know I do, I think it's the missing ingredient in my life – but that kind of love is devil kind of love and I repeat God forbid – speaking of which, so my twitter crush is very handsome, and all kinds of girls are on him so I'm just backing down, me I can't fight for boy o , lol – church crush is such a sharp dresser but I noticed he has poor dentition so that's that and blog crush, well you all know he doesn't have my time – lmao, no work crush as of yet, no fine boys @ work

The whole issue with Haiti is just so depressing, I can't even watch the coverage anymore – it's been said that no matter what you say about Nigeria and to be honest most African countries, through our poverty and bad reputation, we never experience natural disasters…it's not by our power or our might, but by the Grace of God and I ask that we remember that and be grateful/thankful always…today ,I have a dream, that Nigeria will grow to its fullest potential, and be giants of Africa, rid of poverty, no light, no water, no jobs…..

Nways to the music, today I bring to you new and different – watching the Golden Globes yesterday and I remember thinking I don't recognize any of the songs from the best song in a movie category – to be honest, this is my brothers specialty – shows and movies he knows original scores and songs for, my best friend is good for every commercial in the world, while I know the songs used in most sporting events, especially the NBA (can't seem to figure out what Ushers song for the all star games is? Anyone?) – nways not a lot of original songs from commercials I like so these are a couple from shows and some NBA theme songs – hope you like them

Show – Smallvile ….. Artist – Remy Zero ….. Song – Save Me

Show – House ….. Artist - Massive attack…..Song - Teardrops

Show – Grey's Anatomy …. Artist – Snow Patrol … Song - Chasing cars

Show - The mentalist's last episode…..Artist - Extreme … Song - More than words

Movie – The time Traveler's wife… Artist – LifeHouse ….. Song – Broken

Movie - GLADIATORS …. Artist – Enya …..Song – Now we are free

Artist - Fort minor …. Song – Remember the name …..The NBA used this song for the 2006 and 2007 NBA playoffs as well as the 2008 NBA drafts

Artist - Busta Rhymes & linkin park….. Song – We made it ….. TNT used this as the theme song for its coverage of the 2008 NBA Western Conference Finals

Artist - Kanye west ft Jeezy ….. Song – Amazing ….The NBA used this song for their 2009 season and is also featured on the NBA 2k10 soundtrack

There you go guys hope you enjoyed this as much as I did …. Have a great rest of the week, God Bless you and P.S I LOVE YOU

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yo it’s Beazy - #MusicMonday Special

Before I jump into the music, I just want to say Thank you God so much for life- some (insert all evil and curse word you can think of) woman tried to kill me today sha – I don't even know if she couldn't control her brakes until she almost hit me or she was sleeping, but I am still so angry – like I keep cursing her in my head, for having the guts to have almost ended my precious life today – I had always thought that if I knew I was going to pai, my first thought will be to ask God to take my soul and to be sad cos of the pain it will bring my parents and siblings and friends I assume..... I am not afraid of death, I am more afraid of not living a good life…but no I was just pure mad @ this – arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh really I can't just curse her out loud? I already think it, so what's the point? – I miss my car- Mschewwww now let's go to the music

So let me tell you about this artist – I reckon most of my blogsville family are not in Naija, so you may have not heard about him – except you are a diehard fan or one of those music sites – I am very very very critical of 9ja artists(like I don't think Banky's video is special, but it is clear & the girls were well dressed so that's ok) so most of the time I just wait to hear what is popular and what I'm hearing from folks is really good…

Afolabi Durotoye popularly known as Beazy is the truth – a rapper and might I add a very fine brother at that, I am impressed with his talent –plus he is so cool – so like on twitter right, I am private – you have to send me a request to want to add me and I have to accept before you can see what I write and he had done just that – like for real, who does that? Most other Nigerian artists you have to beg to follow you back (I can't even begin to talk about the stupid demands these artists be asking for so they can perform at your show, hiss) and some of them are still relatively unknown and hey it's their prerogative, but I'm just saying that any artist that is as humble and as nice as he is, wins my respect and my loyalty all day, everyday

