Sunday, January 10, 2010


Omydays, omydays,omydays, omydays, omydays, omydays, omydays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my first blogsville award – baby that I am, I had tears in my eyes – I'm so honored and grateful, it means a lot to me and all I can say is thank you so very much.

I was one of five people who got the award from Myne Whitman…she describes us as "great bloggers who get me thinking, smiling, laughing or crying with their blogs. I think they're very human and their lives are quite realistic." ……. Thank you so much Myne, I really appreciate it

The rule is to pass on the awards – and I must obey – there is no particular theme though, for me the award is more like a shout out and you will see why (p.s. the award is at the right hand side of my blog) This is not to say the rest of you aren't pure gems – but some of you have gotten this from other bloggers, so wanted to shout out those who I haven't seen their names on other blogs – Congrats to everyone though

  1. Unwritten – I love this girl die – she is so real, has managed to open herself to us, and it seems like it had been hard for her to do so and she genuinely cares for those around her
  2. Tisha – somebody else I also love – down to earth, loves God & takes no nonsense – I reckon you want her by your side in a battle
  3. Juiceegal – this is somebody I like, just for being herself – I don't always agree with her, but as she is a lawyer – I dare not think I can argue with her, lol
  4. Bagguci – he is so funny and his mind so complicated, plus he seems to have lived a full life and so you can learn from him
  5. Fabulo-la – she makes you laugh in the same post that she makes you cry & you wonder is it real or fake & is she ok
  6. RocNaija – you already know, he is my blogsville crush J– but I give him this to tell him to please come back to writing – you inspired people and others lived vicariously through you and though you might be busy and have other reasons why you haven't blogged in a while, just want you to remember that you are creating a hole that is being felt around blogsville
  7. All my non bloggers that read this blog – I appreciate you taking your time to read my long, sometimes annoying posts
Speech Speech Speech, I hear? Hehehehe

Once again, thank you all so very much - you inspire me each day to not be fearful & push me to succeed – I have learnt a lot from you guys and I continue to do so – you have genuinely made me a better person, you never let me feel sorry for myself, remind me that I should never settle and to follow my heart and you always pray for me and encourage me – God bless you all tremendously, and he will continue to favor you in all areas of my life.

In other news,

So why is this married man going to go over to my cousins place and while she is standing at the counter in the kitchen trying to fix something, he comes up to her – wanting to have sex and all…and he is going to have the audacity to say "what is wrong with you & why you acting like that" – acting all burnt & shit – nigga why would you think, that she wants to have anything to do with your ass or is even interested in cheating on her man???? – Men Men Men!!!! You all can be pretty trifling you know

So my friend and I are talking and he is convinced that girls are madly attracted to guys that are unavailable – so basically, if a guy tells the girl all he wants is to have sex with her, you know a casual relationship or I've never had a girlfriend before – then she feels like she can change him, he will make an exception for her and so do everything in her power to make him a boyfriend………… I don't think girls can be this delusional, can they? If all I want is casual, then fine lets go there (I bet he will be the one catching feelings for me) – if I'm not interested I say no, simple and especially a guy that has never had a girlfriend (that's like having a guy that is a virgin) can you go and come back in like a year – mschewwww, why do I want to be dealing with all of that?

So I ask my "friend" what he is looking for in a girl and he goes "nice body, banging booty, interesting personality and stimulating mind" – I would have applied myself but long distance you know, lol heheheheh ….nways he finds that he will meet a girl with the right body requirements but not the right character requirements and vice versa –plus when he meets someone who has it all, the person is usually so far away…those of us over here, those who have done long distance or even contemplated it and especially girls abroad – I know we feel this way a lot – the point is I think that's what we all look for – never mind that "nice body & banging booty" for him could mean a fat girl, to another guy's slim girl and "interesting personality & stimulating mind" a blonde personality for him to someone else's Mrs Obama kind personality – so when do we start to compromise?