With 2 Mix-tapes out and all the buzz he is getting, I can't wait for his album and to hear more of his work – I like his style, I like that I can say that he doesn't sound like anyone I know, both internationally and from Nigeria – he has some very witty punch lines and he is not all about sex, girls or even money - he does talk about hate sha and if you listen to rap, you know those are the four ingredients – plus I also like that its easy on my ear as per female ( yes let's not deceive ourselves, boys r more into rap than girls will ever be – it's just what it is) – nways before I talk too much, please listen to the songs and comment please – let him know how you feel & your words could also help him improve as well – did I mention that he was cute, hehehehe p.s. his brother is his Manager and is just as cute too (lol)

From his first Mix-tape – Get Money Stay Fly --- and here's the link to download it guys, it's really good I promise

1. Stupid – this song is just the shiznit – so original, I love it – listen to the words carefully, especially at the end of the song – you can't help but love him at this point…….. "I am saying I am stupid, saying you are stupid, most of us are stupid, no dey shame to say it"

Stupid feat Sazzy....
2. Blame It – I loved what he did to this song – freestyle too??? – Like I want to go "no boo, you had to have written it down before" – my favorite line "you think you run this streets, I run this boulevards" hehehe

Blame It Freestyle...
3. Bad Day – Ok, I don't even have to listen to the rap , this song started correct – like the female on here was on point, plus I love the beat – and then if you listen to the actual lyrics, it makes pure sense

Bad Day.mp3
4. In the Bed – Romantic that I am, I love this song - awww I'm curious to know if it was for a real girl, but it's such a sweet gesture – plus its rap still, isn't this just hot? My fav line "so how's about it, I think I found a wife"

In The Bed.mp3
By now, don't you just love how he says "yo its Beazy"
From his second Mix-ape – The Affidavit ---- download from
So apparently folks still doubted that he could rap after listening to all 20tracks from the mix-tape (SMH!!!), so my man decides to drop 15 new tracks all freestyle I might add to prove that he is what he says he is Рhe didn't need to in my opinion, I was sold at his first mix- tape Рfunny enough I heard the 2nd mixtape before I heard the 1st and I'm more in love with the 1st but that's just me (let me know what you think) Рo an im going to form attach̩ and say he shouted us out (wepluggoodmusic that is, you know my boss be on his thing when it comes to new artists) Рcan you see why I love him? Heheheheh
Heads Ringing Freestyle – a true hip – hop head will love this song – very short but such a great head banger plus rhymes on point – the flow was sick 

Heads Ringing Free...
Blow your mind (pon pon freestyle) – hahah I love the intro – like what??? plus the reggae feel to this song and the pidgin in this song kills it for me – this freestyle is sick!!!!!

Blow Your Mind (po...
Addicted – Now the actual hook is enough for me to love this song – plus the lyrics r so on point he is talking about his addiction to music – I love it, I really do


That's it folks!!!! Hope you enjoy his music as much as I do – I think he is mad cool & a hot boy but I wouldn't do the post if I didn't think he was a great artist as well – add him on twitter @yoitsBeazy and visit him on his myspace @ (you should listen to "Hold Am"on there – straight fire song, the drums r mad on there – you would love it)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I wish you a great week ahead as well…..Thank you for my comments on my last two posts, I really appreciate it – Shout out to the Cerberus – you were also a winner of the award, forgive me – I forgot
P.S. I Love You

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Omydays, omydays,omydays, omydays, omydays, omydays, omydays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my first blogsville award – baby that I am, I had tears in my eyes – I'm so honored and grateful, it means a lot to me and all I can say is thank you so very much.

I was one of five people who got the award from Myne Whitman…she describes us as "great bloggers who get me thinking, smiling, laughing or crying with their blogs. I think they're very human and their lives are quite realistic." ……. Thank you so much Myne, I really appreciate it

The rule is to pass on the awards – and I must obey – there is no particular theme though, for me the award is more like a shout out and you will see why (p.s. the award is at the right hand side of my blog) This is not to say the rest of you aren't pure gems – but some of you have gotten this from other bloggers, so wanted to shout out those who I haven't seen their names on other blogs – Congrats to everyone though

  1. Unwritten – I love this girl die – she is so real, has managed to open herself to us, and it seems like it had been hard for her to do so and she genuinely cares for those around her
  2. Tisha – somebody else I also love – down to earth, loves God & takes no nonsense – I reckon you want her by your side in a battle
  3. Juiceegal – this is somebody I like, just for being herself – I don't always agree with her, but as she is a lawyer – I dare not think I can argue with her, lol
  4. Bagguci – he is so funny and his mind so complicated, plus he seems to have lived a full life and so you can learn from him
  5. Fabulo-la – she makes you laugh in the same post that she makes you cry & you wonder is it real or fake & is she ok
  6. RocNaija – you already know, he is my blogsville crush J– but I give him this to tell him to please come back to writing – you inspired people and others lived vicariously through you and though you might be busy and have other reasons why you haven't blogged in a while, just want you to remember that you are creating a hole that is being felt around blogsville
  7. All my non bloggers that read this blog – I appreciate you taking your time to read my long, sometimes annoying posts
Speech Speech Speech, I hear? Hehehehe

Once again, thank you all so very much - you inspire me each day to not be fearful & push me to succeed – I have learnt a lot from you guys and I continue to do so – you have genuinely made me a better person, you never let me feel sorry for myself, remind me that I should never settle and to follow my heart and you always pray for me and encourage me – God bless you all tremendously, and he will continue to favor you in all areas of my life.

In other news,

So why is this married man going to go over to my cousins place and while she is standing at the counter in the kitchen trying to fix something, he comes up to her – wanting to have sex and all…and he is going to have the audacity to say "what is wrong with you & why you acting like that" – acting all burnt & shit – nigga why would you think, that she wants to have anything to do with your ass or is even interested in cheating on her man???? – Men Men Men!!!! You all can be pretty trifling you know

So my friend and I are talking and he is convinced that girls are madly attracted to guys that are unavailable – so basically, if a guy tells the girl all he wants is to have sex with her, you know a casual relationship or I've never had a girlfriend before – then she feels like she can change him, he will make an exception for her and so do everything in her power to make him a boyfriend………… I don't think girls can be this delusional, can they? If all I want is casual, then fine lets go there (I bet he will be the one catching feelings for me) – if I'm not interested I say no, simple and especially a guy that has never had a girlfriend (that's like having a guy that is a virgin) can you go and come back in like a year – mschewwww, why do I want to be dealing with all of that?

So I ask my "friend" what he is looking for in a girl and he goes "nice body, banging booty, interesting personality and stimulating mind" – I would have applied myself but long distance you know, lol heheheheh ….nways he finds that he will meet a girl with the right body requirements but not the right character requirements and vice versa –plus when he meets someone who has it all, the person is usually so far away…those of us over here, those who have done long distance or even contemplated it and especially girls abroad – I know we feel this way a lot – the point is I think that's what we all look for – never mind that "nice body & banging booty" for him could mean a fat girl, to another guy's slim girl and "interesting personality & stimulating mind" a blonde personality for him to someone else's Mrs Obama kind personality – so when do we start to compromise?

Shouldn't we all be compromising somehow? I'm not saying don't be picky – you all know I'm hella picky, but can you really not survive if she has everything else but not as much boobs as you would prefer or are used to? Can you really not survive if he has everything else, but is not as tall as you would prefer or are you used to? Especially cos it's much easier to compromise on those than the character stuff – my man has to like sports, no ifs, not's or maybe's, he has to like music the same, he has to be able to make me laugh, be able to laugh @ himself, be optimistic and just have a general sunny disposition and o def must not smoke–---but ok he can't cook at all, that's fine – ok, he swears a lot, I will pray about it, o– you get my point? Tell me what you think; maybe my "friend" will learn a thing or two from y'all

Come back tomorrow guys, I have a new Nigerian artist that I'm excited to introduce to you – I am so excited that I'm going to write the post right now…hheheheh, but won't post it till I get back from work…. Hope you all had a great weekend? Wishing you a great week

P.S. I Love you

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do you think?

On twitter all day and psychologist that I am, I keep analyzing and dare I say judging people from their tweets and it got me wondering, what people think of me as well.
When I think of myself the words, "complicated", "crazy", "antisocial" "weird" "loner" come readily to mind - I'm just not normal, but then again who is? I don't believe I possess baggage, but I do have issues that help define my attitude towards different situations, people.

I feel like on twitter - I'm my one alter ego - chatting major crap, like yesterday I was talking about how I hate thongs & prefer boy shorts(who cares?).On facebook (which I'm off now) I come off as some intellectual, albeit silly person -asking serious questions, funny although usually real statuses, but with all the pictures I put up, like I'm balling 24/7. On blogger from what I've gathered from you guys, I come off as some lover girl o and strong too(I'm so not, its just a front).