Shouldn't we all be compromising somehow? I'm not saying don't be picky – you all know I'm hella picky, but can you really not survive if she has everything else but not as much boobs as you would prefer or are used to? Can you really not survive if he has everything else, but is not as tall as you would prefer or are you used to? Especially cos it's much easier to compromise on those than the character stuff – my man has to like sports, no ifs, not's or maybe's, he has to like music the same, he has to be able to make me laugh, be able to laugh @ himself, be optimistic and just have a general sunny disposition and o def must not smoke–---but ok he can't cook at all, that's fine – ok, he swears a lot, I will pray about it, o– you get my point? Tell me what you think; maybe my "friend" will learn a thing or two from y'all

Come back tomorrow guys, I have a new Nigerian artist that I'm excited to introduce to you – I am so excited that I'm going to write the post right now…hheheheh, but won't post it till I get back from work…. Hope you all had a great weekend? Wishing you a great week

P.S. I Love you


  1. hehe! u r hyper!

    dat dude needs to be shot! he shud go back to see wife!

    yah Bagucci is a law on to himself! looooooool! j/k DB, u knw i luv ya n ur mad self! hehehe

    Luv u 2, N!

  2. me i don't know oh!!!
    i guess most people look for the superficial
    stuff but have been so untrue to themselves about
    that, that they don't know what's true and what
    isn't i making sense???
    i guess i'm just tired of this sorta topic
    i've been doing that a lot lately...

  3. and oh!!!
    congrats to those that you shared this with...
    i agree that they are VERY DESERVING!!!

  4. Most men seem to have a "type" but when it comes right down to it i.e marriage the woman is completely different from what they had. As much as I think men are superficial, I think they are superficial when it comes to gf/bf stuff but for their wifey, personality counts a lot more than physical attributes.

  5. Your award looks nice on here. Congrats again and did I tell you that I love your PS, it does me in.

    On other news. That married man is on a long thing jare. I've also heard that women like unavailable men and that's why we date bad boys, married men, have crushes on gay/bisexual men, etc. Me I no agree sha. Maybe some girls but...

  6. Aha no one should argue with aunty juicee o.
    You're headed for failure. She'd start off softly then get aggressive but she deserves it sha.

    And the man issue, I'm just a small girl, I have nada to say.

  7. Congratulations on your award. It looks so great!

    I think with time, we may begin to revise the things we want,and may be willing to compromise..

  8. i would not have anything to do with an unavailable man no matter how juicy he is. its just not my thing.

    thanks babe. i went like wow when i saw i was on ur list of fav bloggers. i think you made my day today. loads of love

  9. as a rule, i dont like boys who dont like me i seriously doubt the unavailable theory.
    aww, congrats on the award.i got it some weeks ago.

  10. Lol...yosola you're not serious o..hehe
    Awwwww thanks at ur description of me sha.
    Tbh i find married men very attractive, its something i always push to the back of my mind and never done anything about. Quite frankly the only thing stopping me is...nope not karma(i don't believe in it) Whats stopping me is that i'm selfish at the same time and obviously i have to share with wifey cuz she was there first..lmao

  11. @Lati - lol, i was hyper - lol, meanie talking abt he needs to be shot, amoye men that do that - love u girl

    @David - lol, no you didn't make sense but i get u sha

    @Taynement - i agree with u 100% - the only thing is thats the same excuse they use to have gf's even after marriage

    @Myne -thanks ma and awwwww glad you like it - i'm with you jo, lol - unavailable guys r no - no's

    @Moyo - lol @ ur description of juicee, and even more lol @ u being a small girl

    @Rose - thank you mami and yes you are right

    @Tisha - you are welcome dear - muah

    @leggy - abi o, i agree - and thanks

    @juiceegal - you are welcome and i will pray that you never do, lol

  12. Yes I agree with you that Roc need to start writing again. My mind refuses to think too much right now so I'm not sure about the theories lol

  13. @Suru - yea pls help me tell him, lol its ok it happens -hope you slept well?

  14. So I'm guessing the award went to the first five on your list, and since I'm numero six, I don't officially count.. :D Right? Right??
    Thanks for remembering me tho Neefe, and you're right, I do need to start writing again. :)
    Thanks for the kick up the you-know-what..

    PS. Isn't the 'compromising' bit the same thing that happenes when women say they'll be the one to change a guy?!

  15. Roc - lol, you are funny and you are welcome, now start blogging thank you very much :)
    and no i don't think so, i think the man has to want to change and compromise on his own or the girl before then trying to start something with the partner - u get me?

  16. Err..

    *Scratches head*

    "Not really" :/

  17. lol....Roc i'm just saying people need to make individual changes is all

  18. omg i havent been on blogger in ages!!..thanks for the love babe...ur the bestest of the bestest! and dont let this whole job thing bring you down cuz im there with you and its so hard and frustrating but you gotta know that God has your back and something has to happen ok?...kiss kisss :)

  19. kiss kiss are welcome and thanks a million


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