Nways my point is whose perception is accurate? does anyone ever end up knowing the real you?- I get that parts make up the whole, but is there really a whole - if you all read Davids blog, u seen the pic of the heart in pieces he had up, isn't that how we all are? Never a whole, just parts that help you deal with each person, situation.

Do any of you think you know me? can you tell me who I am? Or is what we do on social networks and even in life just a matter of waking up & deciding which face we put on, for the most part putting on the same face cos we are used to it, & love the feedback we get from others to that face.

Whewwww? Did that just make sense to anybody? I told u I was complicated - nways tell me a lil bit about yourself, if you will & what you think about me& if you have any questions please do ask. This is a way to grow for me btw? Not some selfish desire to hear you say something nice to me & if you hate me, this is a perfect time to tell me to, but tell me why, so I can change as well ok.

I think its ok to say I'm still finding
myself each day, it does not mean I don't know who I am, but there r still hidden parts that reveal themselves to me each day- like I just discovered I'm scared of the future, not worried but more like I'm anxious for it to be as perfect as it could be

Ok I'm off- P.s I Love You
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Monday, January 4, 2010

#MusicMonday – Monday Blues

Hi guys, Happy Monday to ya. A lot of people returned back to work today and I'm sure are feeling the back to work blues, but fear not, Music Monday is here for ya to get you through to 5pm. So I just heard about #MM and being the music freak I am was honored to do today's episode. Not quite sure of the format so I decided to just do it by genres and just pick one song from each genre (so hard!, do you know how many songs there are in this world?!). I'll try my best and hope you'll enjoy each one. Have a lovely Monday!

This is currently my favorite Naija song and my favorite song on Banky's "W Experience". – Omoge you too much ft Wizkid. It was produced by ID Cabasa who along with Cobhams is slowly rising as one of my fav naija producers.

So, I absolutely love the Rascal Flatts. The looks don't quite match the voice of lead singer, Gary Levox but in the end they produce good music. This song is from their "Me and My Gang" album. I like it cuz it's all hick and it's hilarious. Always makes me laugh, plus I love the look on people's faces when I am singing along to it. – Backwards

I was first introduced to William Fitzsimmons in a duet he did with Rosy Golan called "Hazy". I was entranced; I have a soft spot for melancholy songs. I got to hear this song – If you would come back home and I had to get the album. I really wanted to let you guys hear "Find me to Forgive" but I can't find a video for it so make do with this song. A little insight into William, he is the youngest of two blind children, has a beard that could house a family and has a master's degree. He worked as a mental therapist before turning to music.

Okay, I'm kinda cheating here. I'm not a huge fan of neosoul music, mostly because I am not a fan of their itk attitude (issues I know), but I have always made an exception for India Arie. I heard this song on the plane and memorized a line of the lyrics so I could google it as soon as I touched base. It's kind of poppy but who cares, right? Therapy ft Gramps Morgan


Love me some Shinedown. The lead singer is kinda creepy looking and sounds like a cross between Creed’s Scott Stapp and the lead singer of Crash Test Dummies. Enjoy – If you only knew. I couldn’t find a video
L, here's the URL:

So I'm torn as to what song to post so I'm gonna post two. I am absolutely in love with Chris Brown's album and it's such a shame what's happening to him. So I'll highlight one of his songs. My second is from Melanie Fiona. I'm not quite sure what her sound is but she is categorized as r&b so I'll go with it. Enjoy Chris's – Cold and Melanie's – Johnny

I am not a huge hiphop fan like most of my friends and I recently just found out who Gucci Mane was. Some will laugh that I am mentioning him but nyeh, I like this song. Spotlight ft Usher

Now y'all know I am not leaving here without mentioning my Gaga. 2009 was the year of the Gaga(at least in my mind). I absolutely love this woman. Who else can make a song called "Teeth"..Yes, Gaga has a song called teeth…enjoy!

Ok, I will stop here and I really hope I didn’t bore you guys. Hope you discover at least one or two that you like and have a wonderful week ahead!

Sorry its late guys, Today's post is by TayneMent and i'm honored she could do this for me in such short notice - as you can tell she knows her stuff & i can now say i have met someone who loves music like i do - a blogger since 2006 and with 2 blogs, you all probably know her, but just incase, check her out here and here ....thanks again girl..
Looking forward to your feedbacks, plus guys i always reply your comments, incase you ever ask a question or sumn, make sure to check it out...
P.S I Love you

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Prayer for You

I entered the new year in church, as is my custom and in tears – I was just overwhelmed with joy, my sisters birthday was New Year's eve and I was sad that I missed it again, she turned 18 too and I would have been the one to do all the planning for a birthday party, so I was sad but 20 mins to the New Year I started remembering all the blessings God did for me through the year, I instantly had a headache as the memories flooded my brain because it was A LOT and so in tears and with complete gratitude, I entered the New Year…God is really just magnificent

These are some of the prayers and wishes I have for you this year – some I stole from facebook statuses, the rest from me

As we set forth into the new year: may our prayers be answered, our dreams be accomplished, our body be nourished with health, our soul with laughter, our heart with love, our blessings ,joy and happiness be showered in abundance. May our sorrow, disappointment and unfortunate mishaps be left behind as we enter the year with unshakeable belief that it is our year of glory and great height....

Wishes for the New Year: That narrow-mindedness is a thing of the past and that we realize how petty some of our pursuits really are. A life spent chasing after money and power is a sad waste of precious time, space and oxygen. Realize this: Financial success is not a sign of God's favor and neither is failure. But failure to live and experience in Love and in Truth is the greatest failure of all. But make no mistake, changing one's life for the better this season will not happen unconsciously, it must be willed into existence. Be brave in your endeavors, and have the fortitude that no matter how bad things get this season, success will surely come your way. Again, I wish upon you all the happiness a man can wish to another

The Lord Bless you and make his face shine upon you, the lord keep you and provide for you – you shall Know no sorrow this year 2010, your family will be safe and well, good health will be yours – whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper and be successful, you will not be diminished and stagnant this year, going only higher and higher….uncommon testimony and uncommon blessing will be your portion in Jesus name…you shall abide in his favor for the 363 days left this year, his mercy and favor will surround you always… he will fulfill all your desires and make you leaders

This will be our best year yet guys…I really believe that, individually and collectively… you have all become a part of me so much, I'm excited to be starting this year with you and I pray that we will finish this year together, strong and even more blessed and accomplished than we are at this moment…I will do a meme and or just shout-out people, but that will be a very long thing – just know that even tho I say it a lot and I haven't even met most of you, I really do feel like I know you, some more personally than others and I truly care, worry for you and love you… this year lets endeavor to do things collectively for the betterment of ourselves, our country and people….like the story on Myne's blog, imagining turning it into a book and selling it – the first of its kind, if you know about any jobs for those who need that, about scholarships, unique opportunities, ideas to implement in Naija to help our country become a better one

Already I have some interesting news this year – like, I just realized I don't have anyone I just call to gist or talk to – with the hundreds and friends I have – pathetic right? Not so much tho, love my non, non- relationships….. some idiotic guy on twitter put up a pic of a girl sucking him… now in his mind now he has exposed the girl or accomplished some feat when to me all he has shown is that he is not trustworthy and not the kind of guy I will ever want to date, and is just repulsive to me… 60 sumn year old man, wanting to leave his family, including his wife with cancer for a 20sumn year old woman – plus the woman, plus the man – can anyone tell me they wouldn't be cursed for the rest of their lives?…

I have a new nickname – Little Giant, add that to portablechic and foxy and sugar – hehehehehe - I love my nicknames, what are yours? I think I talk about love and relationship and sex way too much – never mind that I don't have any of the above – so this year, imma stop with that ok? yes, yes I will this into existence… don't laugh at me o – and I have a twitter crush, what is it with me and crushes eh? Best friend thinks I like long distance because I am afraid of commitment, I agree –I am not ready to marry so what's the point? I'm not looking to fool around jo, another celibate year, yea – let's go there - And o, I am going to need a his and her bathroom in my room, when I do get married – I can't do it men, no one is allowed to know that I use the bathroom ever, love has nothing to do with…

Nways my darlings, be good, be safe – make plans this year, just don't go with the flow and the Lord will see you through … kisses xxxxxx